thing else and only that part remains in my memory, but that voice is still vivid to this day.


[You must find it and return.]


The necklace Mom cut off and the jewel she urgently fed me.


Those people who were looking for something were obviously dangerous people.


[Aika, don’t let this special power get exposed.
You have to be careful of…]


If I don’t find them and put them in jail, Uncle will be in danger too.


Even if I keep, keep blocking.


[Aika, someday I will show you, your uncle.
He’s not a… mad dog, he’s like a puppy, but you’ll like it when you see him.
Actually, he’s warmer than anyone else.]


Mom always said that.


Saying that she doesn’t see Uncle very often, but he’s her one and only precious little brother.


Even though I don’t know his face, all the toys I used to play with were bought by Uncle.


I can’t stand to watch the death of such an uncle.


‘I’ll protect Uncle, and myself too.’


Because I was Mom’s most precious treasure.


I will surely become a healthy and wonderful adult.


That’s why, even though I couldn’t protect Mom, I decided to protect Uncle.


Because he’s the only one who looks like Mom.


So I came in person with a hard time, yet Uncle stubbornly rejected me and treated me like a peanut.


Tch, he doesn’t even know my feelings.


If Uncle wasn’t Mom’s brother, he wouldn’t even look at me.


I wouldn’t like him if he didn’t look like Mom at all.


Except for his handsome face, his personality is completely eccentric and different from Mom.


“I can’t help it.”


I, a good seven-year-old, will put up with it.


I set the doll down, brushed off my skirt, and stood up.


I didn’t want the dress that the sister maids had nicely put on me in the morning to be ruined.


“Eh, it’s crumpled.”


I straightened out the wrinkled dress as much as I could.


Even if I’m treated like this, I should stop Uncle from going out today, even if I die.


Mom did.


One should never underestimate a little spark.


No matter how small the fire, if left alone, it would grow out of control and become a huge fire that would swallow everyone.


Mom said she could call herself a hero if she saw the embers that would be dangerous and extinguished it.


So I decided to be a little hero.


When I opened the door and went outside, a maid rushed to me.


“Miss, do you need anything?”


It was Zenda, who took care of me from the first day I came here.


She must have been waiting by the door for me to come out.


She said she has been working here for over three years and that what she does best is embroidery and sewing.


As if to prove her skills, Zenda embroidered a sunflower in full bloom on the left sleeve of my dress.


And she knew the character of Uncle very well.


Well, not only Zenda, but almost all of the servants here seem to know Uncle’s bad temper.


“What about Uncle? Where did he go?”


I asked, looking up at Zenda, who was kind, unlike Uncle.


“The Master? He has gone to get ready to go out.
He must have gone to the dressing room.”


“Then I will go to Uncle.”


Then Zenda’s expression changed like a dark cloud.


She looked full of worry.


“Rather than that, it’s snack time, so how about having a snack in your room? I’ll make you a delicious cocoa.
It’s presumptuous, but when the Master is busy, it’s better for you not to be around…”


Perhaps you will hear what I said to my uncle again.


I laughed bashfully and shook my head.


“It’s okay! I have to go quickly before it’s too late.”


“I understand.
I will take you there.”


When I continued to say I’d go to Uncle, Zenda led me to Uncle’s dressing room with her almost-crying expression.


Fearing that Zenda would get scolded, I sent her away and knocked on the tightly closed door.




As expected, there’s no answer.


I know Uncle is here, though?


I put my hands together like a trumpet, brought my mouth to the door, and shouted again.


“Uncle! Uncle! Uncleeee!”


Then there was a rather harsh sound from inside, and the door burst open.


Meanwhile, the shirtless Uncle looked down at me with a terrifying expression.


“I told you not to stand out…”


I passed the grinding sound on my ear and smiled broadly at him.


“Uncle! Let’s play house!”


Uncle, I’m sorry, but you can never go out today.

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