Chapter 5: Then I go?



As soon as Duan Yu stepped in, he met a youthful gaze.



He saw Lu Yuanbai lying on the hospital bed, eating something in his mouth, and his cheeks were round.
The white cheeks that were chewing, paused the moment he saw him.



His head was wrapped in medical gauze, and a big bow was tied on top of his head.
Coupled with Lu Yuanbai’s green eyes, the whole combination looked funny.



Duan Yu’s footsteps paused slightly, his handsome face expressionless.



He and Lu Yuanbai agreed to marry for five years, and they spent a lot of time together, but they just did their own things.



Lu Yuan doesn’t do small talk, and he doesn’t like to laugh very much, giving people a clear sense of distance, not disturbing his work.



This is also one of the main reasons why he chose to marry Lu Yuanbai before.



The two have always maintained a cooperative relationship and never crossed the line.



At this time, the funny appearance of the young man in front of him was the first time he had ever been speechless.



Just as Duan Yu was about to say something, he saw Lu Yuanbai, who had been in a daze just now, flickering like a hamster with a big cantaloupe seed.



The beautiful peach blossom eyes brightened, “Hi! Wife!”



Duan Yu: “…”



The corners of Lu Yuanbai’s white and tender red mouth rose, and a pair of peach blossom eyes looked at him without blinking.



He even vigorously waved his right hand, which is wrapped in a plaster-wrapper.



At this time, Lu Yuanbai’s eyes were full of Duan Yu, and his eyes were bright.



Even better than the photos in the entertainment news.



He is in good shape, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, and a strong body.



Just look at it and feed it!



The young man lying on the bed smiled like a sunflower in the sun, shining brightly.
Even if there were many bruises on his handsome face, it would not affect the young man’s beautiful face in the slightest.



The assistant came in behind Duan Yu, and when he saw Lu Yuanbai, he couldn’t help but take a few more glances.



In the past, he always thought that celebrities were ordinary people who rely on the company’s packaging and marketing.
But ever since his boss and Lu Yuanbai got married, every time he saw Lu Yuanbai’s face, his assistant couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.
Sure enough, not everyone can enter the entertainment industry and become popular.



Although the young man lying on the hospital bed was so good-looking that people couldn’t take his eyes off it, what shocked the assistant even more was the sonorous “wife!” of the young man.



Is this… Did he hear it right? !



The assistant glanced at his boss quietly.



Duan Yu’s expression remained unchanged, and he was not affected by Lu Yuanbai’s words about him being his wife.



The assistant didn’t dare to look at it any more, so he hurriedly lowered his head.



Unexpectedly, the boss, who is usually cold in the company and speaks the truth, is quite interested in his lover in private.



But the more the assistant thought about it, the more wrong it was.



Lu Yuanbai called them the boss’s wife.



Isn’t he supposed to be Lu Yuanbai’s husband!



Immediately, the assistant’s face changed slightly, his brain went crazy, and when he thought of that scene, he felt a chill.






He knew that he really heard something that shouldn’t be heard!



Seeing his wife come to see him, Lu Yuanbai hurriedly swallowed the apple in his mouth, feeling like he was on a roller coaster, his limbs a little uncoordinated.



Duan Yu looked at the young man lying on the bed.



The next moment, he saw Lu Yuanbai slightly raised his plaster-wrapped arm and patted his side of the bed like a big stupid bear.



Then he looked at him expectantly.



He seems to be saying, come and sit~



Duan Yu noticed that something was wrong with Lu Yuanbai.
Even when the two of them pretended to be close, Lu Yuanbai never showed such a longing look now.



But only the two of them knew about the marriage agreement, and there are still outsiders present.



Duan Yu raised his legs and walked to the hospital bed, then sat down on the chair beside the bed.



Duan Yu didn’t sit on the bed, and Lu Yuanbai felt a little disappointed.



But thinking about it, Duan Yu probably sat on the chair because he was afraid of squeezing him, and Lu Yuan’s pale cheeks were slightly red.



He didn’t expect his wife to be so caring.



He also remembered what Duan Yu had done for him in the entertainment news that Song Zhao showed him earlier.



For a time, he was even more ashamed.
He lost my memory and forgot his wife.



Lu Yuanbai secretly decided in his heart that he would definitely treat his beautiful wife better in the future, even better than before the amnesia.



“Wife, you… do you eat fruit?”



Lu Yuanbai planned to give Duan Yu a fruit from the bedside very manly, but when he saw Duan Yu’s face, his heart pounded so hard.



The young master, who had never been in a relationship, was nervous for a while, so he directly handed over the apple he had bitten in half.



Duan Yu: “…”



Duan Yu looked at the half of the apple, his face changed slightly, and then said, “No, you can eat it yourself since you are sick.”



The man’s voice was low and hoarse, which was very pleasant.



Lu Yuanbai withdrew his hand, his delicate brows were slightly wrinkled, and he was very annoyed by his nervous performance just now.



The assistant had been standing not far from the door of the ward, looking at the two people beside the hospital bed, and felt that he shouldn’t be here at all.



Even if the garlic is squeezed hard, it is also an outsider.



Duan Yu was unsmiling, and when Lu Yuanbai was trying to find some topics to chat with his beautiful wife to enhance his relationship, Song Zhao walked in from outside the ward with millet porridge in his hand.



“Yuanbai, the doctor said you’d better drink porridge now, otherwise…”




Song Zhao saw Duan Yu sitting by the bed halfway through his words.
He and Duan Yu had only met a few times, so they didn’t know each other well, so he nodded politely.



Then he put the rice with millet porridge on the bedside, looked at Duan Yu and said, “Mr.
Duan, let’s go out to chat.”




The two were not familiar with each other, and all they could talk about was Lu Yuanbai.



Then Duan Yu got up and left the ward with Song Zhao.



Completely ignored, Lu Yuanbai’s eyes fell on the rice porridge.



Seeing that the two of them walked out of the ward together to talk about something, Lu Yuan’s soft and tender red mouth opened, and before he could say anything, the door of the ward was ruthlessly closed.






The white ward returned to silence again, but it didn’t take long for a small “guru~” sound to be heard.



The place where the rice bucket is placed is a little far, if Lu Yuanbai wants to reach for it, he will definitely pull the wound.



The assistant who was standing by the wall to fill the air suddenly felt a warm gaze.



As soon as he looked up, he met Lu Yuanbai’s longing gaze, which was very dazzling.



The assistant looked at the stainless steel rice bucket on the table by the bedside, and then at Lu Yuanbai.



All of a sudden, the sweat was pouring down, Mr.
Lu wanted him to feed!






Outside the ward, Song Zhao and Duan Yu came to the empty corridor of the hospital.



Then Song Zhao looked embarrassed, and roughly explained Lu Yuanbai’s amnesia to Duan Yu.



“The doctor said it was indirect amnesia, but no one is sure when he will remember it.
The doctor said that it is rare for Yuan Bai to be out of danger so quickly, and the forgotten memories may be lost because he did not want to recall them.
It’s best not to be provoked now.”



Song Zhao said, and felt that he had said the wrong thing again, “I don’t mean that Yuanbai wants to forget the memory of the time he married you, you and Yuanbai have a very good relationship, and Yuanbai loves you very much…”



Duan Yu was silent for a while, then said, “So now his memory is only eighteen years old?”



Song Zhao nodded.



Duan Yu’s sharp eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and Song Zhao couldn’t know what he was thinking for a while.



Song Zhao roughly explained Xia Lu Yuanbai’s condition to Duan Yu, and the two returned to the ward.



However, as soon as the two of them opened the door and came in, they saw a very strange scene.



They saw the assistant sitting at the head of the bed holding the rice bucket cautiously, Lu Yuanbai holding a spoon in his uninjured hand, and sipping the porridge one by one in a difficult manner.



Because he didn’t pay attention to the excessive movement, the wounds on my body were involved, and he couldn’t help snorting.



For a time, it was like a pig trying to eat.



While eating, he plausibly said, “I’m a good man, and I can’t do things that make my wife misunderstand.
When my wife comes back, you will get up immediately and distance yourself from me!”



Duan Yu: “…”



Song Zhao: ” …”



Just when the two of them worked hard together and drank most of the millet porridge, they found that Duan Yu and Song Zhao had returned to the ward again.



The assistant frowned and stood up immediately, as if he had done something wrong, “Mr.



Lu Yuanbai just ate a spoonful of porridge in his mouth, so he almost choked.
He coughed a few times in discomfort, but he still held the rice spoon firmly in his hand.



Lu Yuanbai’s eyes turned red from coughing, and he looked extremely pitiful.
Song Zhao hurriedly stepped forward to give Lu Yuanbai a pat on the back.



Duan Yu also took a few steps forward, but the next moment the assistant would shove the rice bucket in his hand.



Duan, Mr.
Lu said he was hungry, so I…”



The assistant broke out in a cold sweat.



But at that time, no one could refuse a hungry Lu Yuanbai.



Duan Yu looked at the rice bucket in his hand and said nothing.



Song Zhao had something to do today, but now that Duan Yu is here, he should also go to work.
After helping Lu Yuan and Bai Shun, he answered the phone and left shortly after.



Watching Song Zhao leave, this time the assistant followed him out with great discernment.



For a while, only Duan Yu and Lu Yuanbai were left in the ward.



Lu Yuanbai now has amnesia and doesn’t remember the marriage agreement between the two at all.
His big eyes flickered at Duan Yu.



But now people can’t stand the excitement, and Duan Yu can’t explain the relationship between the two for a while.



He just came to the bed with the rice bucket, his eyes were light and emotionless, “Are you still eating?”



Lu Yuanbai nodded and smiled at him: “Eat.”



Then he put the spoon in Duan Yu’s hand.
Handed it, obviously intending for the other party to feed him.






Duan Yu couldn’t refuse him so he had to start feeding Lu Yuanbai porridge one by one.



During the whole process, Lu Yuanbai’s eyes never left Duan Yu’s face.



The young master looked at the man’s perfect sculptural appearance, and was very proud for a while.
He must have been very good in the past few years when he lost his memory, and he was able to get such a beautiful wife.



Duan Yu was a little uncomfortable to be seen, his sharp eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and his voice was cold, “My face is very strange?”



Otherwise, why would he just stare at him?



Of course Lu Yuanbai didn’t find it strange, Duan Yu was very good-looking.



But the young master smiled shyly and said implicitly, “Compared to the photo, the gap is a bit big.”



“…” Duan Yu didn’t know what photo he was talking about.
After a while of silence,



“Then I go?”

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