Chapter 10: Strong hands


Lu Yuanbai held the spoon in his left hand, paused for a moment, and looked at Song Zhao in disbelief with his peach blossom eyes.

Bear is shocked.jpg


The scratch on Lu Yuanbai’s cheek has healed, and no trace can be seen.
Due to his work, Lu Yuanbai pays great attention to the maintenance of his skin.
During this time, the skin is white and red, and the tender red lips are tight.
He seemed to be very distressed.


Looking at Lu Yuanbai’s silly appearance at this time, Song Zhao couldn’t help but laugh.


Only then did Lu Yuanbai realize that the dog was playing tricks on him.


Lu Yuanbai’s cheeks flushed with anger, “You’re going too far!”


The young master has had no temper since he was a child, and even if he is angry, it will not make people feel afraid.
Song Zhao laughed until his stomach hurt.


“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.
Eat well.”


Lu Yuanbai gave him a dissatisfied look, then lowered his head and muttered, “You can’t make fun of my wife in the future.”


Song Zhao looked at him with a smile, “Don’t you have amnesia, and logically speaking, you have only met Duan Yu, yet you can’t even let me talk bad about him?”


Song Zhao came from a good family, and no one dared to control him since he was a child, and he spoke a little out of the way.


But he didn’t have any bad intentions, just looking at Lu Yuanbai’s appearance at this time, he felt a little nostalgic.
So he couldn’t help teasing him like when they were young.


Lu Yuanbai looked up at him with a serious look, “I like my wife at first glance, I think my wife is good in everything, and I must have liked him at first sight when I met him before.
If I don’t love my wife, I won’t marry my wife, of course.
My wife will love me very much if she wants to marry me.”


Flo: Wife Slave ㅋㅋㅋ


The young master said plausibly, “You can’t make fun of my wife in the future, you are my best friend, I will tolerate this time, if it’s anyone else, I’ll break the friendship with them.”


Song Zhao helped Lu Yuanbai put down the bucket, and looked at his expression which looked just like when he was young when he talked to him seriously, and said, “Okay, this time I made a mistake.
I won’t talk about your wife anymore.”


Lu Yuanbai was satisfied after hearing this.


Duan Yu stood outside the door and did not go in for a long time.


The nurse who was pushing a medicine cart to change Lu Yuanbai’s medicine met him, and said, “Mr.
Duan is here to see Mr.


Duan Yu returned to his senses and glanced at the nurse, then opened the door of the ward and turned to the side.
He let the nurse pushing the medicine cart go in first.


Lu Yuanbai had just finished eating, and the nurse smiled and said, “Mr.
Lu, your husband has come to see you.”


Lu Yuanbai saw the nurse who came to change the wound dressing, and his calf trembled, not because of the nurse’s but because of the pain he gets every time they change the dressing.


It has only been a few days since the car accident.
Although the wound is better, sometimes it hurts and he breaks into a cold sweat, especially when changing the wound dressing.


The wound will inevitably be covered with medical gauze as it heals, not to mention the feeling that the gauze sticks to the wound every time they change gets so irritating.


Lu Yuanbai almost cried during the first time.


The medicine has the effect of healing the wound and preventing infection, but it also stimulates the pain perception of the wound.


The past few days, Lu Yuanbai had a learning experience.
When it was time to change the dressing, he began to pretend to be asleep when he heard footsteps outside the door, but Miss Nurse had already seen through his tricks.


However, Lu Yuanbai didn’t show a dodging look on his face this time, and when he heard Duan Yu coming, his face was full of surprises and happiness.


A pair of peach blossom eyes seemed to have twinkling stars, looking towards the door of the ward.


Sure enough, a handsome man walked in.


When Lu Yuanbai called him just now, he knew that Duan Yu was busy and thought that the other party would not come.


Not long after that, he suddenly appeared.


Sure enough, his wife cares about him, but he was too busy with work the other day!


“Wife, you’re here!”


The young master looked at the man excitedly, his eyes seemed to resemble the crescent moon at night, and the white and tender cheeks were a touch of pink with joy, very pleasantly surprised.


Song Zhao was also a little surprised when he saw him.


When Duan Yu didn’t come to see Lu Yuanbai for a few days before, he did feel dissatisfied in his heart.


But he also knew that a big boss like Duan Yu was definitely very busy.
Today, because of Lu Yuanbai’s phone call, he pushed away work, which was very surprising.


Lu Yuanbai looked at Duan Yu with glowing eyes, “Wife, are you done with your work?”


Duan Yu walked to the side of the hospital bed and looked down at him, “It’s done.”


Lu Yuanbai wanted to reach out and pull Duan Yu to sit down, but as soon as he raised his hand, he heard the nurse who had already taken out the medicine say, “Mr.
Lu, we should change the wound dressing.”


If it was changed in the past, Lu Yuanbai couldn’t help but tremble, but today he seems like a different person.
He said delicately with a calm face,”Okay, you can change it.”


He agreed very happily.


I am super brave!


written all over his face.


The nurse also kindly didn’t expose it, giving him face, and then began to change Lu Yuanbai’s wound dressing.


Of course it still hurts, but Lu Yuanbai didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of his wife, so he endured it all the time and didn’t speak, for fear that his mouth would tremble when he spoke.


Duan Yu looked at Lu Yuanbai’s slightly wrinkled brows, “Does it hurt?”


Lu Yuanbai immediately raised his chest, “It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a minor injury.”


His power should be left as a mighty image in his wife’s heart.


Then he thought of something, looked at Duan Yu and asked, “Wife, are you tired from visiting me today? You were still working when I called just now.
Did you eat? The hospital canteen’s meals for patients are also good.


As he spoke, he took out a white meal card from under the pillow, which is only issued by hospital staff.
With this card, you don’t have to wait for the meal to be delivered every day.
You can go at any time.


But he can’t stand Lu Yuanbai, who’s good-looking and has a sweet mouth.


The sweet mouth skill was developed by Lu Yuanbai since he was a child to escape spanking.


After the amnesia, this skill was not lost, but it was repeatedly used like a waterloo in front of the nurse.


Duan Yu looked at the card in his hand, and after a moment of silence, he asked, “How many meals do you eat a day?”


Lu Yuanbai’s face flushed after hearing this, and he stammered, “Just… just the normal number of times.”


Duan Yu reached out and put the meal card on the bedside, and said nothing.


The nurse neatly helped Lu Yuanbai change the medicine, and then said, “Mr.
Lu has been recovering well these days.
As long as he doesn’t exercise vigorously, the wound will be fine.”


“Now you can also try walking on the ground.
It should not be too long though.
Lu has a fractured part of his body so basking out in the sun in a wheelchair can supplement calcium, which is good for your health.”


Lu Yuanbai became even more excited, “Really?!”


He was bored facing the same white walls of the ward every day.


The nurse nodded.


After the nurse left, Lu Yuanbai was in a state of excitement, looking at the two people in the ward, “Let’s go out to get some sunshine.”


Lu Yuanbai said what he said, but got no response.


In Area A of the hospital where Lu Yuanbai is located, many reporters and paparazzi are squatting outside waiting for Lu Yuanbai.


Everyone wants to grab the first appearance and news of this popular fried chicken after the car accident.


In their eyes, Lu Yuanbai, who used to be popular in the past, was a cash cow, but now Lu Yuanbai after a car accident is a cornucopia.


The primary concern of the outside world is riddled with scandals, and now there is no more interesting artist than Lu Yuanbai.


If he goes out now, let alone basking in the sun, just one sentence from those reporters can drown Lu Yuanbai to death.


Seeing that neither of them spoke, Lu Yuanbai stretched out his head and looked out the window, the sky was clear and the weather was fine.


Lu Yuanbai wondered, “Aren’t you going?”


Song Zhao was the first to speak, “Why don’t you walk around in the ward today and go out to soak in the sun tomorrow.”


Lu Yuanbai: “But it will be cloudy tomorrow.”


He took out his phone with a broken screen, and showed Song Zhao the weather forecast.




Lu Yuanbai realized that the two didn’t want to take him out.
Lu Yuanbai glanced at the injury on his body, he is not able to use his legs and feet now, it would be very troublesome to take him out.


Then he wilted like a dry flower, lowering his head and gave up the idea of ​​going out in the sun.


When Duan Yu came, Song Zhao couldn’t wait any longer.
He was like a bright light bulb when his husband and wife got along.


Then he found an excuse that he still had work to do, and slipped away with oil on the soles of my feet.


Although not being able to go out made Lu Yuanbai feel a little depressed, he still did not forget to find a topic to chat with Duan Yu to enhance his relationship.


During this period, Duan Yu didn’t answer much, only three or two words that were short and brief.


On the other hand, Lu Yuanbai’s tender red mouth kept babbling.


While speaking, Lu Yuanbai’s eyes also looked out the window from time to time, looking very eager.


Duan Yu looked at him with a pair of dark black eyes, at this time Lu Yuanbai was like a pitiful kitten.


A pair of eyes yearning for freedom.


A deep voice filled the room, “Do you really want to go out?”


Lu Yuanbai nodded his head up and down.


Then he felt a little troublesome when he thought about going out.


For a while, he was entangled in his heart, thinking that his wife was still working today, and said, “Another day.”


Duan Yu didn’t listen to what he said later, got up and walked to the window, and glanced out condescendingly.


Then he said nothing and walked out of the ward.



When he came back, he was carrying a folding wheelchair in his big, well-defined hands.


Lu Yuanbai’s peach blossom eyes widened slightly, “Wife, are you going to take me out?”


Duan Yu stretched out his hand and unfolded the foldable wheelchair, “Yeah.”


He didn’t say much, and then extended his hand to Lu Yuanbai.


Lu Yuanbai stretched out a friendly little hand to hold Duan Yu’s, and then tried to get up.


But after a few days of not moving, Lu Yuanbai’s lower limbs were a little weak, and he was so flustered that he couldn’t get out of bed by himself.


When Duan Yu saw it, he put his hand under Lu Yuanbai’s arm and hugged him.


The action was so sudden that Lu Yuanbai was startled, and his peach blossom eyes widened in surprise.


It’s really…


My wife has really strong hands!


I love it! I love it!


But the medical slippers were placed under the bed, and Lu Yuanbai was barefoot now.


Now that he is in the air, Duan Yu lifted Lu Yuanbai from the hospital bed like a radish.
His feet are in the air, nowhere to land.


“Step on my shoes.”


A voice without any emotion came, and Lu Yuanbai’s white toes gently stepped on the shiny leather shoes that Duan Yu rubbed.


But then he was stunned again.


Lu Yuanbai: ?




Why is he shorter than his wife?

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