e to go back.”


As soon as the backs of Aika and Marquis Leguier disappeared, Russphe’s attendant, Kamaye, approached just in time.


Maybe Marquis Leguier gave him some candy as a snack?


Russphe nodded at Kamaye’s words, yet he took one step at a time, worried that the candies in his hands might fall.


“I’ll hold it for you.”


Kamaye held out his hands to get the candies.


Russphe shook his head instead of handing out those candies.


“I’ll hold it.”


Not only did he say that, he was also afraid that it would be taken away, so he pushed it closer to his body.


As Kamaye watched Russphe’s unsteady gait, he couldn’t help but question him.


“By the way, where did you get so much candy?”


Russphe doesn’t like sweets very much.


Even when he pushed sweet and colorful candies and chocolates right in front of his nose, he always just stared at those and avoided them.


There were many times when he refused to eat warm cocoa or sweet cakes that those of his age enjoyed eating.


Moreover, he was picky, so most of the time he left snacks that Kamaye had brought.


Occasionally, the only things I put in my mouth were tea that was too light for his age and biscuits that weren’t sweet.


Even more, when he was asked, “Is it delicious?”, he would give it to Kamaye to eat.


Yet he doesn’t even let him touch it? And it’s candies?


That’s why, he’s just curious.


Now, the colorful candies piled up in Russphe’s palm looked foreign to the eyes of Kamaye, who watched him closely.


“Somebody gave me a present… A friend.”


Kamaye’s eyes widened slightly when he realized that the friend was Lady Valiott.


“So these are the candies that Lady Valiott gave you as a gift.”


Ah, Kamaye.
I think I will need a pretty glass bottle when we get home.”


Seeing him walking stealthily, concentrating on whether even one of the candies would fall, Kamaye seemed to know why he needed the glass bottle.


Moreover, to think that the Young Master, who rarely expresses anything, would look like that.


Kamaye recalled the girl he had seen from afar earlier.


Her cheeks were soft and immaculate like peaches, her eyes were big, and her shiny, black hair was tied in two pigtails, making her look like a pretty baby rabbit.


How well her colorful, brightly colored clothes fit her.


She stood out, and his eyes couldn’t help but gaze at her.


Even among His Imperial Majesty the Emperor and Marquis Leguier, who were said to be the best men of the time, Lady Valiott stood out in particular.


‘Young Master Russphe also…’


“As soon as I get back, I’ll get you the prettiest glass bottle.”


Kamaye walked behind Russphe with a happy heart.


“Hm, a ribbon too.
Maybe yellow would be nice.”


Saying that, Russphe’s cheeks turned red again.




As soon as I got home, I was relieved to be out of harm’s way.


I changed my mind and went back to see Grandpa, but I heard that he had already entered a meeting with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor and wouldn’t be able to see me.


So I had no choice but to come home.


But what was that strange feeling?


There was nothing suspicious nearby…


“Ah, I saw a big tower and a willow tree covering it.”


Anyway, it was really weird.


I thought I might be seeing a dangerous scene again, yet the vision didn’t come to me all the way home in the carriage.


So I had no choice but to ask more questions.


“Miss, the bath water is ready.
Shall we go?”


“Ah, yeah!”


I couldn’t get out of the scary thoughts for such a long time, and I was able to get out of it only after Zenda came in.


Then, until evening, while Zenda was busy, I spent time lying in bed.


I put the key to the Imperial Ancient Book room that I received as a gift today.


“Next time I go there, I must stop by the Ancient Book room.”


I wondered if it might be a place Mom often went to.


The flower Russphe gave me was a bit wilted, that’s why Zenda put it in a vase.


She even said that after a few days, she would dry it up nicely and put it in a book.


Then the face of the Emperor came to my mind, followed by his black hair.


“That’s right.
He has the same hair color as mine.”


A little question slowly crept into bloom.

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