to play.
I want to do all three of them…’


“You have to close your eyes.


“Ah, yes!”


How did he know? I also closed my blinking eyes.


How long will it take to beat Uncle? I think at this point, I’ll fall asleep.


Even in the most comfortable position, I felt my body itching.


But for some reason, it seems that the surroundings are becoming more and more quiet…


Squeak, there was the sound of a chair.


Fearing that Uncle would find out, I even held my breath.


And, how long has it been?


Along with a dull sound, Uncle’s footsteps went far away somewhere.






Mom, I must have fallen asleep!


I glanced around and looked at Uncle’s desk.


I was lying on the floor, that’s why I couldn’t see Uncle.


Yet strangely, I felt like I was left alone in the room.


I plucked up a little more courage and moved my head around.




Uncle isn’t here.


He also seemed to have disappeared quite a while ago.


He left me behind! Uncle tricked me!


When I tried to look after him.


“Uncle is really a stupid idiot.”


I hurriedly brushed off my skirt and stood up.


I went to the door and stopped, then I turned around.


“Still, I have to give the drawing to Uncle.”


I came back and collected the papers scattered on the floor, placing them on Uncle’s desk so that they could be seen.


And that too, right in the middle between the cup Uncle drank from and the pile of papers.


“I will really hate you if you throw them away.”


With both hands on my waist, I narrowed my eyes and glared at the documents that were taller than me.


“…Mom, and even Uncle, why do they work so much?”


It would be nice if all of that was gone.


Glancing and fiddling with the papers, I found an envelope next to it that was as full as the papers.


There was a mixture of things that Uncle hadn’t opened yet and things that he had already opened and checked.


Wouldn’t Uncle’s work be a little less if I helped him?


If I read it instead and pass it along, he might like it.


Mom liked it when I was by her side, helping her while she was working.


Hmm, no.
Why don’t we just leave it alone?


I mean, Uncle doesn’t know.


“Then, just clean up the spilled things…”


“Stop moving.”


Uncle appeared as I reached out to clean up a few things that popped out.


I was frozen as ice in the position where he stretched out his hand.


An envelope with Aika written on it caught my eye.


Huh? It’s a letter for me.


After three seconds of silence, I stopped thinking for a moment and turned my head to look at Uncle sullenly.


“Uncle is a liar!”


“You got me.”


He strode over, one hand stuck in his trouser pocket, then he picked me up and threw me away from the desk.


“Ah, wait…!”


Gosh, there was a letter for me, though!


“I was going to let you go because you were my uncle!”


“Then shall we do it again?”


“Ah, no.
But Uncle is really bad.”


I hesitantly took one step closer to the desk again.


“Then you can go back to the old man’s house.
Go say it.
Uncle is so bad that you won’t be able to live with him for the rest of your life.
Hey, what kind of trouble you’re going to come up with again.”


I’m coming up with any.”


Shaking my head, I clung to Uncle.


Fortunately, he heard, swing, again and didn’t move.


“Very much.”


“Uncle, do you have to read all those letters?”


“Yeah, so don’t disturb me.”


“I won’t disturb you.”


He glared at me for a long time with one eyebrow raised, then turned his head away with a sigh.


“Do whatever you want.
Instead, Just know that you will be kicked out the moment you interfere.”


But you know, Uncle.”




“Hng, I only want to read the letter I received…”


“Why would you get a letter.”


“I did! It says Aika over there! It was sent from the Imperial Palace!”


I reached out and picked up the protruding letter.


Uncle’s face became more ferocious.


“How do you know it came from the Imperial Palace?”


“That lion crest! Mom told me.
I know all the other family crests well.”


“You know the crests?”


And the…”


Knock, knock.


“Milord, this is Gerard.”

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