Chapter 15: Pull a flower


After hearing this, Lu Yuanbai bowed his head a little embarrassedly, “I sing really well?”


The female reporter continued to applaud, “It’s a pity that you chose to be an actor in the first place.
If you go to the music scene, you will definitely have a place.”


The female reporter spoke without stopping, under the principle of not being able to suffer this crime alone,


Lu Yuanbai was a little excited when he heard this, his peach blossom eyes glowed with stars, “Actually, I wanted to be a singer since I was a child, but I never had the opportunity.”


He woke up the day he lost his memory and heard Song Zhao say that he entered the entertainment industry as an actor.
He was quite disappointed that he didn’t become a singer.


Ever since his kindergarten where he had shown his amazing singing talent, the teacher never asked him to participate in the chorus.


The teacher originally said, “Yuanbai’s singing is too good and too outstanding, not suitable for chorus.”


It is only suitable for solo!


The female reporter: “The reason why a dream is a dream is because it has not been realized, but you are different.
Even if you don’t sing, you are still impressive.”


The young master couldn’t help but boast, rubbing his hands in excitement, “Actually…”


The female reporter looked at the young man with red lips and white teeth, “What is it?”


Lu Yuanbai smiled shyly: “If you like, I can sing another song.”


“…” The female reporter held the microphone stiffly, “No… …”


Lu Yuanbai: “You wait for me, I will clear my throat.”




This scene seems familiar,


It happened not long ago.


The reporter put the microphone on Lu Yuanbai’s face for an interview, and now Lu Yuanbai came back with a magical sound.


If it hadn’t been agreed at the beginning, the female reporter would have thought that Lu Yuanbai was singing here to drive them away.


Even the camera brother who was carrying the camera beside him was shaking a little while holding the device.


Lu Yuanbai: “Do you ↗ know↙↑?, I~”


Female reporter: “I know!!!”


My family has a young girl who has grown up, and is full of enthusiasm.


Lu Yuanbai was taken aback by this damn enthusiasm .


The female reporter laughed twice, “Don’t worry, as soon as you speak, I can’t help calling you.”


Lu Yuanbai: “Then I will continue.”


“No” The female reporter stretched out her hand and pressed against Lu Yuanbai in the air.
She swallowed nervously for a while, for fear that Lu Yuanbai would sing again.


“Don’t you still have things to do? I have enough materials, so I won’t waste your time.”


As she spoke, she continued for fear that Lu Yuanbai would not leave: “It’s morning, there aren’t many reporters squatting on you, so don’t delay any longer.
The reporters from the other newspapers will all come, and it will be difficult if you want to go out.”


“Goodbye then,” Lu Yuanbai thought about it, “please help convey the message.”


The female reporter shook her head repeatedly, “No trouble.


However, Lu Yuanbai had just walked a few steps, his footsteps froze, the hair on his head shook, and then he turned around.


The female reporter snorted instantly, swallowed her saliva, and looked at the beauty in front of her with vigilance.
“What’s wrong?”


Lu Yuanbai was a little embarrassed and a little twisted, “Can I say a few more words to my wife?” A pair of peach blossom eyes looked at the reporter expectantly.


The female reporter breathed a sigh of relief, and even got even more excited when Lu Yuanbai mentioned his partner, Duan Yu, “Of course you can! ”


As long as he doesn’t sing, Lu Yuanbai can do anything.


The female reporter rubs her hands excitedly.
Almost every prominent newspaper in the industry has reported on this particularly loving couple.


Now it’s her turn.


As long as the interviews are broadcast, then their newspaper office will have a bright future.


The reporter then picked up the microphone: “Do you have anything to say to your lover?”


Lu Yuanbai looked directly at the camera this time.
A bright smile appeared on a delicate and beautiful face.
The summer morning seemed to shine on the youthful appearance of Lu Yuanbai.


“Wife, you should pay more attention to rest these days, eat on time, sleep on time, come to see me when you have time, and take care of your health when you are not free.”


Then he added shyly, “Don’t miss me too much, I’ve been thinking of you all the time.
It’s alright.”


After Lu Yuanbai finished speaking, he looked at the reporter and said, “I’ll be troubling you.”


Female reporter: “No trouble.”


This is Lu Yuanbai’s first appearance after the accident, which is to exchange gossip with each other every day at the village entrance.
This aunt is not too troublesome.


Lu Yuanbai put on his mask again, waved to the reporter, and then walked towards the hospital gate.


The female reporter looked at the back of Lu Yuanbai leaving and shook her head.


Such a handsome guy, just why did he have to open his mouth!


Lu Yuanbai was afraid that the police comrade who answered the phone would have to wait for him for a long time, and his walking gradually became faster.


Lu Yuanbai already had a plaster cast on his hand, which was very noticeable for a while.


The hospital is located in the center of the city, and the flow of people is not small.
Although it is only after 8:00 in the morning on weekends, there are already many people on both sides of the street.


Lu Yuanbai is tall and has long legs, and even if he wears a mask, he frequently attracts attention.


“Lu Yuanbai?!”


Someone shouted from a street corner.


Hearing someone calling his name, Lu Yuanbai turned his head almost subconsciously.


He happened to meet the eyes of the man who called him.
Lu Yuanbai’s footsteps stopped.


First doubt, then certainty.


The man who called Lu Yuanbai had doubts at first, but he was not completely sure until he called his name and turned around.


The young master swallowed.
Although he didn’t know what he was going to face next, his intuition told him that he was in trouble.


In an instant, a word popped into his mind,




Lu Yuanbai was busy speeding up his pace and wanted to leave, but people were gradually rushing up around him.


Lu Yuanbai has been at the peak of the entertainment industry in recent years.
It is no exaggeration to say that he is top-notch.
Whether it is an event or an airport pick-up, there are huge crowds of fans.


Naturally, there are many passersby who join in the fun to watch.


It can be said that where there is a long way to go, there is traffic.


“Lu Yuanbai, why didn’t you give the victim’s family an explanation!”


“The videos about your accident on the Internet have been deleted.
Do you think you can do whatever you want with money, and you are still walking on the street? Are you too wild?”


The crowd was gathered here, and Lu Yuanbai’s forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat.


The young master had never seen such a scene since he was a child.
He was scolded for pointing his nose, and there were far more people than he imagined.


His legs started to shake.


“Why do you still have a face?” A man stepped forward and pulled the mask off Lu Yuanbai’s face, spitting at Lu Yuanbai’s feet.


The young man’s face was exposed to the public’s eyes.
The straps of the mask were pulled vigorously by the outside world, causing Lu Yuanbai’s ears to glow abnormally red.


The scolding and crowding around him made him out of breath.


The crowd surrounded Lu Yuanbai, there was no way forward or backward, and endless popping sounds rang in his ears.


The people in front of him looked at him with indifference and disgust, and their faces were hideous.


“It’s a shame I liked you before, why are you so disgusting!”


“I’ll just ask you, do you still want face? Have you said sorry to the victim’s family?”


“The victim still hasn’t woken up because of his serious injuries, how can you be so shameless!”


“Are you a human on a horse? You, let the bodyguards beat the victim’s family members and medical staff, you are a beast on a horse!”


Some of them even came up to grab Lu Yuan’s white collar.


The young master was afraid and wanted to step back, but the crowd surrounded him, scolding one after another, and there was no way to get out.


“Lu Yuanbai, you murderer!”


Lu Yuanbai’s eyes were scarlet, it shouldn’t be like this.


“I’m not” Lu Yuanbai’s voice trembled, he had never experienced such a scene, he was afraid, he wanted to leave this place.


“Then why did you run a red light!”


Someone came up to grab Lu Yuan’s white hair.


Lu Yuanbai tilted his head back in pain and began to struggle.
Physiological tears were instantly stimulated and swirled in his eyes.


“Let go of me…” Lu Yuanbai’s body, which was squeezed by the crowd, was still in pain from the healing wound, and frantically slapped the hand above his head with his left hand.


At this time, there was constant tingling in the scalp, and Lu Yuanbai was sure that his hair must have been pulled out at this time.


“I can’t let him go, I have to ask him to give the victim an explanation today!”



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“He knows how uncomfortable it is now.
Why didn’t he think about how the victim’s family would feel when they were at the door of the hospital building and asked him to explain!”


“Apologize, Let this scumbag apologize!”


Lu Yuanbai couldn’t control his emotions any longer, and big tears fell down his scarlet red eyes desperately.


The young master was born with a weak physique.
He grew up pampered since he was a child.
When did he suffer such grievances now?


But the moment he cried, Lu Yuanbai also felt ashamed, and he had never been so ashamed in his life.


Being bullied, he couldn’t even say a word of rebuttal.


Lu Yuanbai cried pitifully, and some people couldn’t bear to see it, “Apologize when you apologize, and don’t use violence, this is not desirable!”


However, no one paid any attention to them,


“He asked the bodyguard to beat the victim’s family members and medical staff.
How come the officers never thought that violence is not desirable!”


“A big man cried and died of disgusting, Useless, He doesn’t even have courage, bah!”


“Let this murderer taste what it’s like to be beaten today! ”


The man said, and tugged Lu Yuanbai’s hair back and forth twice, trying to drag him to the ground.


The young master has never suffered this crime since he was a child.
He has always been timid and fearful.


The whole person panicked, the hair was pulled and it hurt so much.
He raised his left hand to protect his head, but the man’s hand didn’t budge as if he would not give up until Lu Yuanbai was bald today.


Endless abuse rang in his ears, and the word “murderer” were detained on Lu Yuanbai’s body again and again.


It seems to have become his label.


His nose was sore, and tears were still hanging on his cheeks.
Lu Yuanbai felt a little weak in his legs and feet for a while, but he knew that if he was really dragged to the ground today, he would probably have been bullied to death and would not be able to get out of the crowd.


“Lu Yuanbai, you murderer!”


An angry voice sprinted into his eardrums, Lu Yuanbai’s eyes were scarlet, and his whole body was shaking.


Rabbits bite when they are anxious.


Similarly, Lu Yuanbai was anxious, and he tore his head away on the spot.


The young master is a coward, but the squeamishness that he has been pampered since childhood has not changed.


Lu Yuanbai grabbed the man’s short hair indiscriminately, and almost used up the loudest voice in his life, “I said I’m not!”

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