Chapter 9: Wife ran away


The young man’s slightly collapsed voice came from the receiver.
Because of the howling and crying just now, Lu Yuanbai spoke with a heavy nasal voice and was very aggrieved.


Duan Yu paused while holding the phone, then glanced at the caller displayed on the phone.


Only then did he remember that Lu Yuanbai had lost his memory.


“I’ll come see you when I’m free.”


Duan Yu looked down at the document, as if the phone call didn’t affect his work at all.


The man’s words were a little perfunctory, as if he was coaxing cats and dogs.


However, Lu Yuanbai, who was in the same mood as riding a roller coaster, couldn’t hear it at all.


“Then when are you free?”


Duan Yu handed the checked document to the secretary beside him, “Let’s talk about it.”


This time the receiver fell silent.


Duan Yu had no expression on his face.
He had no feelings for Lu Yuanbai.
He didn’t tell him the real relationship between the two because the other party was in the recovery period.


Now that the agreement has expired, it is enough to ignore such a big trouble as Lu Yuanbai.
He has no reason to push the work arrangement to meet Lu Yuanbai.


He never does business at a loss.


There was no voice on the other end of the phone for a long time, Duan Yu frowned sharply, and his voice was indifferent, “If there is nothing else, hang up.”


The next moment, the young man said in a heavy nasal voice: “Yes, yes.”


Duan Yu rubbed his eyebrows, “What else?”


“Wife, don’t forget to eat on time when you are busy with work.”


Duan Yu rubbed his hand between his eyebrows for a while, and the voice on the other end of the phone continued.


“Sleep on time, eat more and sleep more, don’t be too tired.”


He said with some self-blame, “I’m in the hospital right now, so I can’t go out to work, but don’t worry, I’ll get better when I’m sick.
I’ll make money to support you.”


And…” Lu Yuanbai’s voice was slightly hesitant.


Duan Yu asked back, “What else?” 


The next moment, the young man’s smirk came from the receiver, “And I miss you.”


After Lu Yuanbai finished speaking, his cheeks flushed slightly, “If you are free, remember to come and visit me.”


After that, for fear of disturbing Duan Yu’s work, he hung up the phone first.


Song Zhao looked at Lu Yuanbai’s stupid appearance, “What did Duan Yu say?”


Lu Yuanbai lowered his head in disappointment, “My wife said he would come to see me when he is free.”


Song Zhao thought that Lu Yuanbai was because of Duan Yu .
He was disappointed that he couldn’t come, and just wanted to speak with comfort.


He heard Lu Yuan’s white and tender red mouth continue to babble: “Song Zhao, isn’t my wife working very hard? He has no time for several days in a row, I called just now and there was the sound of pages turning.”


Lu Yuanbai felt a little self-blame, in his cognition, he should be the person Duan Yu relies on, but now he is lying on the hospital bed and can’t do anything, nor can he share the burden for Duan Yu.


Not a man at all.


Song Zhao didn’t know how to answer for a while.
He must be busy.
In such a big company, Duan Yu is in power, and there is no time to spare.


But he was afraid to tell the truth as Lu Yuanbai is sad.


After a while of silence, he said, “He’s just busy for a while, and he will have time to rest after a while.”


Lu Yuanbai felt better after hearing this.


Lu Yuanbai hung up suddenly, Duan Yu looked down at the call records on his phone.


Seeing that his boss didn’t move, the secretary stepped forward, “Is something wrong with Mr.Duan?”


Duan Yu put the phone on the desk, “What’s the plan for a while?”


The secretary flipped through the itinerary in his hand.
, “Half an hour later, there is a meeting to be held, and each department will report its performance.”


Duan Yu’s dark black eyes were completely silent, his eyes fell on the mobile phone at the desk, his face was frosty, and it was hard to know what he was thinking.


Then his thin lips slightly opened, and he said to the secretary, “Go and organize the things for the meeting.”


“Yes sir.” The secretary turned around and walked out of the office on high heels, holding the document.


After the secretary walked out, a puzzled look appeared on his face.


He also heard the call, it was Mr.


Everyone knew about the love between the two, but it was unexpected that Mr.
Duan would be so indifferent on the phone call just now.


And Mr.
Lu’s voice was also a little wrong, as if he had a cold and cried.


The secretary was arranging things and making up his mind.


It was then concluded that they had an argument.


It turns out that the love of rich people is not smooth sailing, so the secretary who has been alone for several years become instantly content.


Why go to eat the bitterness of love?


Then the secretary sorted out the information and followed Duan Yu to the conference room.


The company will report the performance of various departments every month.
Duan Yu sits in the first place and watches his subordinates stand by the big screen.


His eyes were cold, and he glanced at the reports handed over by his subordinates from time to time.


But all in his mind, was what Lu Yuan had just said on the phone call.


Remember to eat and rest on time, he never listened to this kind of words, and rarely heard it.


The slender fingers clasped the table one after another.


His eyes wandered, leaving the words in his mind behind.


The employees sitting in the conference room are always paying attention to the face of their boss.


For the fear of a half-point error in the report.


Just after the planning department finished presenting their performance, Duan Yu changed his posture, which startled the employees who came forward to report.


In their eyes, Duan Yu is a real work machine, ruthless to employees and even more ruthless to himself.


But fortunately, the company’s treatment and benefits are very high. 996 is not mandatory. 


Overtime will also be paid extra.
There are also bonuses during Chinese New Year and festivals, so most employees have almost no complaints.


With such a high salary, it is almost impossible to find a second home.


Therefore, the employees work very hard, and there are no accidents and no mistakes.


However, the efficient work efficiency does not affect the fear of Duan Yu in the hearts of employees.


 Duan Yu, a rich family who returned from overseas, was able to sit in such a high position in just a few years.
How ruthless he was, he could see it when he competed with those old shareholders from big companies.


They are all old foxes who are struggling in the business world, but they fell into trouble with Duan Yu.


I am unwilling, but I can only make shares.


The employee swallowed and began the next round of reporting.


Just halfway through, I saw Duan Yu casually raising his hand to interrupt.


The employee’s forehead was almost instantly sweating, and his face was calm, but his heart was beating, “Mr.
Duan, is there any problem with the report?”


 No one could have guessed the next moment, the man said: “This is the end of today’s meeting.


Then he got up from the expensive leather boss chair and walked out of the conference room.


The employee was stunned on the spot.




Is he going to be fired?


Just when the employee was thinking about it, the assistant took another paper report that Duan Yu had just read and handed it back to the other party.


He didn’t say anything, turned around and followed the pace of his boss.


The employee held the report tremblingly, drumming in his heart, as if he was about to jump out of his chest.


Then he raised his hand to open it, and saw the strong font of the dragon flying and phoenix dancing inside, and wrote a paragraph summary, which is the key point that he did not expect in this report.


In the end, my eyes stayed on the last line of words, “I made corrections and revisions.
Overall, it was good.”


The employee was instantly overjoyed and held the report tightly in his hand.


Duan Yu walked to the underground parking lot, and the driver was already waiting beside the car.


Duan Yu raised his legs and got into the car, his voice was indifferent, “Go to the central hospital.” 


On the way, Duan Yu closed his eyes to recover, and halfway through the meeting, the image of Lu Yuanbai saying goodbye to him a few days ago suddenly appeared in his mind.


At that time, the weak young man lying on the hospital bed had already fallen asleep, but he woke up instantly due to a small movement of the nurse.


A pair of peach blossom eyes were half-squinted, staring at him with exhaustion and sleepiness.


Those eyes that seemed to contain spring water, looked at him reluctantly.


Asking him if he is leaving and when to see him next time.


He doesn’t know why he is looking at me like this.
It means nothing if he doesn’t think about it, but as long as he thinks about it, it will linger in his mind for a short time.



Duan Yu clearly knew why he couldn’t forget it.


Because this is the feeling he has never felt, from the expectations of his parents from childhood to the eldest, and the burden of the family, this was an emotion he has neither received nor conscious of.


That’s why he felt it was refreshing for a short while.
It was unforgettable in his mind for a long time.


But that look also gave him a sense of greedy satisfaction in his heart.


An inexplicable, unexplainable emotion.


It’s like a beautiful kitten, slightly arched in the palm of the hand, waiting for you to touch it.


But what Duan Yu could not deny was that Lu Yuanbai at that time filled an empty corner of his heart, which gave him great satisfaction.


 Duan Yu never denied his selfish desires. Know yourself, know your enemy.


As for Lu Yuanbai, if the other party can not make noise or make trouble during the agreement, and does not interfere with his decision, then it is okay to keep it as a kitten or a puppy now, after all, there are some benefits to discuss now.


After Duan Yu arrived at the hospital, he found that there were still many reporters waiting at the entrance of the hospital, but they were not as rampant as last time.


Recalling the tone of Lu Yuanbai’s phone call before, he seemed to be in a low mood and his voice was muffled.


Duan Yu was walking in the hospital corridor, thinking about Lu Yuanbai’s various situations in the ward.


There was no happiness in the imagined scenarios.


However, as soon as he reached the ward, Duan Yu’s footsteps stopped.


In the ward, Lu Yuanbai was holding a stainless steel rice bucket in his hand, happily eating.




Song Zhao handed him a glass of water from time to time.


“Is it delicious?”


Lu Yuanbai nodded, then lowered his head, “I don’t know if the prison meal is delicious.” 


Song Zhao teased him, “If you go in, what will happen to your wife?”


When he came out, Lu Yuanbai was stunned, and then he thought seriously.


“I don’t know, but I will definitely work hard to earn money to support my family after I come out.”


Song Zhao was frightened by Lu Yuanbai’s cry just before, but now his heart is broken, “After you have eaten in prison, it must be difficult to find a job when you come out.
It must be a lot of pressure to support a family.”


Lu Yuanbai nodded, “I can endure hardship.”     


Song Zhao knows how squeamish Lu Yuanbai was at the age of eighteen.  “Will your wife forgive you?”     


Lu Yuanbai said, “Of course he will!”     


Song Zhao smirked and made up a story on the spot, “I had a friend before who also came out of prison, and his girlfriend was very nice too to forgive him.”


Lu Yuanbai swallowed a mouthful of rice and said, “How can she be considerate?”


“After my friend came out of prison, he couldn’t find a job, he was under a lot of pressure, and he didn’t earn much money.
His girlfriend ran away with someone in order to reduce his burdens.”




“It’s rare to see such a good girl now.”



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