ussphe’s eyes widened.


“A gift… for me?”


“Yep! Aren’t they very pretty?”


The flowers the flower shop sister picked yesterday didn’t wither at all.


Zenda told me that it was because she sprinkled something on it so that it wouldn’t wither, but I heard it once and forgot about it.


While Russphe was entrusting the bouquet to someone else, Uncle handed me the key.


“Stay in Gerard and Zenda’s plain sight.
Not all places in the Palace is safe.”


Uncle turned around.


I tugged at his clothes.


“Uncle, where are you going?”


“I’ll seek my work for a while while I’m here.”


“If Uncle is late, can I go to the Ancient Book room first?”


“Do whatever you please.”


“Okay! You have to let me meet Grandpa, you know?”


“I told you I got it.”


Uncle ordered Gerard something, then he disappeared.


I put the key in the pocket Zenda made for me.


I’ll have to ask Russphe to go to the Ancient Book room with me later.


I was thinking about that, but this time, Russphe received the box from an escort and handed it to me.


“Aika, here.”


Suddenly, his face turned red.


“Are you giving me this? A gift?”


Then he shyly nodded.


I gave out the bouquet as it was, yet what Russphe gave me was a beautifully wrapped gift with a ribbon attached.


A yellow box with a yellow ribbon.
The box size was also large.


I got the whole store as a gift from Uncle today, and I never thought I would receive another gift!


Although that power was expressed at will, it’s safe to say that it was the best day except for that.


“Russphe, can I open this now?”


I snorted and asked.


“Yeah, you can.”


At the same time as Russphe’s answer, I supported the box on my stomach, held it firmly with one hand, and untied the ribbon.


Holding the untied ribbon in my mouth, I carefully opened the box.


At that moment, my mouth fell open and the ribbon fell to the floor.


“Ah, ribbon!”


“I’ll pick it up, Miss.”


“Zenda, thanks! Whoa, it’s a bunny.”


To be precise, they were pink bunny slippers.


It also had round rabbit eyes and soft ears.


I’ve seen a lot of separate stuffed animals, but it’s the first time I’ve seen slippers in the shape of animals.


It would be nice to wear in the cold winter.


No! I felt like I could wear them in my room right now.


“It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this, Russphe! It’s really pretty!”


He looked at me and smiled.


“That’s a relief.
I saw it at the store and you…”




Thanks for the gift too, the flowers.”


Russphe’s cheeks and ears turned red.


Just like a bunny.


“Mm! Now let’s play.”


I securely entrusted the box of slippers to Zenda.


Then, I took Russphe’s hand.


“Let’s play under the tree over there.
The biggest tree!”


Russphe and I sat on a mat Zenda spread under the biggest tree in the Imperial Palace.


And while we were having fun, strangely, the people working at the Imperial Palace brought us an entire table full of sweets.


There were people whom I had seen the last time I met His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.


We played by catching handkerchiefs and drew pictures.


“Russphe, let’s measure our height.”




“Yeah, I have to be tall so Uncle doesn’t call me ‘Peanut’.
Turn around and stand here.”


I stood with my back to the tree with Russphe.


I stretched out my hand and measured the height between Russphe and me.


“Zenda, measure us now!”


“Yes, you two need to stay still.”


“Got it!”


I held my breath and waited for Zenda.


“You may move now.”


At those words, I hurriedly pulled away and turned around.


Zenda was marking the tree with her finger instead of drawing a line.


“Is this my height?”


“Yes, Miss.
This is Sir Russphe’s.”


“We’re almost the same, aren’t we!”


Then Russphe met my eyes and smiled bashfully.


“Aika is a little taller.”


“Ah, that’s right!”


Zenda’s finger on my height was one inch higher.


Huh? So am I not the smallest, right?


But why am I ‘Peanut’?


I had to think for a while.


Come to think of it, Mom was tall.


Uncle was also tall, so I wondered if I was growing up late.


“Then next time Russphe should be taller, right?”


“Mm, that’s right.”


We measured our height and were playing frantically again when someone approached us.


I thought it was Grandpa Turtle I saw at the banquet for a moment, but fortunately it wasn’t.


It was an old man with hair the color of dark green leaves.


His curled mustache stood out.


“To think that a guy who will rise to a big position in the future is playing so comfortably.
I told you never to waste your time.”


“Ah… I apologize.
Because today… it’s my day off.”


Russphe spoke in a hesitant voice.


Why is Russphe apologizing?

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