Chapter 12 : Strawberry Ice-cream


Lu Yuanbai’s already tender red lips looked even brighter because of eating the crushed ice, and his mouth was full of the flavour of peach-flavored ice. 


In the hot summer, Lu Yuanbai cherished the half-eaten Wang Wang Bing Bing in his hand.


He just ate half of it after making sure no one sees it.


It’s like he didn’t eat at all.


While Lu Yuanbai was enjoying himself, the little boy stretched out his hand and gently tugged Lu Yuanbai’s hospital gown.


“Big brother, why does that uncle always look at us? Is it because no one shared the crushed ice with him, so he is envious?”


Lu Yuanbai looked in the direction of the little boy’s finger and saw Duan Yu standing there not far away and happened to meet his eyes.


The smashed ice in his hand suddenly became smelly.


The little boy looked at Duan Yu with pity in his eyes, “That uncle is so pitiful, I didn’t expect that he was so poor that he couldn’t afford to buy crushed ice and no one would share it with him.”


He shook his head as he spoke, what a sad adult.


Meanwhile Duan Yu, who was so poor that he could only afford clothing but couldn’t afford popsicles, was looking at Lu Yuanbai with an elusive expression.


Lu Yuanbai felt a little guilty, so he hurriedly turned his back and lowered his head to quickly eat the remaining sweet crushed ice, then pretended that nothing had happened, and waved in Duan Yu’s direction with a smile.




Immediately, he pushed the wheelchair with his left hand and wanted to go to Duan Yu.


Duan Yu didn’t give him a chance to move, and quickly took a few steps with his long legs to Lu Yuanbai’s side.


Lu Yuanbai graciously handed over the strawberry ice cream he bought for Duan Yu, “My wife, I will give it to you.”


Duan Yu glanced down at the pink and tender ice cream, didn’t pick it up, and then looked at his sharp eyebrows.
Lu Yuanbai asked, “Did you eat ice cream?”


Lu Yuanbai shook his head hurriedly, opened his eyes and said nonsense, “No.”


It would be more like if he wiped his mouth clean.


Duan Yu raised his eyebrows, “No?”


 Lu Yuanbai felt a little guilty, “No….”


As soon as he finished speaking, there was a slight touch on Lu Yuanbai’s cheeks, and Duan Yu reached out and wiped it against Lu Yuanbai’s lips.


“Didn’t you eat?”


It was very comfortable to touch the warm fingertips on the slightly cool lips.


Lu Yuanbai’s cheeks were slowly dyed crimson, and he didn’t know whether he was shy because Duan Yu’s actions were too intimate, or he was embarrassed because his lie was exposed.


Lu Yuanbai shrank his neck both ashamed and embarrassed.


This feels wrong.


How could he lie to his wife for half a stick of crushed ice!


Then he lowered his head and said, “I ate.”


Duan Yu didn’t say anything when he looked at his ashamed appearance.
Instead, he took a tissue bought by his assistant, lifted Lu Yuanbai’s cheeks, and began to wipe his mouth.


The assistant who came with Duan Yu just now stood proudly not far away.


There really is no one more intelligent than him.


The assistant stood with high fighting spirit, and he was going to be the number one dog-legged person by Mr.
Duan’s side!


Duan Yu’s movements were very stiff and unfamiliar.
Lu Yuanbai’s face was originally small as a star and Duan Yu almost blocked most of Lu Yuanbai’s face with one hand.


At this time, the expression on the man’s face was as usual, and there was no emotion in it.
But his deep black eyes were notably softer.


But his eyes didn’t look like he was doting on the young man in front of him, but looked like he was looking at his own pet cat.


Seeing his wife wipe his mouth, Lu Yuanbai felt guilty for a while.


“My wife, I’m sorry.”


Duan Yu stood up straight after wiping his face, “I’m sorry?”


Lu Yuanbai: “I shouldn’t lie to you, I couldn’t help eating half a piece of crushed ice just now.”


The little boy on the side seemed to see his big brother.
Because eating crushed ice was discovered by parents before, he was self-trained to act a little sorry.


The little boy walked up to Duan Yu and said, “Uncle, I invited my brother to eat it just now.
My elder brother said he would not eat it at first, but the crushed ice is so delicious so don’t blame my elder brother.”


Duan Yu didn’t feel surprised about, this turn of events.
Even if Lu Yuanbai lied to him, he didn’t have any emotional ups and downs. 


He was just like a small kitten or puppy wanting pass the time.
He didn’t want to be harsh on what the other party does.


But it is better for patients not to eat too much ice.


Duan Yu: “There is no next time.”


Lu Yuanbai nodded hurriedly.


After saying goodbye to the little boy, Duan Yu pushed Lu Yuanbai around again before returning to the ward.


As soon as he entered the door of the ward, he saw the manager, Lin Mu, waiting anxiously in the ward.
The whole person was much thinner than a few days ago.


Seeing that Lu Yuanbai was back, a pair of eyes were rare.


“Brother Yuan.”


Lu Yuanbai remembered him and greeted people with a smile, “You’re here.”


Just after the two finished greeting, a nurse stood at the door and knocked, “Mr.


Lu Yuan Bai turned his head, “What’s wrong?” 


The nurse looked at Lu Yuanbai’s delicate and beautiful face who was in a good mood.


Unfortunately she said, ” Mr.
Lu, the food truck is broken today.”


Lu Yuanbai:! ! !


 “Then there is no food to eat today?” 


The nurse shook her head, “No, but it’s just that the family members have to be troubled to bring a lunch box or something that can hold food.”


Lu Yuanbai glanced at Duan Yu who was by his side.


Lu Yuanbai: “Are there a lot of people now?”


Nurse: “There shouldn’t be a lot right now.”


Lu Yuanbai’s eyes lit up, he hurriedly turned his wheelchair to the table beside the bed, and then took out his stainless steel rice bucket.


“My wife will go as the family member.”


Then Lu Yuanbai glanced at the nurse quietly, and then grabbed Duan Yu’s sleeve.


Duan Yu looked down at him, “What’s the matter?”


Lu Yuanbai was sitting in a wheelchair and raised his head, “Wife, can you bend down?” 


Duan Yu didn’t know what he was going to do, but in the end he bent forward in front of Lu Yuanbai’s body.
Lowering his waist, “What’s the matter?”


Lu Yuanbai stretched out his hand and pulled Duan Yu Junyi’s face towards him, then turned his head and said in Duan Yu’s ear, “Wife, I want to eat sweet bean buns from the hospital cafeteria.
Can you help me get two of them?”


Usually only one meal is delivered, saying that now he is recovering, and it is better to eat less desserts like sweet bean buns.


The young man spoke so softly that only two people could hear him.


The other party’s breath spread on the ear, slightly itchy.


Duan Yu didn’t expect that Lu Yuanbai would wrap his neck around him and whisper to him.


The intimate posture is very natural, as if the two have done it many times.


Duan Yu looked at him sideways, and his thin lips parted lightly, “Didn’t you just eat sweet Wang Wang bing bing today?”


Lu Yuanbai murmured instantly, “Then…then help me get one sweet bean bun.”


Duan Yu looked at this moment.
The young man’s pitiful appearance quickly filled his heart, “Don’t you think it shouldn’t be eaten today?” 


The man looked at him with silent judgement although he didn’t really mind if he wanted to eat.
He just wanted to see how the other party answered.


Lu Yuanbai was stunned when he heard Duan Yu’s words.
There was hesitation on his face, thinking that he ate ice today and lied to his wife, so he really shouldn’t eat it.


Although he was regretful in his heart, Lu Yuanbai still said dully: “Then I won’t eat it today…”


Hearing the person’s answer, Duan Yu stood up, and then walked out of the ward with a stainless steel rice bucket in his hand.


Only Lu Yuanbai and agent Lin Mu were left in the ward.


Lin Mu has panda-like dark circles under his eyes, and Lu Yuanbai said with concern, “Have you not rested these days? You don’t seem to be very energetic.”


Lu Mu nodded with embarrassment, not only him, but also The employees of the studio have been working day and night these days.


The incident of Lu Yuanbai illegally running a red light and causing a car accident never went down on the WB (Weibo) hot search. 


Although he didn’t stay at the top all the time, he didn’t break out of the top ten.


Everytime he almost fell out from the top 10 and everyone pushed him back.


What’s more, Lu Yuanbai is currently popular, and many people want to take Lu Yuanbai away from his current position.


Lu Yuanbai also has opponents in the circle, and even one or two can be said to be unrelenting.
The current trend on the Internet has begun to unanimously suppress Lu Yuanbai, and now many of the originally negotiated jobs and endorsements have been terminated.


Naturally, some people took advantage of this trend of boycotting and suppressing Lu Yuanbai, and took advantage of it. 


Many second-tier and third-tier stars have already taken over the endorsements and jobs that Lu Yuanbai has lost now.



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Whoever makes money is happy, and they are not afraid of offending Lu Yuanbai.
After all, Lu Yuanbai is now riddled with scandals, and no one wants to make a mess and bring disaster to themselves.


But what’s even more horrifying is that the people who Lu Yuanbai helped to promote the drama and helped in the industry before, turned their faces and didn’t try to repay him but, instead they stepped on Lu Yuanbai.


Those people are apathic, and sometimes they ride over Lu Yuanbai’s popularity on WB intentionally or unintentionally, and don’t care that he’s being ridiculed.


But now that Lu Yuanbai’s fame has made a fool of itself, it’s too ugly to step back.


Now Lu Yuanbai has been brought down by many opponents on the hot search, with many rumors and scandals, their studio public relations are not able to do public relations.


For a time everyone was exhausted.


Lu Yuanbai saw that Lin Mu was a lot more haggard than before, “Sit down first, I see that you are not looking very well, is there something wrong?”


Lin Mu stared at Lu Yuanbai with red bloodshot eyes, thinking about it. 


He wanted to tell him about all the things on the Internet, but he couldn’t say anything when he opened his mouth.


If you think about it, he will not be like this.
Lu Yuanbai’s calm and powerful aura is the central axis of their studio, and he is a very reliable boss.


But now the boss is different, he has lost his memory, and now his mental age is only eighteen.


Lin Mu was embarrassed, and in the end he didn’t tell Lu Yuan anything about the Internet.     


Instead, he started asking about Lu Yuanbai’s injury, and then said, “Brother Yuan, can you recall the day you had the car accident?”


This matter is now overwhelming the studio, and Lin Mu stared at Lu Yuanbai.


Lu Yuanbai looked at him apologetically, “I’m sorry, I don’t remember.”


“You can’t remember it at all?” Lin Mu’s forehead sweated a little, “Did you really intentionally run a red light that day?”


As long as Lu Yuanbai says no, they can contact the police now to send out the public relations documents that Lu Yuanbai is not malicious and an outlaw. 


As long as Lu Yuanbai says a word, the studio doesn’t have to do it as hard as it is now.


Lu Yuanbai doesn’t need to be .


Lu Yuanbai looked at Lin Mu’s tired and anxious expression and wanted to recall it, but no matter what he thought, his mind was blank.


Lin Mu: “Brother Yuan, think about it carefully, whether this happened on purpose or was an accident.”


Lu Yuanbai looked at the anxious Lin Mu in front of him, “I don’t know, I…I can’t remember.”


Immediately, his heart began to panic, “When I woke up, someone said I broke the law, I don’t know if I did it on purpose, I…”


Lu Yuanbai was timid, and his hands were shaking for a while, “The police came to me that day and said I broke the law, illegally running a red light, causing a car accident, and the victim.”


Lu Yuan clung tightly to the hospital gown on his body, “I was very scared at the time, I don’t remember those memories, I don’t know what I did that day, and I don’t know how the car accident happened, I…I “…”


“I was only eighteen before I woke up, I shouldn’t be here… I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have broken the law, I can’t remember if I did it on purpose.”     


Lu Yuanbai’s eyes were full of fear and anxiety.
He intentionally avoided this matter. 


He didn’t know what Lu Yuanbai was like at twenty-five, but now he is still the timid Lu Yuanbai, and he can’t go anywhere when he encounters difficulties.     


Lin Mu held Lu Yuanbai’s slightly trembling shoulders, “Brother Yuan, I don’t mean to blame you.”     


Then he sighed, “If you can’t remember, you don’t need to, it doesn’t matter.”     


Lu Yuanbai was silent for a while.
Dao: “Is the person injured in the car accident okay now?”     


Lin Mu: “The driver of the van is out of danger now, but he has not woken up because of his serious injuries.”


The law is the final.
They couldn’t refute the overwhelming abuse on the Internet.     


He and the people in the studio all know that Lu Yuanbai is a calm and collected person, and he never does anything radical, but when it comes to legal matters, no one can say anything. 


It is a inevitable fact that Lu Yuanbai ran across the red light and caused a car accident.
Nor can they violate morality and make up false excuses.     


A short surveillance video of the road accident in Huaicheng street had been spread on the Internet, and was also deleted.     


Public opinion on the Internet began to launch another round of attacks on Lu Yuanbai.     


If you have no law, you can do whatever you want if you have money.
Now the monitoring of the car accident has been deleted, but it is not because of the guilty conscience after deliberately breaking the law and hurting others.


It was because they really didn’t delete this video.     


Lu Yuanbai’s studio has not responded to this incident, as it is wrong to say anything but that we will wait for the results of the police investigation.


Lin Mu wanted to go to the police station to see the monitoring of the entire road section of the car accident.
But because he was not the party concerned or the legal counsel, he had no right to check it.


After the accident, the van driver’s medical expenses were also paid by Lu Yuanbai’s studio.


They did what they could.


They have no excuses so they accept all accusations.


Some people gloat about misfortune, how high Lu Yuanbai was praised in this circle before, and how badly he falls now.


Before Lu Yuanbai acted as a teacher in a movie of the Republic of China, with his superb acting skills and his cool and elegant temperament. 


He became popular on the Internet overnight, causing a lot of people to be jealous.


Wherever you go, there are people who flatter you.


But now, Lu Yuanbai is being shouted at and beaten on the internet like a rat crossing the street.


Although it is clear that the law and the police have not convicted Lu Yuanbai, the internet and public opinion have already turned Lu Yuanbai into a sinner.

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