While I was heading back to the town, I encountered several small fry wolf-type demonic beasts.
I decided to turn them into miasma, thus the amount of miasma I had increased.

Apparently it didn’t seem to be impossible to control even if the amount of miasma had increased.
Well, because there was a lot more miasma, it became a bit difficult to control all of it, but once I became accustomed to it, I should be able to precisely control an appropriate amount of miasma.

Thus, on the way back home I kept playing with a miasma made basket ball.
Because it had no elasticity, this served as control practice to make it looked as if the ball bounced back at me the moment it hit the ground.

In doing so, I decided to put a rule first, that was I wouldn’t take a single step forward unless I could make it bounce.
At first I pulled it up before even reaching the ground, or it hit the ground to much that it lost its shape… in the end, it was two hours from the beginning of the training that I started walking.

Even after entering the city, I keep practicing bouncing it even while heading to the inn.

Thanks to that, it seems like I’ve gotten a little knack of it.

“But well, I’ve never expected this situation.”

I’m still bouncing the ball, but my feet are stopped on the spot.

That’s because there’s a man standing in front of me.
He’s standing on my way.
Clad in a full-body black outfit, he’s smiling daringly.
He is tall, and he also has a brandished sword in his hand.
Seemingly has killed numerous people with it, he looks already very accustomed to hold that sword.

And above all, the madness of murderer is emerging from his eyes.

“You are — the target I must kill, aren’t you?”

Saying so, he turns toward me.
Those words don’t come from either an adventurer or a knight, but from a murderer that’s standing in front of me.

I activate “eerie constitution” right in front of him.
It is obvious that he isn’t the type that words could reach, and given the fact that there’s no one around even though we’re right in the middle of a town, it’s obvious that this all is instigated by someone.
As far as I can tell, right now someone who would do such a thing is none other than Duke Orba.

This man is very unlikely Duke Orba himself, but without a doubt he is related to that guy.
Moreover, sure is quite a troublesome person he has sent here.

But I’m not particularly flustered or frightened.
For me, there is no human being that can give me fear.

“Because I am also human, after all.”

“Huh? What is this? The air around you changes… interesting, looks like you’re also quite used to death battle, aren’t you?”

When the man starts laughing ‘Kuhaha’, I also put my usual faint smile.
After that I make a jet-black miasma knife and point it to the man.

Now that my muscle strength has gone up, I can use larger weapons, but for someone such as myself, this kind of weapon suits me best.
It’s simple and easy to handle, after all.

“Who are you, and who did send you here? Honestly speaking, as far as I can remember this is our first meeting, though?”

“Oy oy, in this kind of situation you’re quite calm, aren’t you? From the information, I heard that the target is a small fry, but… whatever, I’ll kill everyone so such a thing doesn’t matter, though.”

“Well, it’s because I’ve seen someone more terrifying than you, I guess.
How should I put it, compared to that girl, I think you’re nothing.”

“To be more terrifying than me, quite something isn’t she?! Kuhaha, you… first that terrifying girl and now me, you’re quite loved by freaks, aren’t you?”

Well, both Leila and this guy, they do have some screws loose though.
Not just freak, perhaps you can even call them madman, that word fits the crazy Leila and this guy to a tee.

Also, I really do not want to be liked by them, but that fake-hero-kun and that wicked miko were also crazy in a sense.
It is vexing that I can’t deny his remark about this.

But well, I wonder if he’ll answer my question.

“My client? I can’t tell you his name, but … but my name is — oops, I also can’t tell you that, huh….
It can’t be helped then, it’s a pseudonym but just take it as my name.”


“Let’s just say my name is… Rudy.
I’m here to kill you.”


◇ Status ◇

Name                        : Reis Ness

Gender                     : Male Lv 78

Strength                   : 7820

Stamina                    : 9200

Resistance                : 320: STOP!

Agility                       : 9500

Magical power          : 2100



【Innate Skill】


“I see, nice to meet you, Reis-kun.”

“Don’t just casually saying my real name like that, mind you?”

“It’s written all over your face, though.”

“Looks like you’re somewhat screwed yourself, huh.”

I only peek at his status for a bit, though.
I really don’t want to be lumped together with the likes of them.
I am a decent and proper youth you know? I can even say that with confidence.

“Well if you already know who I am then that’s also fine, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to kill you, after all.”

This man, Reis, says that while scratching his head.
Even while doing such a conversation, from the fact that the point of his sword doesn’t waver even a bit, I can tell that without a doubt he’s skilled.
Looking at the fact that I can’t see his skill on his status, most likely he has some sort of concealment skill.
That Apostle-chan was also like that, after all.

However I also can’t afford to get myself killed just like this.
So, let’s use this chance to test out the new way of fighting I came up on the way back before.

“Well then, I’ve decided to pass through without killing you.”


Reis narrows his eyes doubtfully, speaking of my battle prowess, it’s indeed impossible for me to pass through him… however I have the strongest and the worst weapon that’s also used by an S-ranked monster.

This is a good chance to test this out.

“Well then, let’s do it … … I’ll have myself pass through there then.”

Saying that, I snap my fingers.


◇ ◇ ◇


Reis Ness was an infamous criminal who took pleasure in killing people.
By the way, similarly like adventurers, criminals were also ranked based on their danger.
In his cases, he was one of the most dangerous ones of S ranks.
The reason for that was with the prowess deserving of A rank, he had the tendency to kill people indiscriminately.

He was a heinous murderer whose recorded victims were no less than 1043 people.
His birth and childhood were shrouded in mystery, but even if it was only from the known rumors, he had been killing people since he was about twelve years old.

If you include the victims that weren’t recorded, most likely the number would easily exceed 2,000 people.
He was such a dangerous man who kept killing people indiscriminately everyday.

Normally such a person would be a madman, but unexpectedly he was without a doubt sane.
Despite having killed so many people, he had such strong mind that didn’t break and was still sane.

However, that showed just how dangerous this man was.
Because he could kill people with clear mind.

When he was put on wanted list by the country, while running away, he kept moving from place to place while killing the pursuers who occasionally came after him, and after running away for about 10 years he was captured by an S rank adventurers who took the request from the country.
He who was supposed to be detained until his death, somehow was suddenly released during the fifth years.

The one who ordered his release was Duke Orba.

Currently he was donning a full-body black outfit which hid his neck, however beneath it there was a “Slave choker” which was the proof of a slave.
In contract, should he violate the order, the choker would strangled him to death, however upon his release he was appointed as Duke Orba’s bodyguard.
Unlike ordinary slaves, he wasn’t treated oppressively.

Duke Orba got a powerful bodyguard, Reis could legally kill people.
Since their interests met, Reis was also on good term with Duke Orba.
The “Slave Choker” was used as a chain to rein the atrocious criminal he was.

And since becoming his bodyguard, he had been killing people who were opposing Duke Orba.
There were times when he killed people who were scheming to assassinate Duke Orba first.

“I want you to kill a man who has different eye colors and wears black clothes.”

“Got it.”

Therefore, this time he also readily accepted the order to kill someone.
If he could kill then anyone was fine.

He was the type of person who took pleasure in killing people.
His reason for killing people was solely because it felt pleasant.

“Well, according to the report, his ability isn’t worth mentioning, so it should be an easy job for you.”

“Well, as long as I can kill then anyone is fine.
Can I leave the cleaning up afterward to you as usual?”

“Yeah, I’ll also clear up the surrounding area.”

“Thanks as always.”

He heard that this time the target was an easy one.
However, he thought that that was also fine.
As long as the target was still human being, the body would be filled with red blood, and there’d also warm heartbeat.

He wanted to be soaked in that hot spurt of blood.
He wanted to stop that heartbeat with his own hand.
He wanted to look down on the expression of the person who was slowly approaching death.
Because murder was his hobby, murder was his speciality, murder was his entertainment, murder was his raison d’etre, and murder was he himself.


“…Because I am also human, after all.”

Upon actually facing the target, he felt something he’d never felt before.

The standing still youth in front of his eyes had different eye colors and also wore black clothes.
The target was exactly as what he’d heard in the report.
A mere human that was seemingly he could easily kill if he wanted to, just as usual.

But then, he suddenly thought.

— this guy… is he really human?

In an instant the youth did not look like a human.
The youth looked like something in human form.
The murderer who took pleasure from killing was afraid of a mere youth.
He could feel death from the terrorizing intimidating air emitted by the youth that seemed just like death god.

And then, he didn’t know where it was hidden at, but without he noticed somehow the youth had already had a jet-black knife pointed at him.
That weapon was also very ominous, he could sense absolute danger from its blackness.

However, he still acted as usual, but when he said that he was going to kill the youth, the youth only floated a faint smile, and said…

“Well then, I’ve decided to pass through without killing you.”


The youth said he’d pass through him.
As if proofing those words, he noticed that despite the youth was emitting such fearsome intimidating air, there was no killing intent at all.

That meant the youth said those words seriously.

“Well then, let’s do it … … I’ll have myself pass through there then.”

Something is coming, while raising his caution to the limit, he fixedly pointed both his sword and his eyes toward the youth.

And then the youth slowly raised his hand… and with a snap, he could hear the sound of finger snapping.

At that moment, the youth’s figure disappeared… No, it was his field vision that turned pitch black.

Just like that black knife, jet-black darkness-like color filled his sight.
It seemed as though he was drawn into a world where no light existed at all.

He was surprised, but he immediately calmed himself down and starting looking for the youth’s presence.
And then, he noticed that the youth presence was already behind him.
The youth was slowly walking away in steady pace.

“Exactly… passing through, huh!”

Just as the youth said, literally, passing through.
The youth simply walked and passed through him.

Even when he turned around, his sight was still pitch-black so he couldn’t see the youth’s figure.
Unconsciously, he grinded his teeth.
If he said that he wasn’t confident in his skills, then he’d be lying.
However, he didn’t particularly hold high pride in his ability.

Therefore, he wasn’t particularly angry that the youth passed through him just like that.
He was simply interested.

— I am crazy.
And I’m fully aware of that.

Therefore, he was interested in the youth who could calmly smile faintly even in front of such madness.
He was also interested in the youth who said that he’d pass through him.
And above all, he was interested in the youth who did exactly as he said even against someone as powerful as himself.

“Haha …… Kuhaha … …! Kuhahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!”

He couldn’t contain his laughter.

I want to kill him, I want to fight him to death, what kind of face will he make when I kill him I wonder? Will such person also spurt red blood I wonder? He couldn’t contain his curiosity.

The pitch-black color disappeared and he returned to the townscape.
And within his field of vision that had returned —

Kuhaha … quite a nasty one he was.”

— The youth’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, as if surrounding him from all directions, numerous pitch-black black knives were floating in the air with the tips pointed at him.

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