Chapter 4: Hi wife!


It is summer now, the weather is hot and dry, coupled with the loud noise of yelling, many patients cannot get a good rest.


“Are you journalists sick?! This is the hospital, you are here to disturb the rest of the patients.
Some patients are so frightened.
Do you still have any humanity? If you don’t leave, we will call the police!”


The medical staff and security guards were sweating profusely, and the clothes on their backs were wet.


However, the reporters surrounding the hospital seemed to be deaf, and the male reporter in the lead said, “Our industry is not easy, it’s all for the sake of eating.
Isn’t Lu Yuanbai awake? Ask him to come out and respond, before the hype is gone.”


The tone is very arrogant, indicating that unless Lu Yuanbai come out to give an explanation today, these people who have been here will not go until the other party comes out.


The female nurse was struggling to stop the reporter who wanted to know about Lu Yuanbai’s current situation.
The other party had just finished the operation and just woke up.
He could barely move at the moment, to even think about meeting up for the interview.


The female nurse gritted her teeth, “Let me tell you! Are you reporters, or police officers? How dare you demand patients to come out to see you now!”


Unexpectedly, the group of reporters did not feel ashamed, but mocked back, “Little girl, you are such a fan of Lu Yuanbai.
Young people nowadays really have no bottom line, and anyone can be regarded as an idol in their hearts.”


The female nurse was in a hurry.
“To be fair, you are the fans.
You reporters’ mouths and nibs are sure enough man-eating, otherwise they wouldn’t be around here!”


As soon as the voice fell, the female nurse was hit by a mineral water bottle suddenly thrown over.


Although there is not much water in the water bottle, it is still painful to cover the forehead subconsciously.


She saw the crying girl with red and swollen eyes, pointed at her and said angrily: “You are a medical staff rescuing the dying patients, but now you are making excuses for the murderer? Do you deserve the nurse uniform you are wearing? Do you even deserve the education you have received?”


The female nurse covered her forehead and was obviously frightened by the water bottle that had suddenly smashed her head.


It seems that everything she did to stop these reporters for her job was a joke.


She also knew that Lu Yuanbai ran through a red light and caused a car accident.
She didn’t have any good feelings for Lu Yuanbai, and she didn’t even want to take a look at the so-called star during the ward rounds and let alone take care of him.


But Lu Yuanbai is not the only patient in the hospital.
She has to be responsible for her patients.
There is no way for the patients to rest well now.


The female nurse’s mood was momentarily stirred up, “Why, I feel so sorry.
Everything I do now is worthy of my education, the nurse uniform I wear, all I do is my own job.
It’s you who is making trouble.
It’s you who is showing off your power.
It’s you who is slandering people!”


A male reporter stepped forward and said, “What are you yelling at this little girl! She’s still a high school kid, her father was sent into the hospital, and now his life or death are uncertain, she can’t control his emotions.
She’s irrational, but you’re not rational. Do you not have a little sympathy? No! You’re lucky to be still working in the hospital.” 


He said as he was about to march on, and the security guards and medical staff on the side rushed forward to stop him. The female nurse was also pulled behind by the head nurse who came out.


When she returned to her senses, she couldn’t help but cry her eyes out.
It made her suddenly think of the time when she gossiped with her colleague this morning and mocked and ridiculed Lu Yuanbai.


Words can be terrifying,


As they can hurt people as much as being stabbed by a knife.


Just as the reporters started to push and shove the blocking security guards, a number of black people in suits got out of a few black cars not far away.


There were a lot of people in that group, all of them were buff and strong.


Without saying a word, they walked towards the entrance of the hospital, and began to pull back the collars of the reporters who were chanting the so-called justice slogan.


Many reporters were staggered by the huge force, and fell directly to the ground in embarrassing posture.


“What are you guys doing!” 


A reporter was dragged down and got up in anger, but after confronting a bodyguard who was much stronger than him, he immediately shut up!


In front of the sturdy bodyguards, those reporters who had been showing off their power, just got dragged to their backs one after another like a group of chicks.


Even some reporters carrying camera equipment, the camera smashed directly on the ground, and the equipment parts were shattered on the ground.


Then a bodyguard handed over a business card to the reporter whose camera was broken, “Contact for compensation.”


The reporter looked at the business card in the bodyguard’s hand, and his expression changed instantly.


These bodyguards are Duan Yu’s people.


Duan Shi can be described as the leader of the business world in City A, with power and money.
Duan Yu, the boss of the company now in charge, is also a ruthless character who returned from overseas a few years ago.


Even the boss’s own uncle was in politics, and no one dared to provoke him.


The reason why these reporters dared to go up to interview Duan Yu just now was just because of the large number of people.
If Duan Yu really troubled them, every family would not be able to escape.


But now it’s different.


The reporter looked at the business card in the bodyguard’s hand and hesitated to accept it. 


The business card seemed to say: “If you have the guts, just come and reimburse.” 


The hospital building was in great chaos for a while, and the young man who was supposed to appease his sister took out his mobile phone and pointed it at the men in black who suddenly appeared.


The WB hot search for Lu Yuanbai’s car accident remains high, but another entry with Lu Yuanbai’s name gradually rises from the bottom of the list again, climbing to the third hot search.


Click in is a video sent by an anonymous user, and the number of views is amazing.


If you click on the video, there is the scene of the farce at the entrance of the hospital building.


In the video, reporters, medical staff and bodyguards in black suits are torn together, and it is obvious that the bodyguard who has a bad face and pulls people back has the upper hand.


Some medical staff fell to the ground together because their center of gravity was unstable because they were tightly held by reporters.


There was a weeping voice in the video, “We just wanted to ask Lu Yuanbai for an explanation, and it became like this.
Lu Yuanbai’s family asked bodyguards to stop us and started with us. 


Lu Yuanbai woke up early.
Now, I don’t know all this, we have been here all the time, and he doesn’t want to give an explanation!”


“Lu Yuanbai, whenever there is someone else’s conscience, come out!”


 The female voice who spoke has never shown her face, but it’s obvious she is the family of the van driver.


The comments section:


“There is almost no king’s law, and he beats people in broad daylight! Lu Yuanbai’s husband is the man in power of the Duan family, and if he has money, he can be lawless!”


 “@Radio, Film and Television Bureau, Lu Yuanbai is still not banned for being such a horrible person?”


 “Calling the bodyguards to beat reporters and medical staff, their fucking conscience was eaten by dogs!


“The reporter asked for an explanation for the victim’s family.
The medical staff rescued the victim in the car accident, but now they have to be beaten.
Is Lu Yuanbai still a human? How can he live like this? Such a shitty mind!”


“I ask every day, why isn’t Lu Yuanbai dead yet?”


“What about the fans who quarreled with passers-by in the morning? Why don’t they say your idol is innocent now!”


“Thanks to the teacher that I watched Lu Yuanbai’s performance before, and I fancied him for a while, but now it feels like being fed shit.”


“Who is not disgusted seeing Lu Yuanbai? The boss of the Duan family is not a good person, and rich people have no value of love.  I think the previous show of affection between the two was all hype, so the boss may even have three or four mistresses out there.”


For a time, the direction of public opinion on the Internet was completely one-sided, and even the comments below Lu Yuanbai’s endorsement business were completely lost.


“You guys even hired bad actors to be endorsers! It’s awesome!”


“Boycott bad actors, boycott Lu Yuanbai!”


“No one still doesn’t know what Lu Yuanbai did! Hurry up and slap it on the Lord!”


“Lu Yuan’s eyes were out of order, and he ran red lights and caused harm to innocent families.
Now the victim is still in a coma in intensive care. 


He was not out of danger, but Lu Yuanbai suffered minor injuries and was already awake.
The victim’s family asked for an explanation, but was stopped by the bodyguard and used violence to harm the reporters and medical staff at the scene.
The bad actor, Lu Yuanbai , must be cancelled!”


“The bad actor Lu Yuanbai must be cancelled!”


“The bad actor Lu Yuanbai must be cancelled!”


“Lu Yuanbai is backed by the Duan family, no one dares to provoke it, it may be difficult to cancel, alas…”


“Then we just let this scum continue to be at ease? We have so many people and great strength, I don’t believe that capital is so powerful! It can be so unrestrained in a society ruled by law!”


“Yes! An artist like Lu Yuanbai who corrupts the social atmosphere, only It will bring harm to immature children and must be cancelled!”






Looking at the WB hot search list at a glance, there are about five or six tags related  Lu Yuanbai.


 Then #LuYuanbaiCancelled and #BoycottLuYuanbai replaced #Luyuanbai’s car accident, becoming the top of the WB hot search list…




In the ward, Lu Yuanbai was lying on the bed with round cheeks, chewing the apple in his mouth.


Song Zhao went to the hospital cafeteria to get him a meal, but since he is too hungry now, he plans to eat another apple to fill his stomach.


This time, Lu Yuanbai didn’t dislike whether the apple was peeled or not, and he ate it one bite after another.


With a big bow like rabbit ears on the head, it is like a rabbit who only eats carrots.


The sound of twisting the doorknob came from the door of the ward.


 Lu Yuanbai’s round cheeks stopped instantly, his eye fixed on the door.


 His meal is here!


In Lu Yuanbai’s expectant gaze, a tall man in a custom suit stepped in, the next second.


The man is tall and tall, with wide shoulders and long legs.
He is a standard inverted triangle figure.
He wears suits and leather shoes, and he shows majesty in his gestures.


Lu Yuanbai puffed out a small round face, looked at the person who came without blinking, and his eyes fell on the man’s face unconsciously.


The man’s facial features are straight, his eyebrows are sharp and ingenious, his jawline is smooth, his suit wraps his tight chest, and he has the abstinence of a gentle scum.


Lu Yuanbai stopped chewing the apple in his mouth for a while.


The young master has liked beautiful women since he was a child.


And the man in front of him looks better than in the photo.


 For a while the brain stops thinking,


 Lu Yuanbai said directly, “Hi, wife!”



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