That night, I slowly open my eyes.
When I see the familiar ceiling, perhaps I’m inside the inn we rented at Grandile Kingdom.

When I turn my neck, I can see Rishe-chan sleeping on the neighboring bed.
Considering the brightness of the fire that illuminates the room, it looks like now isn’t the time where people usually go sleep yet.

I try to straighten up my body, but… I can’t.

I can’t move my body.
There, I gradually recall what happened today, and my half asleep head immediately awaken right away.

“!? Leila-chan…!”

That’s right, there was a girl who called herself as an apostle who was intending to kill Leila-chan.

Did I fall unconscious? Could it be, Leila-chan’s already…!

“Are you calling me? Kitsune-kun.”

“Ha… Leila-chan….”

“Yup, Leila-chan indeed, ufufufu, have you awoken?”

“…haa… thanks god, I thought that perhaps you’ve been killed by her.”

When I call her name, Leila-chan suddenly shows herself up.
Seems like she was inside the room, but since I couldn’t move my body, I couldn’t see that she was there.

And then, perhaps I’m slightly relieved that makes me let out a sigh of relief.
The reason I can’t move my body is perhaps because I excessively moved my body when I fought Stella, which led to not only injured, my body was also overtaxed.

Thinking so, I look at Leila-chan.
Leila-chan inclines her head, however, it’s surely night already but, it’s sure rare for her to not in her horny state.

There, I can ‘see’ Leila-chan extends her hand toward my face.

Actually, currently Leila-chan hasn’t extended her hand just yet.
And yet, I can see the scene where she’ll soon extends her hand toward my face.

And then, that scene finally turns into reality, Leila-chan extends her hand toward me.

What happens? Thinking so, I suddenly notice something.

“…my left eye, it can see?”

My left eye can see.
Even when I close my right eye, my field of vision isn’t turner into black.
Just what is it supposed to mean?

“Umm, after that that white girl went somewhere, but… as an apology, she fixed your left eye.”

“She did? But how?”


When I ask her about the detail regarding the restoation of my left eye, even while showing such a bothered face, Leila-chan still explains what happened back then to me.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Take it as an apology for giving such unnecessary injuries.
May I?”

When Leila nodded to her word, it’d been decided that the apostle, Stella, would help them to restore Kitsune’s left eye.

It appears that Stella couldn’t make something out of nowhere, that was why she needed some materials to make an eyeball for Kitsune.
Nevertheless, not the eye itself, she only needed some informations and some flesh as the base for the soon to be made eye.

And so, she asked Leila who was beside her.

“Is there anyone here who’s around the same age with this boy? Since my or your (demon) eyes are different from human’s, so I can’t collect any informations about human’s eye from either of it.”

Firstly, she sought for some informations regarding human’s eye.
Leila flusteredly pondered about whether was there any such a person or not.
There, the one floated inside her head was unexpectedly Trisha.

“This girl! This girl is about the same age as Kitsune-kun! Perhaps!”

When Leila roughly held and brought Trishe to her, Stella opened Trisha’s left eyelid and stared fixedly at the eyeball, as if understanding the structure and any informations about it.

And then, after several seconds passed, she let out a sigh once and closed Trisha’s eyelid back.
This time she placed her hand atop Kitsune’s hollow left eye and exerted out some light white upon it.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m just disinfecting his wound.
This wound has existed for quite a while, so if I restored his eye as it is, there’s a possibility that some kind of disease might arise from it later.”

“I see….”

At Stella’s flat and plain explanation, Leila didn’t particularly undertand what that meant but she nodded in thought that perhaps that was really the case otherwise.

“Lastly, I need some flesh to make the eye, but….”

“Ah, then just use my flesh… ah… it hurts… here it is….”

When Stella said that she needed some flesh, Leila immediately torn off some flesh from her own abdomen, and presented it to her.
Blood was flowing out from the wound, and Leila pinned down the pain with her hand.

Surely, Leila’s body had been turned into demon’s body by the “Red Night”’s miasma (virus), but it was originally human’s body, so there was no reason for it to be unable to be used as the material.

Stella received the bloody flesh, and immediately said.

“I’m starting— 『Sanctuary』expand.”

When she took a praying-like stance and said so, white light spreaded and wrapped the three of them.
Leila was slightly feeling unwell, but she endured it.

“Applying information, projecting body, checking compability,… bestow sacred healing upon this person.”

Thus, the light turned remarkably brighter, where Stella was reciting some kind of incantation.
Stella moved her hand and placed Leila’s flesh in Kitsune’s left eye.

The flesh was turning white, and the shape was turning globe.
And then, when it’d turned into remarkably eye-like, a part of it turned into a jade green iris, since the base structure information was Trisha’s eye.

The light converged, and the eye, it pulsated as if finally coming to life.
On the opposite side of the iris, optical nerve was growing and enxtending toward the inner part of Kitsune’s eye.
And then, responding to Stella’s light, Kitsune’s left inner eye was wriggling, the torn off optical nerve was remade anew and connected to the extending nerve from the eyeball.


When Stella shortly said so, the just made eyeball finally and pefectly rested still in Kitsune’s left eye.

And then, the muscles to open and close the eyelid had somewhat weakened even since the disappearance of the eyeball, however because of the reappearance of the eyeball, its power was restored by “Near-death experience”.
The fatigue was still there, but the strength had been restored according to Kitsune’s status.

The light disappeared from Stella’s body, and the spreaded light also vanished.

“Restoration, complete… with this I think he should be fine by now.
When this boy awaken later, even if in the end this eye couldn’t see, at least his proportion balance’s become better than when he’s without it, so I think it’s still good for him.”

“Umm… thank you.”

“Well then, I have to chase after the hero, so… please excuse me.”

After finishing the tratment, and Kitsune’s eye had been completely restored, Stella immediately left.
Leila held Kitsune, as well as the lying down Trisha next to them, and returned to the inn.


◇ ◇ ◇


“…I see… that means we somehow survived through it huh.”

Listening to her, I more or less understand that this case ended without me losing anything.
Somehow it was ended up fine, huh.
I’m relieved a bit.

Hmm, wait? My left eye was made using Rishe-chan’s eye as the base, and Leila-chan’s flesh as the material?

…my left eye was made using demon eye (Rishe-chan’s eye) as the base, and S rank demon’s (Leila-chan) flesh as the material?

Doesn’t that sound a bit dangerous? Is my left eye going to be alright? It won’t turn into some kind of dangerous monster, right?

Thinking so, for now let’s check my own status first.




Name                        : Naginata Kitsune

Gender                     : Male Lv.

Strength                   : 40

Stamina                    : 1050

Resistance               : 1420

Agility                       : 1000

Magic Power          : 950


Title                           : 『Other worlder』『One who’s loved by demon』

『Demon eye holder』

Skill                            : 『Pain Nullification Lv.5 (↑ UP 3) 』『Intuition Lv.4 (↑ UP 2) 』『Eerie Constitution』 『Other World Language』 『Status Appraisal』 『Persistence』 『Overpower』 『Other worlder』 『Near-Death Experience』『Demon eye of foresight Lv.6 (NEW!)』『Miasma Reistance Lv.5 (NEW!)』『Miasma Aptitute Lv.6 (NEW!)』『Miasma Manipulation Lv.3 (NEW!)』

Innate skill              : 『Demon eye of foresight』『Miasma Manipulation』『Re: Origin』

PT Member             : Trisha (Human), Leila (Demon)



Yup, it sure is strange.
It’s changed in a lot of ways.

First, the 『One who fascinates demon』title turned into 『One who’s loved by demon』.
The hell is it? Does this title have something to do with Leila-chan? Did her affection points reach a higher level, I wonder?

Next, 『Pain Nullification) 』『Intuition 』 have leveled up.
Just how much experience points I got from fighting the hero and the apostle, I wonder? Even some my stats value have finally reached four digits number.

Then, I obtained 『Demon eye of foresight』! Moreover its level is quite high! Also, perhaps thanks to Leila-chan’s flesh, I even obtained miasma oriented skills along with 『Miasma Manipulation』!

And then, my third innate skill is something that awakened at the previous battle, but… just what is this『Re: Origin』 supposed to mean? I really can’t imagine it at all.
I do feel like I unconsciously got some crazy amount of power when I was fighting with apostle-chan, but exactly because it happened unconsciously so I don’t understand it at all.

But, well, there sure are changes here and there, but since all of it are good for me so it’s fine and all, though.

But, just why the hell my level’s returned to level 1! My statuses increased by my level decreased, just what happened here? Could it be, because I overtaxed my body when I fought the apostle, my level got burnt out? I do feel like at that time I burned up my own life, after all… sounds plausible… but, my status are overall increasd so it’s fine and all, though.

“Looks like I leveled up quite a lot, huh… well, seems like I have treaded on a hell of peculiar route as well, though….”

Leila-chan inclines her head in wonder, so I decide to try and check on 『Miasma Manipulation』 skill.
Extending my hand, I imagine the miasma that’s usually used by Leila-chan.

And then, it’s clearly fewer than Leila-chan’s, but around a baskeball-big miasma appears at my hand.
With that, I try to make a knife, similarly like the one I got from Leila-chan before.

“Oh, it turns into weapon.”

“Hmm? Kitsune-kun, isn’t that ability similar like mine?”

“Ah, umm, thanks to your flesh that was made into my left eye, seems like I also can pretty much manipulate miasma now.”

“Hee… ufufufu… we’re matching… how nice, how delightful, it makes my heart thumps faster….”

Leila-chan’s face blushes.
It doesn’t looks like she’s in heat, and looking at her who is smiling expressing her happiness from the bottom of her heart, she looks somewhat adorable.

With this now I can make my own weapon by transforming the miasma, and there’s no need to worry about it to be broken, and even if it ends up broken, I can just make it again, quite a convenient skill.
Also, to make my left eye, Leila-chan did… ah, that’s right.


“Hmm, what is it?”

“You rendered a part of your body for my sake, didn’t you? Thank you.”

I oviously have to thank her, right? Even if she’s my damn stalker, even she was the very one who took my left eye, she still did render a part of her body for my sake, ater all.

When I bow my head and say so, Leila-chan doesn’t utter a word.
When I curiously raise my head, there….

“Eh… ah… umm… that… that’s not it… there’s no need to….”

I can see Leila-chan’s face flushing red, and she covers her mouth with her hand when saying so.

Perhaps she’s never expected to receive a gratitude from me, or perhaps she simply isn’t used to receive gratitudes, well I don’t which one’s the real case, but nonetheless, seems like she’s embarrassed upon receiving it.
This state of her is kinda fresh and amusing.

“Umm… you are welcome.”

Even while slightly flustered, after calming herself down, Leila-chan says so.
Looking at her to be so meek sure is kinda strange, but different from her horny state, I find it quite charming.

But perhaps it’s exactly because she’s at this state that I can naturally express my gratitude to her.

“Ah, come to think of it, today we haven’t kissed yet, right? As my thanks, we can do it twice if you want to, how’s it?”

“Eh? Really!?”

That’s why I decide to give her a bit token of gratitude.
Well, as far as she’s concerned, perhaps this is the best token possible for her, though.
We’ve kissed many times already, before I was kinda worried that I might be infected by the virus through the kiss, but now since it appears that I’ve obtained some resistance toward the virus, so even if I give this much of reward, it should be okay.

“Then, without further ado, *chu~*”

“‘kay, ‘kay.”

She delightfully protrudes her lips, so I close my eyes and prepare myself.

However, no matter how long I wait, her lips’s never landed on my lips.

Puzzled, I open my eyes.
And then, I can’t see Leila-chan’s presence anywhere, and I can only see the room’s door that’s somehow already opened wide.

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