Chapter 7: Beautiful wife


The stainless steel rice bucket was shining under the sunlight.


Lu Yuanbai looked at Duan Yu and found out that his wife didn’t like to laugh very much.


But it doesn’t matter, he’s still beautiful even without laughing.




Duan Yu looked down at him, and he was a little conflicted at the sudden name, but he didn’t refute it.


“What’s wrong?”


“Can I eat more?” After saying that, Lu Yuanbai glanced at the rice bucket.


Duan Yu has never served anyone, and this is the first time to feed someone.
When he was feeding Lu Yuanbai just now, he was very unfamiliar, and Lu Yuanbai was almost chasing after the spoon.


After taking a few bites in total, the conversation just started.


Now looking at the eyes of people looking at the rice bucket, Duan Yu had no choice but to pick up the spoon again, intending to feed the other a spoonful of porridge.


Just when Duan Yu had just poured out a spoonful of millet porridge, the nurse who had been standing at the door of the ward for a long time knocked on the door panel and walked in.


Lu, I need an infusion now, which can cause some stomach discomfort.
It’s better not to eat first.”


After the words were finished, Lu Yuanbai saw that the spoon in front of him had turned a corner and returned to the rice bucket.


Lu Yuanbai was stunned for a moment.

I can't believe it jpg


Lu Yuanbai looked at the half of the millet porridge left, and looked up at the nurse, “I can’t eat it?”


It was as painful as being robbed of money.


The nurse nodded, “It’s best to take it after the infusion, and it’s about time for the meal delivery in the afternoon.
Lu can eat the meal delivered from the hospital cafeteria for a while.”


Lu Yuanbai gave up the food in the rice bucket when he heard that there was a meal delivery.


The nurse walked in with the medicine cart, and then prepared to give Lu Yuanbai a drip.


During this period, the nurses always looked at Lu Yuanbai’s face from time to time, only to realize that Lu Yuanbai didn’t seem to have looked at the mirror.
Now, seeing the real person is much more delicate than on TV.


Lu Yuanbai could naturally feel the nurse’s gaze from time to time, and raised his head to look directly at the person.


The nurse blushed, and the hand that hung the medicine bottle on the shelf didn’t throw it out.


“I’m sorry, it’s the first time I’ve seen a star so close, and I’m a little nervous.”


Lu Yuanbai heard this and hurriedly reassured: “It’s okay, I’m just an ordinary person, don’t be nervous.”


Then he raised his handsome face, “Take a look now.”


The nurse was a little overwhelmed, and then glanced at Duan Yu who stood up from the bedside.




not so good.


But who doesn’t like to watch handsome guys, and the nurse really watched Lu Yuanbai carefully for a few seconds.


She thought that a big star like Lu Yuanbai wouldn’t have a good temper, but I didn’t expect to be quite easy-going.


The next moment, she heard the young man lying on the hospital bed say: “Otherwise, I’m afraid that you will give me an injection for a while and your hands will shake.”




The nurse gave Lu Yuanbai an infusion neatly, “Just ring the bell when the infusion is almost finished.


This sentence was said to Duan Yu, who was beside him.


Because of the severe injuries on his body, it was very rare for Lu Yuanbai to wake up as soon as possible.


Then he turned his head to look at Duan Yu, who was sitting on the sofa processing documents, and fell asleep.


Since the arrangement was pushed in the afternoon, Duan Yu asked his assistant to go back to the company to get some documents for processing.


At this time, the man put on glasses, and with his cold handsome face, he looked like a handsome scumbag.


Lu Yuanbai just lay on the bed like this, squinting and watching.


Then the corners of the tender red mouth twitched, it turned out that he had been so happy seven years later.


His mother successfully got rid of the scumbag, and he also stepped out of the shadow of his family’s, had a successful career, and married the person he loved the most.


Duan Yu looked up and saw Lu Yuanbai who slept like a cat.


At this time, the young man squinted lazily, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, as if he was about to fall asleep at any time, his cheeks were placed on the pillow, and some cheek flesh was slightly piled up.


He looked very petite.


Duan Yu raised his wrist and looked at the time, seeing that someone was asleep, instead of ringing the rescue bell on the bedside, he walked out of the ward to find the nurse.


The nurse who just infused glucose to Lu Yuanbai was chatting with her colleagues at the nurse station.


“Please go to Ward 233, the patient is about to finish the infusion.


Several nurses who were chatting were stunned, “Okay…Okay…”


The nurse hurriedly followed Duan Yu to the ward.
Then he pulled the needle for Lu Yuanbai neatly to stop the bleeding.


Lu Yuanbai was sleeping comfortably, when someone moved him, he let out a dull snort.
Then he half-squinted and looked at Duan Yu who was standing beside the bed.


In a daze, he said, “Wife, are you leaving?”


The nurse who was packing her things by the side lowered her head instantly, wishing she was the air at this time.


Duan Yu: “Well, you have a good rest.”


Although Lu Yuanbai was not very awake, he was very reluctant to give up, “Then when will you come to see me again?”


Duan Yu turned around and looked at the sleeping on the bed.
Don’t forget the people who miss him in a daze.


“When I have time.”


Lu Yuanbai was relieved after hearing this, and finally slammed his eyes and fell asleep again.


Duan Yu didn’t stay long when he saw that he was asleep, turned around and left the ward without any nostalgia.


The nurse pushed the medicine cart back to the nurse station gently.


“That was Lu Yuanbai’s husband just now.
He’s not worse than a celebrity at all.”


“Isn’t there a calling bell in the ward? Why did he come out to call someone just now?”


Duan Yu’s sudden appearance startled several people.


The nurse who gave Lu Yuanbai a drip said: “Lu Yuanbai fell asleep.
He probably came out because he was afraid that the bell would disturb him.”


The little nurse was a little surprised: “The relationship between the two of them seems real.
Do you think it’s all a deliberate hype?”


“It shouldn’t be, Lu Yuanbai got married in such a huge wedding, it was like burning paper for money.”


“The problem is that the boss is not bad for money.”


“I don’t think it’s all hype.
When I went in for the infusion, they were still holding hands and he was attempting to feed him.”


“They are so loving, haven’t they been married for several years?”


The single nurse said, “I’m going to change Lu Yuanbai’s medicine these days.”




“This man has something, and I want to go and listen to some of his lectures.




The other nurses were also a little tempted by this, “You morning, I Afternoon.”



When Lu Yuanbai woke up again, it was already more than seven o’clock in the evening, and only a faint glow remained in the afterglow of summer.


In the ward, Lu Wanfang was sitting beside the hospital bed, holding a fruit knife in her hand, and was peeling apples.


Lu Yuanbai woke up.


Lu Wanfang saw it and said with concern, “How is it, does the injury still hurt? Do you want to drink some water?”


The car accident happened today, the operation was done today, the wound can’t be without pain, the young master has been squeamish since he was a child.


He glanced at the clock hanging on the white wall in the ward.


It’s seven!


“Mom, has the hospital cafeteria come to deliver meals?”


Lu Wanfang shaved the apple, “They came.”


Lu Yuanbai licked his tender red lips and looked around the ward, “Where’s the meal?”


“The medical staff left after seeing that you didn’t wake up.”


Lu Yuanbai: I can’t believe it.


Looking at Lu Yuanbai’s dazed appearance, Lu Wanfang smiled and said, “Wei Sen has already gone to help you cook again, I guess it will be a while.
Just come back.”


“Really.” Lu Yuanbai breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this.


Then he seemed to think of something, and looked at Lu Wanfang with a pair of peach blossom eyes, “Mom, did you see my wife when I came just now?”


Lu Wanfang put the broken apple peel on the tray, “I see.
I bumped into A-Yu when he was leaving.”


As soon as Duan Yu was mentioned, Lu Yuanbai opened his mouth and began to babble, “Mom, my wife is beautiful, isn’t it amazing that I lost my memory these years? Such a beautiful wife.”



“Mom, how did my wife and I meet and fall in love?”


Lu Wanfang smiled and said, “You met at a banquet, and A-Yu chased you.”


Lu Yuanbai didn’t care who chased and who was chased.


The main important thing is that he has a wife.


When he was in high school, Lu Yuanbai was soft-hearted and could not even say hard words.
There were always people laughing at him that he wouldn’t get a wife in the future.


Lu Yuanbai was dissatisfied, and now he not only got a wife, but also a beautiful wife.


Then he smiled and started chatting with Lu Wanfang.


With a smile on her lips, Lu Wanfang just listened to her son talking to her quietly.


It seems to have returned to Lu Yuanbai’s childhood, when Lu Wanfang wanted her son to have a happy childhood, instead of letting Lu Yuanbai go to a private aristocratic primary school, he went to a public school.


Every time after school, she also walks to pick him up.


At that time, Lu Yuanbai, who was still a little bun, carried the sky blue school bag that his mother bought, and jumped out of school.
Just like now, he told his mother things that he found interesting.


“Mom, I think my wife is good.”


Lu Wanfang smiled and looked at him, “It’s fine if you think it ‘s good.”


Although Duan Yu is a taciturn child, he is responsible.
Lu Yuanbai is with him, and she is also very relieved.


Lu Yuanbai turned his head to look at his mother, “Mom, have you been happy in the past few years?”


Lu Wanfang stopped her hand that was peeling the apple, as she didn’t expect Lu Yuanbai to suddenly ask, “Very happy.”


“Mom, a few years have passed very well, and you are also very filial and happy.”


Lu Yuanbai clasped the sheet with one hand, “Did I ever make you worry?”


Lu Wanfang shook her head, “You have been very independent these past few years.
Nothing bothers me, and you have grown up a lot.”


Lu Yuanbai resumed his smile after hearing this, “It’s fine if you’re doing well, I’m relieved if you’re doing well.”


Lu Wanfang suddenly felt a little sore at the tip of her nose.
The son has changed a lot in the past few years, he is mature and stable, and he can be on his own.


Now that he is back to the original appearance, Lu Wanfang felt very guilty and uncomfortable for a while.


Her nose was sore, and Lu Wanfang was afraid that if Lu Yuanbai said anything, she, as a mother, wouldn’t stop crying.
She would be ashamed if it ever happened.


Then, she hurriedly stuffed the peeled apple into Lu Yuanbai’s mouth.


This action happened too many times when he was a kid.




Lu Wanfang touched the corner of her eyes with her son on her back, “What’s wrong?”


“I suddenly feel that apples are still delicious with the skin on.”



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