ask for forgiveness.
That’s why people are afraid of Valliot.”


No, you’re telling me things have gotten this big?


“Because of me…?”


Zenda added to my question.


“No, they’re paying the price they deserve for their wrongdoing, not because of the Miss.
That’s why, please don’t worry.”


“Then what if people all hate and avoid us?”


“There is no need to worry at all, as there’s a line of families who want to fill the new vacant positions and do business together.”


“How does Zenda know so well?”


“I heard it from Gerard yesterday.”




[Learn it right now.
How to dispose of garbage.]


Suddenly, Uncle’s soft words echoed in my ears.


How to dispose of garbage…


I don’t know if everyone understood it correctly, and I think it’s scary, but I decided to keep it as Uncle said.


It could be a way to protect Grandpa and my family.


And also.


And also…


And also!




After breakfast, Zenda took me to the room where all the toys and dolls I had seen at the toy store the previous day had been moved.


“Zenda, look at this!”


“Fufu, do you like it that much?”


“Yes! They’re all new!”


I sat down in the middle and turned my eyes everywhere.


It really was all there.


I took a look at each one of them at the toy store yesterday.






Everything but one.


Except for the doll I picked out.


I searched hard through the pile of toys, yet there was no doll I had chosen.




Why isn’t it here? Everything I saw yesterday is here, though?


I trusted Uncle, though.


As expected, Uncle can’t be trusted.


This can’t be.


It’s time to send a letter to Grandpa asking him to buy the doll.


I stared at Zenda, unable to hide my dejection, with my shoulders drooping.


She burst into laughter.


“Zenda, why…?”


Zenda, is this funny? I’m frustrated, you know!


It’s good, but not enough.


Oddly enough, out of so many toys, I was drawn to it.


It’s neither a puppy nor a polar bear, but a chubby white fur doll with black eyes.


No other decorations, just a metal button dangling as a necklace, below the neck, exactly like my name tag!


On the button was a large claw shaped like a tiger’s claw.


“How about going to the Master?”




“Yes, maybe he knows where the doll is.”




At that, I jumped up and went out to find Uncle.


I actually trusted Uncle.


Originally, the only person I could trust was Uncle.


Hearing that Uncle was on the first floor, I rushed down the stairs.


He was sitting leisurely on the sofa in the hall on the first floor.


Holding the doll I longed for.


Panting, I went to my uncle and stretched out my hand.


“Uncle, give it to me!”


But Uncle raised the hand holding the doll.


Then he grinned obnoxiously.


“Take it.”




You know I can’t take it even if you told me to!


As if climbing a mountain, I stepped on Uncle’s thighs, which were like rocks.


He said, “Ugh.” and made a short, painful noise.


“Hey, is your uncle a street? That you can step on like that?”


At the same time, I caught the doll.


Oh, got it.


Fortunately, it came into my hands in vain enough that I didn’t have to use any force.




“You like it that much?”


“Yep, I like it best in the world.”


After holding the doll in my arms, I felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.


Yeah, this was it!


“Alright, so come down.”




I grabbed hold of Uncle’s clothes as if I was ripping off his clothes to keep my balance so that I could get back down to the floor, but my body staggered for a moment.


“Be careful.”


A firm hand touched my back.


It was then.






Regardless of my will, my eyes became hazy.


Not in front of Uncle!


I thought it was quiet for a few days, but I never got used to this phenomenon no matter how many times I went through it.


Although I’ve been so comfortable for a few days!


Mom said it was our secret, but this was never my will.


What should I do when my eyes change at will?


Mom didn’t tell me this.
No, she couldn’t.


How should I deal with this situation?


I was so scared to have this ability.


Like, what if I can’t escape this illusion?


The only possibility now is to go to the Ancient Book room with the key Mom gave me.


Mom said I could see them.


Maybe it’s just my thoughts.


“Peanuts, hey, Aika…”


Uncle called my name, but his voice became distant.

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