Chapter 1: Amnesia

Weibo hot search – HOT!

[Popular Niche idol Lu Yuanbai collided with a van on Huaicheng Street this morning, causing a car accident.
The scene was bloody and messy.
Both parties have been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and reportedly, no one has died.]

As a rising star in the entertainment industry, Lu Yuanbai climbed to the top of the hot search list almost as soon as the news came out.

There are endless pictures of the scene of the car accident from major marketing accounts, and several big Vs even sent out small videos from the perspective of passers-by.

In the video, the sports car driven by Lu Yuanbai rolled over on the side of the road, and the body was greatly twisted and bent due to the violent impact.

Broken car pieces scattered all over the floor.

The summer morning sun will splash the blood on the ground, shining especially dazzling.

There was a lot of noise around the street, and there were a lot of people surrounded by people of all shapes and sizes.

There were many people who took out their mobile phones to take pictures of the tragic scene.

“Someone called the police, did you call 120?”

A loud female voice came out from the crowd, and people remembered that no one had called the police for an ambulance.

The total length of the video is 20 minutes, and the siren and the honking of an ambulance sounded in the video when it was nearly 10 minutes long.

When Lu Yuanbai was rescued, he was already in a coma.
Blood flowed from the wound between his skull and flowed into his neck along the outline of his face, making his delicate and handsome face look very terrifying, and he could no longer see the original appearance.

The white shirt was dyed red, and the ambulance staff took Lu Yuanbai out of the car, and his arms fell to his side in a strangely twisted angle.

With the pace of the medical staff, the arm swayed unconsciously, and the little red book in the pocket of the suit pants also fell out of the pocket with a large movement.

Bright red blood dripped to the ground along the white fingertips, leaving dark red marks on the asphalt road.

After seeing the bloody scene, many people around them felt uncomfortable and turned their heads away.

“Isn’t that person Lu Yuanbai?!”

As Lu Yuanbai was recognized, the video came to an abrupt end.

“My God, it’s really Lu Yuanbai, I hope everything is safe!

“When I went to school in the morning, I walked on this street, I didn’t expect a car accident, I hope everyone is okay.

“There is a car accident during the morning rush hour, and the streets are full of office workers and students, it was terrible, but fortunately no passers-by were injured.

“The girl is willing to be a vegetarian for the rest of her life, for her brother will be safe and sound.”

“Fuck, Lu Yuanbai’s arm is useless.
Why didn’t you give a warning when you uploaded such a bloody video.”

The hot search on WB just came out, and most of the comments below are fans and melon eaters, but naturally there are also some different sounds.

“Am I the only one who thinks Lu Yuanbai deserves it? He should be punished for beating a woman.”

“The boss is poisonous, he said that Lu Yuanbai beat a woman, do you have any evidence?”

“When did Lu Yuanbai beat a woman! If you don’t have proof, it’s just slander! Rumors!

“No, no, it’s not true that there are people who don’t know the road and beat women in vain.
Sure enough, the Internet has got no memory, and the melon at the beginning of the year was forgotten just a few months later.”

“That melon is not a rumor.
Lu Yuanbai has won all the lawsuits.”

“Who knows what crime Lu Yuanbai is suing the other party for, and the right of reputation is not one-by-one.
The statement issued by the studio was full of guilt, saying that he did not do it.
Who do you believe?”

“Hold on, the men who hit women are garbage, and they deserve a car accident!”

“Another marketing account released the road section monitoring, the accident happened when Lu Yuanbai ran a red light, I don’t know why his fans are being pitiful and miserable for him, but not the van driver.”

“That… am I the only one who noticed the marriage certificate that fell out of Lu Yuanbai’s pocket?”

“Fuck, sisters, I also noticed that before, Lu Yuanbai and the boss always showed their affection.
I thought it was a hype, but I didn’t expect to carry the marriage certificate with me.
This is true love.”

Duan saw the news.
This is so distressing.”

“Is this love? The type to get married and bring your marriage certificate with you.”

“It’s terrible, if even my arm is broken, I just want my brother to be safe.”

“Now, the monitoring of the road section is out, and it is Lu Yuanbai’s full responsibility, and the comments are still being guarded.”

“It’s not good to draw conclusions too early, let’s wait for the police to report.”

“The fans upstairs are pretending to be passers-by, and everyone, don’t let your eyes be blinded.
If Lu Yuanbai didn’t run the red light, he wouldn’t have a car accident at all, he deserves it.”

“It’s better to bless the van driver to be safe.”

“What I said for Lu Yuanbai before, I took it back if he really ran the red light first.”

“It’s still miserable for the van driver and the passers-by who watched the bloody scene on the roadside.

While the comments under the web hot search are noisy, the VIP ward of the Central Hospital is extraordinarily quiet.

In the quiet and white ward, the breeze blew through the treetops, moving the white curtains by the window from time to time.

The person lying on the hospital bed

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