Chapter 13 : Start running 


Duan Yu went to the hospital canteen with a stainless steel rice bucket.
During this time, a lot of people had gathered in the canteen.
Most of them were elderly aunts and uncles, who came to feed their families.


Duan Yu, who was wearing a three-piece suit, was a little out of place.


The assistant also followed, glanced at the crowd, and said, “Mr.
Duan, why don’t I go get some meals.”




Duan Yu walked into the cafeteria with a stainless steel rice bucket without looking at him.


There are two areas in the canteen, one is the self-selection area, which is similar to the buffet, most of which are fruit and pastry desserts, and the other is the main food set area.


However, not long after stepping into the dining hall, Duan Yu stopped.


He hadn’t brought food for anyone before, and he didn’t know what Lu Yuanbai likes, except for the sweet bean buns that the other party said he wanted to eat, he didn’t even know what to bring him back.


“Young man, are you here for dinner too?”


Duan Yu turned his head following the voice, and saw an old man who looked to be in his fifties standing beside him.


In his hand he was carrying the same stainless steel rice bucket like his.


Duan Yu: “Yes.”


The old man asked very familiarly: “Who are you here to feed?”


Duan Yu almost blurted out a pet sentence, and said after a moment of silence: “Legal partner.”


The old man After pondering for a while, he said, “Married?”


Duan Yu: “Yes.”


The old man smiled and said, “I also came to feed my wife.
She suffered a fracture and was hospitalized, so we happened to be together.”


Although Duan Yu was carrying a rice bucket, and standing in the cafeteria, Mr.
Duan, who has been staying at the office for a long time, didn’t know what to get for a meal.


It just so happened that the old man’s wife and Lu Yuanbai were both fractured, so there shouldn’t be too many mistakes in getting food together with the old man.


Duan Yu didn’t hesitate at all, “Okay.”


The old man looked at Duan Yu and said,


“Why is your partner hospitalized?”


Duan Yu: “He was also injured and fractured.”


The old man: “That’s a coincidence, so is my wife.” Then the old man lined up at ox bone soup window and recommended to Duan Yu, “Come here, young man, if you have a injured bone, you have to drink ox bone soup.”


Duan Yu walked over, he followed the old man and ordered almost everything the old man did.


After the main meal was finished, the two walked to the self-service area.


There are many people in the self-service area, and they are all picking food with their food clips.


Duan Yu casually glanced at the food on the table in the self-service area, and found the sweet bean bun that Lu Yuanbai mentioned in a remote place.


There was only one left at this point.


When Duan Yu said he wouldn’t get him the bun, he was only being half truthful.


Duan Yu stretched out his hand to pick it up, but by chance, it collided with another food clip that was stopped halfway.


The old man: “…”


Duan Yu: “…”


The harmonious atmosphere between the two disappeared almost instantly.


The old man laughed and laughed, “Your partner also likes these sweet bean buns?”


Duan Yu smirked, “Yeah, your wife likes it too?”


The two clips stopped in the air, unwilling to pass on the bun to another.


The old man pretended not to notice, “There’s only one left.
Why don’t you take it? These days young people like to eat these sweets.”


As soon as the old man finished speaking, Duan Yu stretched out his food clip.


The next moment, he was blocked again by the old man.


“You…why don’t you be polite to me!”




Duan Yu certainly knows that the old man is polite, but he also knows that if he goes back politely, this sweet bean bun will not enter into someone’s stomach today.


The eyes of the two met, sparking fire one another.


“It’s better for young people to eat less sweets, otherwise they will get diabetes when they get old.”


“It’s just to taste the sweetness.
Eating sweets at an older age is prone to high blood sugar, which is not good for your health.”


“Young man, you shouldn’t speak about such kindness.”




The scene was a stalemate for a while, and at this moment, a young voice came from behind the two of them, “Can you give me the sweet bean bun?”


The two turned around at the same time, only to see a little boy holding a sandwich and looking eagerly at the remaining sweet bean bun.


Duan Yu: “…”


The old man: “…”


Sure enough…


Young people shouldn’t speak about kindness.


In the end, the two had to give the sweet bean bun to the little boy.


In this way, Duan Yu and the old man watched helplessly as the little boy took the meal clip, took the last sweet bean bun, and then walked away happily.


The old man pretended not to care, “Sweet bean buns don’t seem to be delicious.”


Duan Yu pretended to be natural, “It’s just to taste the sweetness.”


The old man: “It can only be eaten as snacks, the most important thing is to eat.”


Duan Yu: “My staple food has higher nutritional value and is good for recovery.”


Grandpa: “My old wife is old, and eating sweet bean buns is prone to high blood sugar.”


Duan Yu: “Young people are better off eating less sweets.
Otherwise it is easy to get sick when you get old.”






The two looked at each other.


This encounter had become more and more tragic!


When the assistant saw this scene in the cafeteria, he was speechless for a while, silently took out his mobile phone, and ordered sweet bean buns on the takeaway.


When Duan Yu returned, Lin Mu had already left, and Lu Yuanbai was like a salted fish, turning his belly over on the hospital bed.


Even when his beautiful wife came back with the meal, it didn’t attract the slightest attention from him.


Duan Yu walked in and glanced at the person, then put the stainless steel rice bucket on the bedside.




Lu Yuanbai was in a negative state, “Wife, I don’t want to eat it.”


Duan Yu: “There are sweet bean buns.”


Lu Yuanbai pouted and sat up, “Let’s eat it then.” His mouth began to stammer, “We shouldn’t waste food.”




Looking at his state, he’s completely different from when he left.


“What did you guys talk about?”


Lu Yuanbai held the sweet bean bun in his hand.
When he mentioned what happened just now, Lu Yuanbai didn’t even feel in the mood to eat.


“Wife, do you know about me running a red light?”




“We talked about this just now, and I’m not in the mood to eat now.” Lu Yuanbai just finished his mouth and turned his head at the sweet bean bun and took a big bite.




Lu Yuanbai chewed the sweet bean bun in his mouth, and suddenly made a clever gesture.


Duan Yu also stopped moving.


Did he eat the sweet bean buns for takeaway?


The next moment, the young man looked at him and said, “Wife…”


Duan Yu: “What’s wrong?”


Lu Yuanbai: “I knew you loved me and brought me sweet bean buns.
You said no, but your body was very honest.”




Then Lu Yuanbai chewed the sweet bean buns, and suddenly asked a question.
, “Wife, will you divorce me?”


Thinking about what he did after waking up, he lost his memory and forgot his wife.
Duan Yu didn’t say he was an outlaw.
He was lazy and disturbed his wife’s work.
Today, he even cheated on him for a piece of crushed ice.



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“I don’t have this plan for the time being.”


Lu Yuanbai was relieved after hearing this, but not completely.


After everyone finished eating, it was getting late, Duan Yu glanced at the time, and then stood up.


“Wife, are you coming back soon?”


Duan Yu looked at Lu Yuanbai’s reluctant gaze, which could be said to be exactly the same as the last time he left.


Such attachment and reluctance gave Duan Yu inexplicable satisfaction, “Um.”


Lu Yuanbai didn’t ask Duan Yu when he would come next time.
He knew that his wife was very busy every day, and then he nagged him like a little old man.
“Then you remember to eat and sleep on time.”


Then there was a shy smile, and he said, “If you miss me, you can call me.”


After Duan Yu left, Lu Yuanbai took out his mobile phone and took out the “long-term meal ticket” profile and changed it to “wife”.


In the next few days, Lu Yuanbai would get out of bed and walk two steps with a cane from time to time, but every time he wanted to go out to bask in the sun, he would be stopped by someone.


Lu Wanfang now has her own business to do, but she also visits her son every two days.
Song Zhao also finds time to come, and occasionally brings Lu Yuanbai two candy bars.


Today, Lu Yuanbai woke up a little late.
When he woke up, it was past ten o’clock.
The sun was rising outside.
The nurse went to report the patient’s recovery every day.


Lu Yuanbai sat up, the head injury was almost healed, the big bow gauze was also removed, and the dark hair was softly attached to his forehead.


Looking at the door, he counted who would come to accompany him today.


Yesterday was his mother, so today should be Song Zhao.


Like an old man, Lu Yuanbai slowly got out of bed and walked two steps with a cane, waiting for Song Zhao to bring him some desserts.


The next moment, there was a knock on the door of the ward.


Lu Yuanbai’s eyes lit up, and he quickly walked to the door of the ward on crutches.
He walked like he was flying, and if he hadn’t used a cane, he would have thought that Lu Yuanbai was pretending.


When did Song Zhao become so shy and knock on the door when he came in?


But when he thought of those little desserts, Lu Yuanbai’s mouth twitched into a smile involuntarily, and he happily opened the door, “Song Zhao, you’re here!”


However, after opening the door, the smile on Lu Yuanbai’s face froze.


He saw a man with a romantic setting standing outside the door, wearing a private clothes of a certain brand, wearing a peaked cap with a low brim, holding a bunch of flowers in his hands.


A pair of fox eyes flashed many different emotions after seeing the young man who opened the door and greeted him with a smile, small and imperceptible.


Lu Yuanbai’s face instantly collapsed,




The next moment, the door to the ward was slammed shut.




Lu Yuanbai’s smile disappeared from his face, and he walked back on crutches.


Shen Ciwen pushed open the door of the ward and walked in, “Brother Yuan, if I come to see you, you will shut me out?”


Lu Yuanbai frowned when he heard his voice, his face was not as stupidly bright as usual. Instead, he looked at the person who walked in with disgust.


Shen Ciwen, the illegitimate son of his scumbag father and his mistress.


The two were about the same age, only two years apart.


Lu Yuanbai even made friends with him for a while when he didn’t know the identity of the other party.


Thinking of this, Lu Yuanbai felt disgusted.
Shen Ciwen had been in the same school with him from elementary school to high school.
He had been friends since junior high school, and it was not until Lu Yuanbai’s birthday in the third year of high school that he knew the identity of the other party.


The other party wrote his life experience on the card, put it in the gift box, and waited for Lu Yuanbai to open the gift with joy.


Lu Yuanbai looked at Shen Ciwen fiercely with a pair of peach blossom eyes, “What are you doing here?”


Shen Ciwen was stunned when he saw the expression on Lu Yuanbai’s face.


Didn’t Lu Yuanbai have amnesia?


Then there was a smile on his face, “Brother Yuan is ill.
I’m your friend so come and have a look.”


Then he reached out his hand to help, and Lu Yuanbai was staggering while walking.


Lu Yuanbai ducked sideways, “Who is your friend?”


Lu Yuanbai’s delicate face was indifferent, looking at Lu Yuanbai who was no different from the past, Shen Ciwen’s face froze with a smile.


He heard people say that Lu Yuanbai came to see people after he lost his memory, but now it seems that Lu Yuanbai has not forgotten him.


Then he asked tentatively, “Brother Yuan still remember me?”


Lu Yuanbai didn’t want to see him, “I still remember that scumbag father and


Shen Ciwen’s fox eyes fell on Lu Yuanbai’s forehead.
At the wound in between, no longer pretending to be pure and kind, he directly asked the question, “Brother Yuan has amnesia?”


Lu Yuanbai raised his head in disdain, “So what!”


Shen Ciwen’s eyes fell on Lu Yuan Bai licked his lips on the white neck that was raised up, and the meaning in his voice was incomprehensible, “Brother Yuan also remembers me after losing his memory?”


Shen Ciwen did come here with a bit of luck.


“Since Brother Yuan has lost his memory and still remembers me, can I feel that Brother Yuan still has feelings for me?”


Lu Yuanbai opened his eyes slightly, for a while he didn’t know how the person in front of him could have such a big face.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to remember you, but only when I was eighteen years old.”


After hearing Lu Yuanbai’s words, Shen Ciwen’s eyes dimmed, “Do you remember things when Brother Yuan was eighteen years old? ”


Lu Yuanbai: “I remember.
You’re disappointed?”


On the eighteenth birthday banquet, the young master happily opened the gifts given to him by his friends, until the gift box that was more carefully packed than anyone else.


That night was the first night when Lu Yuanbai’s world gradually collapsed.
The young master took out the card, and his eyes flashed from bright to scarlet.


Almost instantly, he rushed over and scuffled with Shen Ciwen, but the young master was petite and frail since he was young, so he didn’t have an advantage at all.


Shen Ciwen stepped forward and said, “I don’t think Brother Yuan can remember, so we can still be friends.”


Lu Yuanbai felt disgusted when he heard it, and he didn’t want to talk to him.
He pointed at the door and wrote,


“You go.”


Lu Yuanbai remembered what happened before, and Shen Ciwen felt unhappy, “I just came, Brother Yuan drove me away?”


Lu Yuanbai looked up at him, “Aren’t you going?”


Shen Ciwen held the flower and stood there.
There was no sign of leaving.


Lu Yuanbai: “If you don’t leave, I’ll leave.”




Now that he is injured, he will definitely not be able to fight, but Lu Yuanbai can bend and stretch, and he doesn’t care if he loses face.


It’s almost like walking away.


Shen Ciwen hurriedly stopped Lu Yuanbai who was going out.


“Brother Yuan is not curious why I came to you?”


Lu Yuanbai: “I don’t care why you came to me.”


“…” Shen Ciwen closed the door of the ward, “Brother Yuan caused a big disaster this time, I am kind so I came to help you.”


Lu Yuanbai: “Do you think I will believe your nonsense?”




Seeing that he couldn’t go, Lu Yuanbai turned around and went back to the hospital bed, then lay down like a salted fish.


The young master is a sloppy bastard who is content with the status quo.
Since this annoying spirit can’t be driven away and he won’t let himself go, he can only make himself more comfortable and pretend that Shen Ciwen does not exist.


Shen Ciwen also walked over, the emotions in the eyes of a pair of foxes could not be understood, but they looked at Lu Yuanbai greedily, “I really feel sorry for Brother Yuan.”


Lu Yuanbai turned over as a salted fish and turned his back to Shen Ciwen.




“Brother Yuan knows about his marriage?” Seeing that Lu Yuanbai didn’t answer, Shen Ciwen continued: “Presumably Brother Yuan should know too.”


Then he found a chair and sat down, “Brother Yuan is hospitalized, Duan Yu didn’t say come over to see Brother Yuan, unlike me, who wanted to see Brother Yuan, and was afraid that Brother Yuan would not want to see me when he came.”


“Then are you still coming?”


When Lu Yuanbai heard him mention Duan Yu, he was angry.


His beautiful wife was being told off by him!


“I just like that my wife doesn’t come to see me.”


Shen Ciwen: “Yes, Duan Yu has nothing to fear, and only has work in his heart, unlike me, who knows that brother Yuan has been unable to concentrate on his work after the accident.”


Lu Yuanbai: “…”


This person seems to have that serious illness.


Originally intended to provoke the relationship between the two, but Lu Yuanbai seemed unmoved.


Shen Ciwen looked at Lu Yuanbai and said, “Brother Yuan, my dad and I have been paying attention to your accident this time.
We know that you have had a difficult time during this time.”


Lu Yuanbai: “No, I have a good time, you are not here.
Even better.”


Shen Ciwen: “You don’t have to pretend to be strong.”


Lu Yuanbai: “…”


The old man in the subway looked at his mobile phone.jpg


This person is seriously ill!


Shen Ciwen: “My dad and I have been paying attention to this matter, and we know that Brother Yuan is going through a very difficult time now.


In fact, Dad always has Brother Yuan in his heart.
Dad told me more than once that if Brother Yuan hadn’t insisted on following Auntie Yuan.
Dad will do everything possible to fight for the custody of Brother Yuan.”


Although Lu Yuanbai is not very educated, he also knows that the parents are divorced and the child turns eighteen is not purely competing for custody, and the law will only ask the child.


It depends on his wishes, so he said at the beginning that he hoped to live with his mother, there was no earning at all.


Furthermore, on the day the divorce lawsuit ended, Lu Yuanbai had a fight with the scumbag.


And the other party’s damned hand seemed to believe the story he’s telling.


At this moment, Lu Yuanbai looked at Shen Ciwen as if he were looking at the two fools at the entrance of the village.


“Shen Ciwen.”


Seeing Lu Yuanbai talking to him, Shen Ciwen’s face flashed a faintly happy look, “What’s the matter, Brother Yuan?”


Lu Yuanbai: “If you have nothing to do, go to the village entrance to pick up the dung.”




Shen Ciwen’s face became slightly ugly, and a pair of fox eyes looked at Lu Yuanbai, “Brother Yuan, what I said is true, Dad has always had you in my heart, and I am worried every day about this accident, and I also think about it.


I wanted to come and see you, but I didn’t come because I was afraid that you didn’t want to see him.
If you wanted to go back to Shen’s house, Dad said that you can come back at any time.


“Look at the faces of Duan’s family.”


Since his parents’ marriage broke down, Lu Yuanbai went to the police station with his ID card and household registration book, and changed his mother’s surname to Lu.


Although Lu Yuanbai’s brain is not very smart, he thought about it for a while and said, “I think my wife supports me very well.”


Shen Ciwen: “Don’t you feel aggrieved, Brother Yuan?”


Lu Yuanbai: “I have had a bad stomach since I was a child, so I can only eat soft rice.”


Shen Ciwen: “…”




Shen Ciwen stared at Lu Yuanbai, who was lying on the hospital bed with salted fish paralyzed.
Seeing his attitude of a young master after many years, his emotions were complicated.


Seeing that their efforts were in vain, his expression gradually began to become serious, “Brother Yuan should know how much trouble he has caused this time, and the Duan family has not come forward to suppress Brother Yuan now, which means that the Duan family does not value it now.


Brother Yuan, and even Duan Yu can divorce him at any time and leave the relationship behind.”


“Brother Yuan’s agent should have come to look for Brother Yuan, and Brother Yuan also knows how difficult it is to be an employee in your studio now.”


Lu Yuanbai rarely glanced at him, “What do you want to say?”


Seeing the question, Shen Ciwen continued: “Brother Yuan can go back to the Shen family, as long as you agree with Dad, the Shen family can help Brother Yuan to put this matter down.”


Lu Yuanbai: “When I go back, are you not afraid that I will earn property with you, or that your little third mother will be unhappy?”


At the time, Shen Ciwen and Shen Ciwen’s little third mother almost broke their heads when they entered the Shen family.


Shen Ciwen: “As long as Brother Yuan wants to come back, I can convince my mother.”


After that, he didn’t give Lu Yuanbai a chance to speak, and continued: “I know it’s difficult for Brother Yuan to make a decision now, Brother Yuan can think slowly and always You can contact me.”


He knew the weakness of 18-year-old Lu Yuanbai, “Yuan Ge should not want to be humiliated and abused every day, because many people in Yuan Ge’s studio are not busy day and night, causing chaos.
I have a pot of porridge, and I can’t rest.”


After speaking, he stood up, “I’ll go after I’ve decided on the phone.”


Shen Ciwen glanced at Lu Yuanbai again, then turned around and planned to leave.


The clear voice of the youth came, “Don’t go, okay?”


Shen Ciwen made a move,


Lu Yuanbai figured it out so quickly?


The next moment, he heard Lu Yuanbai say:



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