Chapter 14 : Perfect face, terrible voice


Although Lu Yuanbai seemed heartless and seemed unaffected by whatever Shen Ciwen to said, it wasn’t the truth.
He had trouble sleeping and eating.


The young master lay on the hospital bed like a pancake, tossing and turning in the middle of the night without successfully falling asleep.


When he woke up the next day, there was a faint blue and black hue around the peach blossom eyes.


He didn’t know when he went up the mountain overnight to fight with giant pandas for bamboo shoots.


The police woman on duty at the downtown police station just started her shift when the phone at her desk rang.


The police woman immediately became vigilant, swallowed her saliva, and answered the phone neatly.


“Hello, this is the Public Security Bureau in the city center.
What’s your name?”


Lu Yuanbai was sitting in the ward of the city center hospital just a block away, holding his cell phone with trembling hands.
He was very nervous.


The young master is timid and has only called the police once when he was a child.


When Lu Yuanbai was in the second grade of primary school, he was spanked by Lu Wanfang when he didn’t finish his homework.


At that time, Lu Yuanbai knew that he was a little man.
A man’s butt was like a tiger’s butt.
No one could touch it, let alone spank it.


In a fit of anger,Lu Yuanbai decided to run away from home despite being a naive bun at that time.


As he was running away, he had forgotten to leave a small note for his family.
It had no deep meaning but he felt ashamed if he were to go back.


At that time, the police uncle and aunt were seen as almighty being in his heart, so he went to the phone booth to call the police and asked them to tell Ms.
Lu Wanfang that he had run away from home.


Of course, as a result, Lu Yuanbai was arrested by the police.
As soon as he was sent back home, his manly buttocks were slapped with a lot of motherly love.


Lu Yuanbai licked his lips nervously and said, “Just call me Mr.


Lu Yuanbai’s voice trembled uncontrollably as he became tense.


The police lady on the opposite side heard something wrong with Lu Yuanbai’s voice.
She gestured to the colleague next to her with her eyes almost instantly, raised her hand and made a gesture.


The colleague receives the message and starts to search the geographic location of the phone.


The police lady reassured: “Mr.
Lu, please don’t get excited, have you encountered any trouble?”


“Yes…I have encountered some troubles.” Lu Yuan grabbed the plaster on his body unconsciously.


The police lady took out the paper and pen, “Please speak.”


Lu Yuanbai took a deep breath, and the police lady also followed.


Then Lu Yuan said bravely, “May I come with you?”


The police woman was taken aback for a moment.


? ? ?


Why does this sound so familiar?


It doesn’t seem right.
Isn’t this what they often say to the suspect?


But the police woman had a sharp mind and quickly changed her position to understand, “Mr.
Lu, are you going to turn yourself in?”


Lu Yuanbai thought for a while, “It doesn’t count, I already have a case at the police station.”


The police woman’s hand froze,


Good grief, this is the second offence.


“May I ask Mr.
Lu’s full name, and now please turn yourself in to the Public Security Bureau in the city center.” She said to prevent the suspect from regretting halfway through.
“Our phone calls are all recorded, please don’t change your mind.”


The next moment, a young man’s voice was heard from the receiver.
The voice said, “My name is Lu Yuanbai, please wait a moment, I will go back now.”


He hung up the phone in a hurry, Lu Yuanbai lay in the hospital for a week.
Except for his broken right hand, the wounds on his body have gradually healed.


Although he sometimes has moments where his legs turn jelly when he walks, it doesn’t hinder anything.


Although the young master is a coward, he can see that others cannot rest and live because of his own affairs.


He is now suspicious of himself, and wants to go to the police station to see the surveillance, maybe he can remember something.


The nurse asked for leave today, and he was the only one in the ward.
After he picked up his coat on the sofa and put it on his body, he knew that he was a public figure, put on a mask, and then walked out of the ward.


Just a few steps out of the way, he ran into the nurse who was doing the rounds.


The nurse glanced at Lu Yuanbai, and Lu Yuanbai was instantly shocked.


Miss Nurse: “Where are you going, Mr.


Lu Yuanbai blushed and started to babble, “I think the weather is good today, so I want to go out for a walk.”


Miss Nurse: “It’s better to walk around and pay attention to your health.”


After that, without talking any more, he turned around to check the next ward.


Lu Yuanbai breathed a sigh of relief and quickly stepped out of the hospital building.


If it were a few days ago, the appearance of Lu Yuanbai would have been a gift for the paparazzi and reporters who were guarding near the hospital.


But now it’s different.
Duan sends bodyguards to the hospital every day to chase the paparazzi and reporters away.


No one dared to provoke Duan Yu, and Lu Yuanbai was accompanied by people every day when he came out.
They couldn’t get in, and couldn’t take pictures, so that fewer and fewer reporters and paparazzi were stationed.


They had all set their sights on some little stars who rely on the dark road to gain popularity.
Now there are only three or two left, which are still unknown small workshops.


“Fuck, look it’s Lu Yuanbai!”


“Huh! Really! He came out alone this time!”


The last time Lu Yuanbai came out in a wheelchair, the reporters were eager to get up, but right after taking a few steps forward, they were stopped by a black-clothed bodyguard who suddenly appeared.


This time, the reporter and the paparazzi learned to be smarter.
Instead of rushing forward, they observed whether there were others around Lu Yuanbai.


After seeing that there was no one around Lu Yuanbai, three or two people started to step forward.


Lu Yuanbai was walking towards the gate of the hospital, when suddenly many reporters appeared in front of him with microphone shoulder equipment.


The look on his face was stunned for a while.


The microphone with the sponge cover instantly hit his face, “Is it convenient for Lu Yuanbai to accept the interview?”


Lu Yuanbai, who got slapped in the face by the microphone: “…”


“I don’t…”


“Good! It’s convenient so let’s start now.”




This was a female reporter who has just entered the industry for a few years in her early twenties, who was not as sharp as those old fritters in the industry.


Every day she sits at the door of the hospital waiting for the big news of Lu Yuanbai to appear, and she hardly ever leaves.


At this time, there was still some instant noodle soup hanging from the corner of her mouth.


When Lu Yuanbai saw it, he lowered his head and took out a tissue from his pocket and handed it over.


“Do you want to… wipe it first?”


The reporter was stunned, and Lu Yuanbai raised his finger to the corner of her mouth.


The reporter took it embarrassingly, “Thank you.”


Lu Yuanbai: “You’re welcome, I should thank you.”




The reporter took the tissue and wiped the corners of her mouth, then quickly sorted it out, her eyes seemed to be burning In the raging fire, she must be the first to interview Lu Yuanbai.


In this way, there is hope for their newspaper office.
There are not many people in the morning, so they must finish the interview as soon as possible before other reporters come.


It is said that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.
Although the young master doesn’t know how scary reporters and media are now, but he can see that the girl in front of him is determined to interview him.


Mother Lu Wang Fang has always taught him to care about protecting girls, and to help as much as possible if there is trouble.


Lu Yuanbai knew that the other party was going to interview, and he felt that there was something wrong, but it was just a delay.


Lu Yuanbai: “Let’s start.”


The female reporter could feel her eyes glow, but she didn’t expect Lu Yuanbai to be so active.


“Okay.” The female reporter put the microphone on Lu Yuanbai’s face again, “Is it true that you deliberately violated the law by running a red light?”


Lu Yuanbai was a little embarrassed, “I can’t say this yet.”


When the police comrades came to criticize him before, they had told him not to disclose any information to the media before the police give the final investigation result in this case to guide the trend.


Otherwise, he will be held accountable.


The female reporter had no experience in interviewing either.
In the past, she followed her seniors to take notes.
Squatting for Lu Yuanbai was tiring and no one wanted to do it, so the newspaper sent her as a rookie.


The female reporter was also a little embarrassed, “You can reveal a little bit.”


Lu Yuanbai was wearing a mask, but the pair of peach blossom eyes that leaked out were wrinkled in embarrassment, “The police comrade said that we can’t say it now, if I say it, it will be a liability.
You are the reporter who interviewed me so if you spread it, you will also be held responsible for it.”


The female reporter was a little scared when she heard this, she didn’t realize these things.
She asked nervously: “Really?”


Lu Yuanbai nodded.


But the female reporter was a little unwilling.
She squatted here day and night for more than a week.
Could it be that Lu Yuanbai would just go away like this…?


Lu Yuanbai also saw the dilemma of the female reporter, and then his peach blossom eyes brightened slightly, and his excited mouth raised a little, “During the time of the accident, many people silently supported me.
It’s just that only your interview can help me convey my thoughts.
Can you help me?”


The female reporter heard that and thought, “that’s good, I didn’t expect Lu Yuanbai to say that he didn’t want to be physical, but he was very honest.”


The female reporter hurriedly entered the state, “Is there anything you want to say to those who have been supporting?”



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Lu Yuanbai bowed his head a little embarrassedly, “I want to sing a song for them.”


“What song is it???”


Lu Yuanbai raised his left hand in a shy move on his chest, “My thankful heart.”


It’s an old classic song everyone has heard of and listened to when they were babies.


The female reporter was very cooperative, “Then let’s start now.”


Lu Yuanbai was a little nervous, then raised his hand and took off the mask on his face, his dark raven hair leaking out, showing a fair handsome face.


Lu Yuanbai’s appearance is very good even in the entertainment circle where handsome guys and beauties are all gathered.
Even the national TV station who was an ambassador for smoking cessation at the beginning, his appearance was successful and death camera hard, and he made a lot of out of the circle.


When the female reporter saw it, she couldn’t help but sighed in admiration.


Lu Yuanbai thought it was something on his face, so he clumsily wiped his face with his sleeves.


Then there was some confusion: “Can I trouble you to help me tidy up the collar?”


Lu Yuanbai was still in a plaster cast on his right hand, so he couldn’t tidy it up by himself.


The female reporter listened, “No problem at all.”


In order to make it easier for the other party to organize his clothes, Lu Yuanbai slightly bent his knees and squatted down.


When everything was ready, Lu Yuanbai licked his lips, “I’m ready.”


It looked like a primary school student art show.


Female reporter: “The camera has been recording, you can start at any time.”


“Okay.” Lu Yuanbai’s face was pale pink because of nervousness and shyness, and his left hand grabbed the hem of his clothes nervously, “Thank you for supporting me all this time.
People, I want to sing my thankful heart for you today.”


Serious little bear.jpg


At this time, the female reporter didn’t know the storm that was about to come, and she was ready to listen with a peaceful expression.


At this time, the female reporter didn’t know the storm that was about to come, and she was ready to listen with a peaceful expression.


Immediately, Lu Yuanbai’s thin lips lifted lightly, “Thank you, my heart ↑…”


The tone-deaf singing burst from Lu Yuanbai’s throat.


Almost instantly, the female reporter covered her ears, the camera lens trembled, and even two birds on the tree flew.


Female reporter: “That…”


“Thank you ↙ for having ↙ you ↑…”


Female reporter: “…”


Perfect face, terrible voice.


When Lu Yuanbai opened his mouth, he almost didn’t send the female reporter away.


However, at this time, the young man was very intoxicated by singing himself.


In the middle of the song, the female reporter couldn’t help but interrupt, “Then let’s stop here today.”


Lu Yuanbai was a little embarrassed, “Did I sing a bit ugly?”


The female reporter widened her eyes, could it be that he knew?


Lu Yuanbai scratched his hair shyly, “I was too nervous just now, let’s do it again.”


The female reporter gave a backhand, “No, you sing so well!” With a serious expression, “It’s perfect! Peerless sounds of nature!”


The sound of the sky should be made peerless,


I beg you to shut up!

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