Chapter 6: I’ll buy you a big diamond ring



When he heard that Duan Yu was leaving, Lu Yuanbai hurriedly raised his head from the rice bucket, not even eating porridge.



“You misunderstood.
Although there is a big gap between you and the photo, I don’t mean that you are not good-looking.”



Lu Yuanbai quickly explained, for fear that Duan Yu would misunderstand.



“I just think…” Lu Yuanbai glanced at Duan Yu, and said awkwardly and shyly: “You are so beautiful, you are prettier than anyone I have seen before.”



Lu Yuanbai has been in love since childhood.
He had never thought about marriage before.



The other rich second generation he met when he was in high school was surrounded by almost different people every day.
They weren’t seen with the same girl for more than a week.
They even compared their girlfriends with each other, and their private life was dirty and messy.



At that time, Lu Yuanbai, who is also a rich second generation, was still arguing with Song Zhao about the existence of Ultraman.



He doesn’t know how to deal with his lover at all.



Duan Yu was speechless when he looked at Lu Yuanbai who was in a panic in front of him.



Lu Yuanbai, who lost his memory, obviously misunderstood their relationship.



He is a businessman, and his relationship with Lu Yuanbai is just a cooperative interest relationship.



Now that the agreement between the two has expired, and weighing the pros and cons, he has no reason to worry about Lu Yuanbai after amnesia, and accompany him.



Duan Yu raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at Lu Yuanbai, “Have you ever thought that the relationship between us may not be what you think it is now.”



It might have nothing to do with love, Duan Yu didn’t say out loud.



As soon as these words came out, Lu Yuanbai, who was still smiling like a flower, froze.



A pair of peach blossom eyes just like spring water stared at the man in front of him.



Very overwhelmed.



Could it be… Could it be…



“I raped you?!”






Lu Yuan didn’t speak often in Mandarin before, so he never knew how straight forward his words could become.



Duan Yu looked at Lu Yuanbai’s small body, and then said a little helplessly, “No.”



Lu Yuanbai’s figure is not bad, it can be said to be very good, with a height of 1.81 meters.



The requirements for the film industry are very demanding.
In addition to filming, he has to practice and take physical classes almost every day.
There is even personal training in the gym which he took several years practising.



But he was not the kind of skinny bone man.
Coupled with his cold and delicate face, the whole person looks very charming.



Even if he was humiliated in the heap, he can attract any attention at a glance.



But compared to Duan Yu, who was tall and nearly 1.9 meters tall, it was indeed a little short.



After hearing the man’s denial, Lu Yuanbai breathed a sigh of relief, but not completely.



Then he didn’t know what to think, frowned, and tentatively said: “…I cheated?”



After speaking, he felt uncomfortable.



Because of the failed marriage between his parents, Lu Yuanbai hated emotionally abusive people the most.



He used to look at those rich and dirty second generation players, and didn’t even want to talk to them.



But the young master has been good-looking since he was a child, and it is not uncommon for homosexual love to be legal in today’s society.



Those who are picked by the rich second generation are not taboo, both men and women, all of them are very outstanding in appearance and figure.



When Lu Yuanbai was in high school, he hadn’t grown yet, and his cheeks were tender, but he was one of the best in school at the time, so people couldn’t take their eyes off it.



In addition, the young master has a playful personality, and some people can’t help but want to tease him and talk to him.



Those rich second-generation are no exception.
Every time they come over and have nothing to say, Lu Yuanbai will hide far away.



Although he has no backbone and is a coward, it does not conflict with the people who don’t look down on them.



But as he thinks that he has lost his memory and cheated in his marriage in the past few years, Lu Yuanbai feels as if a basin of cold water has been poured on his head.



He didn’t want to be the person he hated the most.



If he cheated, he would be no different from those rich second-generations.



Lu Yuanbai’s delicate brows were wrinkled, and his pale cheeks were visibly depressed.



“No.” Duan Yu remembered that during the time when the two agreed to get married, Lu Yuanbai abided by his duties and said, “Your view on marriage is very good.”



When Lu Yuanbai heard this, the worries on his face were instantly swept away.
The big bow on the head seems to be even more colorful!



Then he thought quickly in his mind, looked at Duan Yu and asked, “Do you know about my amnesia?”



Duan Yu nodded honestly, and just wanted to open his mouth to elicit the marriage agreement between the two.



The next moment, he heard a clear voice say: “I’m sorry.”



Duan Yu: ?



Lu Yuanbai looked at Duan Yu apologetically, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to forget you.” Duan Yu was stunned for a while.



“Although I forgot how we met, fell in love and then got married, I think I must have liked you very much, and only married you because I loved you very much.”



Since the day when his father hurt his mother and destroyed the family , the teenage Lu Yuanbai swore secretly in his heart.



In the future, he will definitely find the person he loves to marry, be loyal and trust his lover, be good to him all his life, live a sweet life, and never divorce!



“I’m also very sorry for forgetting you after a car accident.
It’s really cruel to forget the important half of your life.”



After speaking, Lu Yuanbai stretched out his uninjured left hand and stroked Duan Yu’s big, well-defined hand…



The palms of the young man’s hands are slightly cold, which feels very nice to touch in this hot and dry summer.



A pair of peach blossom eyes shone with dazzling light,



“I will definitely treat you even better in the future and give you all my love!”



Lu Yuanbai looked into Duan Yu’s eyes with a sincere and hot tone.



“We don’t need the family affection that those loves have transformed into.
We are the only two in our marriage.
We have been loving and loving for a lifetime.”



“I am not a big man.
When I was a child, my family used to hit me, and I had a lot of bad problems.
But… but I will work hard to make money to support you!”



Lu Yuanbai paused, although his wife looked strong and able to support, he always felt that since he became a legal partner, he should give his best.




He said, “If I get old and I can’t make any money, I’ll pick up rubbish to support you, and I won’t let you live a hard life.”


T/N: He’s so adorable 



He didn’t know what to think, Lu Yuan’s pale and tender cheeks slightly Blushing, “Although I have forgotten everything between us now, but…”



Duan Yu looked at the young man in front of him, and asked mysteriously.



“But what?”



After he was asked, he became a little embarrassed.



The young master bowed his head a little embarrassedly, and said with a silly smile: “But you can also treat it as if we were in love again.”



After all, Lu Yuanbai still had some expectations.



He hasn’t experienced love yet, so he doesn’t know what it feels like.



There was a cool touch on the back of his hand, Duan Yu looked down at the smooth, slender hand.



The dark eyes were as deep as ink, and the tone of the young man in front of him was sincere, and he could not see the slightest pretence.



Just when Lu Yuanbai was waiting for the answer, Duan Yu took Lu Yuanbai’s hand away and put it back on the bed.



He admitted that Lu Yuanbai’s appearance just now was very confusing, and what he said was also very attractive.



Lu Yuanbai was the first one who said he wanted to support him.



Even picking up rubbish to support him…



But it all depends on the relationship between the two to continue.



Duan Yu took Lu Yuanbai’s hand away.
Obviously, there was no personal relationship between the two except for the cooperative relationship.



In the past few years, they have been businesslike, never crossed the line, and it is absolutely impossible now.



Lu Yuanbai’s expression stopped, and a worried expression gradually appeared on his little face.



Like a cat abandoned by its owner.



Duan Yu saw it, his sharp eyebrows wrinkled slightly.



If you continue to accompany Lu Yuanbai to act now, to some extent, you will be taking advantage of others.



Furthermore, Lu Yuanbai was only diagnosed with indirect amnesia, and the forgotten things will be remembered one day.



This kind of thing that accompanies Lu Yuanbai will only waste time and weigh the pros and cons.
He has absolutely no need to do it.



Just when Duan Yu was still thinking, the fair and slender hand that had been taken away returned to the back of his hand again.



“You… are you still angry?”



Lu Yuanbai looked at Duan Yu like a cat who had done something wrong.



If his wife who has been in love with him for many years gives him him, he must be angry too.



“If I coax you, will you still be angry?”



At this time, cracks gradually appeared on Duan Yu’s indifferent face.



For a while, he didn’t know how to explain the relationship between the two to Lu Yuanbai.



But the eyes of the young man in front of him were very dazzling, like stars.



Duan Yu couldn’t stand Lu Yuanbai’s eyes at this time, in other words, even if he was a complete stranger now, he couldn’t bear it anymore, and he couldn’t help being attracted by those eyes.



Duan Yu came from a noble family, and there is no shortage of intrigue in the big family.
There are almost no simple people and things around him, even his parents are not only for him.



The environment of his childhood has made Duan Yu accustomed to the complexity of people’s hearts.



But it was the first time someone looked at him so innocently and sincerely.



Lu Yuanbai’s peach blossom eyes were clear and clean, and Duan Yu could clearly see his own reflection in Lu Yuanbai’s eyes.



It seems that the person in front of him is full of heart and eyes like him, and the temptation is great.



Just when Lu Yuanbai was nervous, would Duan Yu take his hand away again?



He just listened to the man’s low voice and played with his taste: “How are you going to coax me?”



Lu Yuanbai looked at him, “I’ll buy you a big diamond ring.”






Duan Yu wondered why he was bewildered for a while.



Lu Yuanbai stared at the person without saying a word, and then tentatively asked, “Is there something wrong with our relationship?”



Duan Yu’s sharp eyebrows lowered his eyes to look at him, and then his eyes fell on the hand caressing the back of his hand.
His eyes were hard to fathom, “No, we have a good relationship.”



Looking at Lu Yuanbai’s pure and sincere eyes, Duan Yu suddenly felt that a successful businessman should have a complete after-sales service system.



“That’s good.” Lu Yuanbai raised his mouth slightly, “We will definitely be better in the future.”



Duan Yu looked at him and said nothing.



Now Lu Yuanbai can’t stand the stimulation, so he acts as a charity after-sale.



The nurse who was about to give Lu Yuanbai some glucose, pushed the door and came in and saw this scene.



She saw two dazzling handsome men in the ward, their hands overlapping each other.



Holding the crystallization of their love together,

under the light in the house,

from the bright, dazzling stainless steel rice bucket…


T/N: The ending xD

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