“Let’s not talk.”


Uncle took his eyes off me again and strode to the carriage.


“Mom didn’t hide me… I guess she didn’t go around and brag about me a lot.”


I belatedly complained of resentment.


I thought she was going to spread rumors around the neighborhood that I was her pretty daughter.


Saying “My pretty daughter!!” and kissing me 100 times every morning before going to work.


“Then you should have lashed out at your mom back then.
Telling her to brag.”


“It’s okay, Mom was busy.”


Tsk, Uncle clicked his tongue again.


“Why do you keep saying you’re fine when you’re this small.
You can just do it, can’t you.”


“Mom said she had many things to protect.
That’s why I can’t complain.
Because Mom had a hard time.”


“Then why are you doing this to me?”


“Because I will protect Uncle!”


I pulled away from Uncle, clenched my fists, and pounded my chest.


“…Let’s not talk.”


“I will open the door.”


Gerard hurriedly opened the carriage door and Uncle put me in.


I quietly climbed onto the chair and crawled inside.


Eventually, Uncle got on and the carriage door closed.


“Ah! I left the cake earlier.”


I remembered it only when I looked out the window later.


However, the carriage had already started and I had to lick my lips in regret.


That’s how the first outing to the banquet hall with Uncle came to an end.


The Way We Get To Know Each Other Little By Little


After that happened, the weekend had passed and the next weekend was ahead.


On the night I went to the ballroom, Zenda, who was waiting outside, was surprised to see me.


Zenda told Uncle that it was all her responsibility, yet fortunately, Uncle didn’t believe it.


(zenda is trying to take the blame because aika sneaks out)


Still, after that day, I felt a little closer to Uncle.


Because when I asked Uncle to have breakfast together in the morning, he woke up without any further annoyance.


Of course, I still have to call Uncle over ten times.


I also made an appointment to go to the Imperial Palace.


Even on the weekend! It’s tomorrow.


It’s all thanks to Grandpa’s hard work!


Grandpa is the best!


Grandpa said he would speak directly to His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, so I was counting on that day.


I’ve never seen anything strange.




Give Uncle a bite.”


I opened my mouth wide and tried to put the ice cream into my mouth, but hesitated.


Today was the day I could play next to Uncle after a long time.


I was sitting next to Uncle who was at work, humming a song I read in a book yesterday and eating ice cream that Zenda brought me.


Uncle, who was stretching the documents, spoke to me at once.


…He wants a bite?


“A bite?”


I asked with a suspicious look.


Grandma Sophie baked cone-shaped crispy cones and put the ice cream especially high.


It was the first time I had seen it, but everyone said it was sold like this outside.


The cake I ate at the banquet hall the other day had a strangely fruity taste and was as delicious as the one Grandma Sophie made, so she made it even more delicious.


A bite.”


Is it because of the mood?


Uncle’s eyes seem to have turned into some kind of sly shape.


When I asked him to eat ice cream together earlier, he said he wouldn’t eat it.


“You really have to take a bite.”


“Why would Uncle lie to you?”


I looked at Uncle and the ice cream alternately, thinking about it.


However, since he’s my uncle, I have to give it to him.


Because it was only a bite.


After thinking about it, I handed out ice cream to Uncle.




Yet suddenly, Uncle’s mouth opened like a hippo’s.




Although I called urgently, the ice cream had already gone into Uncle’s mouth.


Like getting sucked into a cave, just hap…


When I saw the ice cream that disappeared in an instant and only snacks remained, I looked at it with devastated eyes.


This reality is unbelievable.


“A-A-A-A bite, a bite… You said a bite.”


It makes no sense.


It wasn’t wrong.


Uncle said and took a bite.


But you didn’t tell me you would eat this much!


“It’s worth eating.”


Uncle, who ate it neatly without getting a single drop of ice cream on his lips, was relaxed.


“How, how can you…”


He was truly a man without blood or tears.


The way he grinned and said it was worth eating was like a devil.


It was really bad.


I twitched my butt and pulled away from Uncle.


Because I have to show that the distance of our hearts has become this far.


Even so, it didn’t have much effect because I was originally far from Uncle’s chair.


And instead of the ice cream that vanished in vain, I used my front teeth to save and eat the crispy corn underneath.


Even  if there was hardly any ice cream inside.


It was empty, like my heart that had just been pierced.


I was sad as I had been careful lately because my front teeth seemed to be weakening.


I had a nightmare because Zenda said my front teeth might fall out soon.


“Are you upset? If it’s not enough, you can have more.”


I glared at such Uncle.


“It tastes different! And I’m not upset.”


“What is different? It’s spreading the same thing.
Ask Sophie one more time.”


“Different! The first one is the best, but Uncle ate it all! Not the second! The vibes don’t match! Uncle knows nothing.”


“You’re upset.
Is it too much of a waste for Uncle to eat?”


“I’m not upset, I’m angry! And Uncle lied.
You should only eat a small bite, not a lot.”


“Ah, yes.
My picky niece.
What, should I spit something back?”


“Don’t wanna.
I don’t eat anything that goes into Uncle’s mouth.
What if I get as nasty as Uncle? And you swallowed it in one gulp.”


“Hey, what’s nasty about me?”


Nasty Uncle.”


I turned my back to the pack and sat down to eat the corn crumbs.


This is delicious too, but it would be even more delicious if I eat it with ice cream.


Uncle tapped me on the back.


I pretended not to know and only ate the corn crumbs.


He pricked me on the back again.


It was itchy, but I purposely shook my body and didn’t look back to show my anger.


“Then what? What should I do?”


What should I do, he said?


To think that Uncle said something like that.


I glanced at the ceiling to see if there was a hole in it, turning my head to look at Uncle.


Before I knew it, his large torso was leaning towards me.


“What are you going to do?”


“Looking at you.”


“…Nasty Uncle.”


“What do you want me to do, though”


At those words, I turned my butt back and headed for Uncle.


“Uncle, then let’s go to the market today.”


At once, he frowned.


“Why would you go to that filthy place? If you have something to buy, order it.”


The flower shop I used to go to with Mom!”


At those words, Uncle erased his expression.


“Flower shop, where?”


“I don’t know which way to go there… But when we go to the market, I’ll know! There’s a place I always stopped by when Mom went to buy flowers.
It’s on the market.
Let’s buy some flowers and bring them to Grandpa tomorrow.”


Uncle looked at me for a long time and then messed with my hair.


“Yeah, let’s go.”




“Have you lived your whole life being deceived?”


Instead of answering, I stared at Uncle and blinked my eyes.


The scammer who deceives me the most in my entire life…


Uncle, with his conscience pricked, told me to eat more ice cream and put his hands in his pockets, leaving the room.


And it wasn’t long before he came back.


His one hand was disrespectfully in the pocket.
His other hand was holding a tray of ice cream.




It was served in a concave bowl rather than a cone.


“Well… A little.”


Though unfortunate, I stuck the cone I was eating into the ice cream and scoop it with a spoon.


Instead of sitting in a chair, Uncle stood and roughly put the papers in one place.


Suddenly, the seal Uncle used to put on documents and letters caught my eye.




I put a spoon in my mouth and took out a piece of paper from the pocket I had attached to the side of my dress.


It was a pouch made by Zenda as she said I had to carry it everyday.


“Uncwew, stamp iwt hewe twoo.”


“Aren’t you taking out the spoon?”




I put down the spoon and spoke again.


“Uncle, stamp it here too.”


I unfolded the paper again, putting it on Uncle’s desk and pointed.



[Uncle Kassel never throws Aika out

Aika      Uncle]


“What is that.”


“Uncle can stamp your finger here.”


“What is that.”


Uncle was clearly watching, yet he kept pretending not to know.


I even listened to Uncle and showed it to him.


“It’s an empty spot.”


“You know it can’t be used anywhere?”

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