p>It seems that Uncle isn’t allowed to leave the house at all for today.


Otherwise, only Uncle would be in such danger.


At least that’s what I thought.


I left behind Uncle’s threat not to call him more than once a day and not to look for him, and I went straight to look for him.




“Uncle, where are you?”


“Where is Uncle?”


I inquired and asked servants passing by to find out where he was.


They said he was already at the stable.


It was too fast for him to be at the stable already.


What I just saw was a very near future.


Fearing I would be late, I ran like lightning to the stable.


Why is Uncle’s place so wide, I wonder


Grandpa’s house has three large buildings, but everything could be solved just by staying inside the middle mansion.


Even though the structure here wasn’t the same, it was too different.


To get from my room–the guest room, to be exact–to Uncle’s room, I had to cross the middle outer hallway.


“Did you see Uncle?”


I asked everyone I saw.


Uncle’s house was very large, and the small buildings were scattered all over the place like stars, that’s why the distance to the stable was considerable.


I was out of breath, yet I didn’t stop and ran for a while until I reached the stable.


“Uncle… Where are you?”


The stable was very spacious, allowing five horses to rest comfortably.


More than ten pillars the size of a human torso stood to support the roof, and rice straw was piled up to the ceiling inside and outside the stable.


The long stable had the front and rear doors open, thus it didn’t even smell bad.


I was able to find him sooner than I thought.


In the distance, I spotted the stable keeper bringing a horse and putting it in the saddle.


Fortunately, Uncle hadn’t ridden the horse yet.


“Huft, Uncle!”


I barely endured my body staggering from the hasty stop as I called out to him loudly.


Undoubtedly, his face, the moment he found me at the entrance of the stable, was as distorted as before.


“You, I told you not to look for me…”


I ran to him in a hurry and hugged by his long legs.


It was so hot that my forehead was sweating after running hard, but I thought that if I didn’t hold on to Uncle, he would stride out on his long legs again.


“Uncle, you promised not to go out.


Then he made an absurd face.


“I didn’t go out.
I said I’d ride a horse at house, who lied.”




“What’s the big deal? Won’t you let me go?”




I caught my breath and shook my head while holding Uncle’s leg.


Suddenly, something cried out, neeeiigh!


I turned my head in surprise.


At the end of my gaze, a horse much bigger than Uncle was looking down at me.




Huh, it’s so big.


It was the same as the one I saw in the vision, but it was blacker and grander, perhaps because I saw it too closely.


Still, I took a slight step back behind Uncle without letting go of his legs.


But why did the horse sit down?


Come to think of it, in the fantasy, the horse was in great pain for some reason.


‘Did it get hurt?’


I hugged Uncle’s leg tightly and stared intently, my eyes running backwards from the horse’s tail to its legs and head.


Fortunately, Uncle didn’t pull me apart or throw me.


He seemed ready to ride the horse again, whether I hugged him or not.


It was clear that he didn’t even hear what I was saying.




After looking around for a while, I felt that the horse was a little strange.


“Why, else.”


“Uncle, does a horse always hold one foot up?”


“What a nonsense.”


The right hind leg, which the horse had gently lifted, was trembling.


However, even it almost touched the ground, so if one didn’t look closely, it seemed to be standing tall.


It might have been because of its unshakable body with bumpy muscles.


Was it because it was in pain?


“Horse, is your foot in pain?”


I let go of Uncle’s leg and slipped forward, reaching for the horse’s foot.


However before I could touch it, the horse vigorously cried again and raised its front feet high.


It was so big that it was as if a giant horse statue were falling on me.


It was a flash.


“Miss, be careful!”


At the same time as the stable keeper’s cry, I was seized with tremendous force.

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