I lay in bed and wrote down my thoughts on the drawing paper in my head.


A person like the night sky that I dare not reach.


A precious friend of Mom.


The same black hair as mine.


[Don’t get sick, don’t get hurt, and if you have any concerns, you can visit me anytime.


[I hope you always smile like that.
See you next time, Aika.]


…A person who is too good for me.




I rolled over and fell flat.


No way.




“Where did Uncle go?”


I couldn’t contain my curiosity and came out.


Then, I wandered through the hallways, looking for Uncle everywhere.


At the end of the hallway, I saw a familiar brown-haired, green-eyed man.


It was Leto who managed this large mansion on behalf of Uncle.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Leto was the most neat person here.


Even though he’s always busy, his clothes are clean and wrinkle-free every time I see him.




“Miss, what are you doing?”


“Did you see Uncle?”


“He’s in the office now.”


Leto kindly gave me the answer I wanted.


“Then is Uncle working now?”


“Yes, maybe.
Do you have something urgent to do?”


“Hmm, that’s not it.
There is something I want to ask him.”


Leto seemed to think for a moment, then turned to Uncle’s office.


“I can’t do it, but the Miss will be fine.
I will take you there.”


“Ah, isn’t Leto busy?”


“I always have the time to pick the Miss up.”


Leto grinned and held out his white gloved hand.


“I like Leto, Leto is kind, just like Zenda.”


“It’s the first time I’ve heard a compliment about me being kind.”


I held Leto’s hand and headed for Uncle’s office with more confidence.


But the moment Leto knocked on the door, I hid behind him.


“Master, the cute Miss Aika has come to visit.”


“What cute.”


I hid behind Leto and listened to Uncle’s grunts.


But it seems that he’s not in a bad mood, though!


Originally, he would have kicked me out before even entering, saying, “Send her back.”


“You may go in, Miss.”




Leto, who opened the door and even greeted me, told me to have a good time and went back on his way.


I made an imaginary line under the door and jumped in.




Great, no interest so far! No problem!


I mustered up a little more courage and put my hands behind me, moving closer to Uncle.


Then I hung around until Uncle reacted.


“Why again? If you have something to say, do it quickly.”


He flipped through the papers without looking at me.


“Uncle, I have something to ask you.”




“You know.
Is His Imperial Majesty the Emperor married?”


Uncle, who was just signing with a pen, looked up.


His face asked, “I’m busy to death, but are you calling that a question?”


“Why are you curious about whether he’s married or not?”


“I-I might be wondering! Starting today, I decided to become friends with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.”


“Gosh, your reason is also brilliant.”


I didn’t care about Uncle’s face that said I was full of energy, and asked.


“Huh? Tell me, Uncle.
Is he married or not?”


Unknowingly, his eyes returned to the papers.


I guess he thought it was a pointless question.


“He’s not.”


“He’s not? Really?”


I answered, so don’t bother me and leave.”


“Why didn’t he?”


Uncle finally opened his ax eyes.


“Aren’t you going?”


I hurriedly ran and used the door frame as a shield to half-hide myself and held on steadfastly.


“If only Uncle would tell me that!”


“I guess there was no one with whom he did it.”


“Is it because there’s a fateful love? Like in a fairy tale?”


“I don’t know, I guess so.”


“Ah, Uncleeee! Then who is that fateful love? If…”




Why should I even know the Emperor’s love story?”


Uncle growled, his eyebrows twitching and his face boiling with fever.


It seems that the sound just came out of Uncle’s mouth.


While doing so, he smiled and looked like a reaper from hell.


A red warning light came on above his head.


“I-I got it…”


First of all, retreat.


Judging by the look on his face, it seemed that if I did any more, I would be kicked out to the stable, not even the guest room.


I looked at Uncle and stepped back.


In fact, I tried to go in one more time, yet as soon as I put my toe in again as if I was dipping it in water, I heard a “sssssp” sound and failed.


“Tch, Uncle won’t even tell me when you’re friends with His Imperial Majesty.”


I brushed off my dress and came out into the hallway.




Ah, I’m so curious, I can’t do this.


I put my feet on the floor again and quietly took a step back.


However, the moment I grabbed the door frame of the office with my hand, I met Uncle’s big eyes.


I failed miserably again.


Well, it’s okay.
I just have to wait for the next opportunity.


It’s not that I’m not going back because I’m afraid of Uncle, you know?




“What are you preparing, Uncle?”


“I’m not doing anything.”


“You’re wearing pretty clothes now.
Can’t I go too?”


A few days passed after that.


I took a few chances and asked Uncle about the Emperor, but I was being rejected each time.


Just because Uncle didn’t tell me, it wasn’t that there was no way to find out.


Grandpa is there and everything else is, well.


But today, something is a little different!


I thought he’d be home when the sun went down, yet Uncle had changed into pretty clothes, as if he was going out.


Where is he going?


It was clear he wasn’t going to sleep at least.


“Follow me if you know where I’m going.”


“Hmmm, I don’t know! Where Uncle goes.”


I’m harmless! I appealed and laughed, yet Uncle pushed my forehead with his index finger.


You brat try to follow every step.
After dinner, go to sleep.”


“Tell me where you’re going.”


I almost sat down, grabbed the hem of Uncle’s clothes and clung to him tenaciously.


Clinging on him is my specialty, well.


Yesterday, he secretly went somewhere during the day!


I endured it because, fortunately, I didn’t see the scary future where Uncle went wrong, but if it wasn’t for that, it would have been a really big deal.


And how boring it is when Uncle leaves.


“I said you don’t have to know.”


He growled again.


I pursed my lips and let go of my hand.


It sounds like he’s more angry than usual.


Is he forcing himself to go even if he doesn’t want to?


If I said I would follow him any further, I would really get scolded.




“Got it, Uncle! Have a nice trip.”


I jumped up from my seat.




“Zenda says good children go to bed early.
So Uncle, enjoy your trip!”


As I waved my hand, Uncle looked at me suspiciously.


Either I told him that I would follow him or I wanted him to enjoy his trip, he looked at me that way!


“Stay calm at home.”




“Try to make trouble and see.”


“I won’t.
Uncle, did you see me making one?”


Looking up at him with an impudent face, Uncle’s eyebrows wriggled like earthworms.


“Anyway, stay calm.”




Even Uncle too, geez.


I told you I never make trouble.




A gloomy night.


Kassel took a reluctant step and climbed into the carriage.


He leaned back roughly and rubbed his hand between his brows, which were distorted with a mixture of annoyance and fatigue.


“We’re leaving right now, Milord.”


Kassel nodded and Gerard closed the carriage door.


Ah, he should have gone to the room to check her and come back.


At this time, she would be sleeping as if she had passed out anyway, but if he goes and wakes her up, he’ll be the only one in trouble.


Even if there’s anything dangerous in the corners of the house, well, how dangerous is it?


Rather, it was strange for him to be concerned.


Soon the carriage began to move slowly, rolling its wheels.


Kassel closed his eyes, thinking he was going to sleep until he arrived.


Kassel wasn’t a fan of banquets.


It’s because he’s bothered by things that stick to him, and he’s never seen a good one.


Therefore, there are a few cases where Kassel attends banquets.


In case it’s held at the Imperial Palace.


In case he’s called or it’s hosted by an elderly noble.


In case of business expansion or when it’s time to look at the trends of nobles.


Lastly, in case there’s any tough bastard.


Usually, it was filtered for the first, second, and third reasons.


Today is the second reason.


It was the first banquet Valiott held and attended since Seria’s death.




In an instant, Kassel raised his eyes sharply again.


“Come out.”

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