ve him just once.
Even adults can make mistakes.


“You have calmed down more than before.
Don’t you feel bitter?”


Zenda removed the cold towel which was used to steam my eyes.


“Yeah, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”






“…I apologize.”


Zenda lowered her head.


She said she knew Uncle was going to send her to Grandpa’s house.


She was sorry that she couldn’t tell me beforehand, that she couldn’t stop him.


“That’s okay.
Because I beat Uncle!”


I smiled with puffy eyes.




Then Zenda looked at me with a stunned look.


“Zenda, but, you know.”


I lowered my eyes slightly and rubbed my stomach gently.


“Yes, Miss.”


Zenda’s face became a little serious.


“I’m hungry.”


I ate a whole snack at Grandpa’s, yet when I got home, I was hungry.


And if I don’t tell Zenda now, I think she’ll continue to feel sad.


Zenda, whose eyes were wide, put down the towel and hurriedly rose from her seat.


“Ah, meal.
Miss, I will prepare it quickly!”




Zenda asked me to wait just a moment, and she hurriedly got up and disappeared.


I waited for her as I thought of the food I wanted to eat the most.






The sound of the door opened turned me around.


However, instead of Zenda, it was Uncle who brought the food.


I didn’t put on a happy face because I was welcoming food, but I was extremely vigilant.


Uncle put down a tray full of delicious food on the table and walked towards me.


I quickly ran away from Uncle to the middle of the bed, yet he dragged me by clothes.


His real power is insanely strong!


“Have you done crying?”



Instead of answering, I pouted and Uncle tapped my forehead with his finger.


“If you’re annoyed, hit me with a punch.”




Even Uncle has to experience this for him to know.


Though he strikes lightly, his strength and weight are considerable! How crude!


Someone who was just like Uncle had to hit him on the forehead, but it’s a pity he couldn’t.


As I rubbed my forehead and inflated my cheeks, Uncle raised his bent body again.


“Eat it.
Don’t nag later just because you’re hungry.”


Then is he going out again, I wonder.


Just as I was about to call Uncle, Zenda came in.


“Miss, wait a minute.
I will prepare it quickly.”


Zenda quickly turned the table into a delicious restaurant with a lightning-like touch.


I waited for a large napkin to be tucked around my neck, then sat down in a chair, and there was an envelope right next to my plate.




“Ah, I think the Master left it.
The Miss’ name is written on it, so would you like to see it after you finish your meal?”


While listening to Zenda, I picked up the envelope and quickly found out the identity of the envelope.


It was a letter that had come to me sticking out among the piles of letters I saw on Uncle’s desk a few days ago.


The seal with the Imperial crest was also intact.


“Can I see this first?”


“Of course.
Shall I open it for you?”


“I want to open it!”


Zenda only helped me with the part of the seal that was difficult for me to break.


Inside came a card much thicker than an envelope.


I read one letter after another, but I couldn’t read it until the end and looked at Zenda with surprised eyes.


“His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.”




“He told me to come to play!”


“Pardon, pardon meee?”




I handed the card to Zenda.


Her eyes, which read the same card as mine, turned into surprised rabbit eyes.


“My goodness.
Really? It was a card to invite the Miss to the Imperial Palace.
I heard that the Master is also a close friend of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor…”


“He’s also friends with Mom.
Ah, but Uncle.”


I stopped talking and frowned.


If I ask Uncle to go with me, he’ll probably ask me not to stick around him again.


Or not to bother him.
I didn’t think he’d give me a ride.






“Is it far from here to the Imperial Palace?”


Zenda braced her chin with her index finger and pondered.


“It will probably take 30 minutes to an hour if you take a carriage.
I’ve never been to the Imperial Palace, but I think that’s what I heard.”




I couldn’t hide my disappointment.


Then I have to get Uncle’s permission, right?

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