A polite and urgent voice could be heard from outside.


In this house, there are only two people who are close to Uncle and are often together.


One of them was Leto, the general manager, and the other was Gerard.


Gerard’s face isn’t scary, but I’m afraid of him because he always carries a knife.


“Come in.
Go to your room.”


Uncle said to me with a furious look.


I was taken aback by the distinctly different voice from before, and I hesitated to ask about the letter.


“Ah, yeah…”


Soon after, Gerard came in.


I decided to do that later and headed for the door, leaving only a greeting saying, “See you later, Uncle.”


“Hello Miss, how are you?”


Gerard stopped and bowed to me on one knee.


He had wavy gray hair, round black eyes, the corners of his lips lifted softly in a smile, and a dot under his eye.


“Gerard, hello!”


“If I had known the Miss was here, I would have brought snacks.”


“Don’t talk nonsense.
Did you find it?”


Speaking sharply, Uncle strode up to me, picked me up, and threw me out.


First one…”


“Send the kid away and tell me.”


As if that wasn’t enough, he even pushed my butt, telling me to go quickly.


I was kicked out at once and came out into the hallway.
I looked up at him with a pout.


“I-I’m going.”


“Stay calm in your room.”


“Uncle, then later, the letter for me…”




The door closed before I could finish talking.




Like a demon.


I stared at the tightly closed door, then turned and headed for my room.


I will get the letter later.




“When is Uncle coming back?”


“He seems to be a little late.
How about eating first? The chef said he prepared a lot of savory milk cream sauce dishes that the Miss likes.”


“It would be nice to eat with Uncle.”


I sat on the bed, rocking my feet back and forth, muttering.


Uncle kicked me out earlier and soon after went out with Gerard.


And until evening, he didn’t come back.


“If you have dinner, won’t he be back soon?”


I thought a little and nodded.


“Then I’ll eat first, and after that I can wait for him.”


“Good idea.
Now, shall we go?”


Zenda leaned over and held out her hand to me.


I took Zenda’s hand and headed to the restaurant.


And at the end of the hallway, I ran into Uncle who was entering with an unusual momentum.


“Oh! Unc…”


He looked just like Uncle, yet strangely, he didn’t seem to be the uncle who used to get annoyed with me.


He was much scarier than that, and it felt like all the good vibes he had before had run away.


In addition, one of Uncle’s hands had turned a dark red damp somehow.


I hate to say it, but I thought I knew why he was nicknamed that way.


I was so scared at the moment that I almost took a step backwards.


Yet my uncle was faster than me.


He disappeared into the hallway on the right, giving off a vicious aura, then Gerard bowed and hurriedly followed him.


“…Come on.


Zenda led the frozen me back.


I stared at the hallway where he disappeared and followed Zenda.


And I couldn’t see him until the next day.




Three days have passed since I was kicked out of Uncle’s office violently


During the three days, Uncle was still angry with me a few more times.


[Go away, please.]


[Aren’t you going?]


[Stop following me, come on!]


He probably gets angry every time he sees my face.


In particular, the day he came back from going out with Gerard, it wasn’t enough that he came back with blood on his hands, and it was so bloody that I almost ran into my room to avoid him without realizing it.


In addition, yesterday, after following me around, Uncle even threatened me, asking me if I was a stalker.


Was it when my uncle went to the bathroom? Anyway!


After almost getting into trouble at the stable, fortunately I haven’t had any other dreams or visions, so I’ve only been hanging around Uncle.


Actually, if I had stuck to him at all, he might have really thrown me away.


“Zenda, thanks!”


Zenda wiped my face, which was wet after I washed it, with a soft towel.


The first day I came here, Zenda was very nice to me, even though Uncle threatened not to be nice to me in my presence.


Even if I was simply thirsty, she never just gave me water.


She always checked to see whether it was cold or hot.


Zenda seemed to be very afraid of Uncle, to the point of worrying that she didn’t have to obey orders.


“You’re welcome.”


That’s why I love Zenda so much.


Her tenderness, her grass-like eyes, and her ripe rice-colored hair braided to one side.


Of course, all the other servants are nice too.


“Can I go to Uncle?”


“Are you going… again?”


Zenda looked at me with an anxious look.


Her face quickly turned pale.


“Yeah, because Uncle hasn’t eaten breakfast.”


Mom said that I should have a good breakfast so I can start the day well and not struggle until evening.


Zenda stopped me several times as usual, yet in the end she took me to Uncle’s room as usual.


“Zenda, thanks!”


“If you’re scared, you have to run out right away.”


“Okay, I get it!”


“If the Master gets angry, be sure to tell him that I’m the one who opened the door without permission, not the Miss.”


“Huh? That’s a lie, though.”


“It’s okay to lie like that.”


Listening to Zenda’s concerns, I crept into Uncle’s room.


Black curtains were drawn on all the windows, that’s why even though the sun had already risen earlier, it was only night here.


Fortunately, it was very spacious and there wasn’t much furniture, so I didn’t have to worry about bumping into anything.


‘It smells good.’


I searched the dimly lit surroundings for something I could step on and climb.


Why is Uncle’s bed so high?


A few times before, I climbed onto the bed with cushions and footrests, and Uncle must have removed them all, so today the floor was clean.


I still can’t give up!


I whimpered and succeeded in climbing onto Uncle’s bed for the first time without any support.


“Uncle, it’s morning.”


Then I sat down next to his uncle and called out to him persistently.




Around the tenth time I called him, suddenly harsh words poured out of Uncle who was sleeping on his stomach, and soon, hideous golden eyes appeared.


I smiled bashfully at Uncle.


“Good morning, Uncle! Did you have a nice dream?”


“…Haven’t you gone yet.”


Looking at me who had woken him up, he asked in a hushed voice.




I asked with my eyes wide open.


“To the old man’s house.”


“I’m not going to Grandpa.
Uncle, let’s go eat.”




Uncle half-raised himself and scratched his head roughly.


Between the blankets, his upper body was exposed as if dozens of rocks and stones were tied together.


“Aren’t you cold, Uncle? Why aren’t you wearing clothes? Then you’ll get a stomach ache.”


“I know, so what.”


“I’m afraid Uncle will catch a cold.”


“I’m not cold because of you.
Aren’t you going down?”


“…I’m going down.”


Uncle gets angry whenever he sees me.


I didn’t even make trouble yesterday or today.


Mom, grandpa, servants, and the people at the stores I went to all liked me.


I thought it would be nice if Uncle would like me soon too.


If I don’t go down, he’s going to get angry again, but if I do, it’s obvious that he’ll sleep again, so I shamelessly roamed around on the bed.


“Why did you come here.”


Uncle asked as he straightened his upper body and picked up a shirt that was loosely scattered on a narrow table.


“To have breakfast together!”


“Eat on your own.”


He got up and gulped down the water without any care.


Then he went to wash up and disappeared somewhere.


I sat on the bed, waiting patiently.


Even though he said so, Uncle came back, changed his clothes, got ready, and went to the dining room with me by his side.


“Uncle, I can walk too.”


I murmured as I dangled on him.


“I’ll eat quickly to get rid of you.”




I begged, saying that I would stay next to him if he didn’t eat every day, and he clearly remembered that.


But the whole time I was eating in the dining room, Uncle’s perverse gaze didn’t let go of me.


I’m saying that he only drank water.


After breakfast, my stomach was pounding when Uncle suddenly called me.


I ran away with a happy heart, yet somehow the atmosphere became even more heinous.


“Get ready to go out.”




Come down when you’re done.”


“Where are we going? Uncle, where are you going?”

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