The Crazy Thought of The Red Eyes

The first day of guarding request.

After we discussed about it, it was decided that I would be transferred to the front side apart from Kitsune-kun and co., I sat on the coachman seat and looking forward.
It was boring since Kitsune-kun wasn’t around.

Next to me was the person; who perhaps was our current client; who was controlling the horses that were pulling the wagon, and on the other side sat a female adventurer.
According to Kitsune-kun, she was woman A.

Coachman seat was close to the luggage room, and we also could use it as a leaning space, if we opened the window who was located there, then these space would be connected.
The window was located behind the client, seems like it was the pulled inside type one.

And currently, the window was opened, and the man; who was inside the luggage room; was popping out his face from it.
Since there was no second space at the coachman seat so it couldn’t be helped to be turned out into like this.

“Say, Leila-san, why are you together with that H rank?”

And, from a moment ago he was always calling out and talked to me.
Like, what was the thing I like, did I ever have a lover; with similar eyes like the men at Grandile kingdom.
That was why I answered with, I love Kitsune-kun, I hadn’t ever dated anyone; it was truly a bother to answer him since I honestly didn’t care about it at all.

And then, he asked that question.
Perhaps it was because I said that I loved Kitsune-kun, but this man was a bit too persistent.
Was it okay to eat him, I wonder… but, if I did that, I was sure it would trouble Kitsune-kun, so I had to bear with it, because I loved Kitsune-kun so much, after all!


“He’s an H rank, nothing but a trifling small fry… so there’s no reason for a C rank like you to be together with him, right?”

“Ahaha, your eyes sure are blind, you’re also included in that trifling small fry, you know?”

“…well, in your eyes that may be the case, but… I honestly can’t see anything amazing from him, though.”

Seems like this person was jealous of my relation with Kitsune-kun.
The target perhaps would be me, right?

When I thought so and looked at him, his meat looked very unappetizing… he was also filled with sweaty smell, completely unappetizing at all.
A type of person you could find anywhere, it was such a shame but he didn’t match my qualification, I wasn’t interested at all.
As I though, Kitsune-kun was the one I loved the most.

“If you don’t understand it then just so be it, as long as I understand Kitsune-kun’s splendor, that’s already good enough.”

“…how enviable.”

Even if I was the only one who understood Kitsune-kun’s splendor, that was good enough.
Because he was none other than mine, after all.
The other should just became my prey, if I ate them all, everyone were all the same, after all.
But perhaps there would be no prey that was more delicious than Kitsune-kun, though.

And then, the man became somewhat pensive and was scrutinizingly staring at me from my rear.
I sure was a cutie, I also thought that my style wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t particularly like to be scruntinizingly stared at.

“Could you please stop staring at me?”

“Ah… sorry.”

When I said so, he furrowed his eyebrows and sullenly drawn her face back from the window.

In doing so, this time, the woman who sat next to the client was glaring at me.
If you looked at me with such eyes, it made me want to eat you, you know? Please stop it, since here I had been enduring myself, after all.

“What is it?”

“Hn, I love Jill way more than you do, so….”

“By Jill, do you mean that man just now? Hee… so you like that man, huh… I sure don’t understand it, that man’s interesting part.”

“Ha, even if you’re a C rank, to don’t understand it, aren’t you just a child who don’t understand anything about loving someone?”

Child, child, huh… I didn’t particularly care about what this woman said about me, but calling me didn’t understand anything about loving someone, that wasn’t the case at all.
Because I love Kitsune-kun so much, after all.
I love love love him very much, after all.

If it was Kitsune-kun’s words, then no matter what kind of abusive words it would be, I would gladly accept it with love.

“Ufufu, ufufufu….”

“Wh, why are you laughing?”

“It’s nothing, ufufufu….”

Somehow I really wanted to meet Kitsune-kun.
To be this happy by just thinking about Kitsune-kun, ufufufu, as I thought, the feeling of loving someone sure was interesting.
My body was trembling in ecstasy, I couldn’t hold it any longer.

After this, let’s go to where Kitsune-kun was.
Kitsune-kun, Kitsune-kun, ufufufu, just remembering his face made the place around below my stomach got itchy… amazing, Kitsune-kun sure was amazing!

“The day would end soon, so let’s start the camping preparation.”

Saying so, the client person stopped the wagon.
If we looked at it, the day was surely about the ended.
I had a good night vision so there would be no problem for me, but, becoming human sure was inconvenient, wasn’t it?

But, remembering that with this I would be able to meet Kitsune-kun, it was a mystery that my mood was sky rocketed.
Ufufu, romance sure was fun.


◇ ◇ ◇


The day ended, and the camping preparation had been done, so I wanted to meet Kitsune-kun as soon as possible.

Seems like woman B was capable of using fire magic, so the bonfire preparation was also quickly done, the meals were the packed preserved food that was mainly good enough to fill our stomach so it didn’t take that much time to be prepared.

When I was going to leave that place, the man grabbed my hand and stopped me.
I didn’t want him to touch me, so I pulled my hand away from him.

“Please wait a bit, Leila-san, I want to talk about our plan tomorrow.”

“Eh~, no way.
I want to go to Kitsune-kun’s place.”

Plan about tomorrow, like I cared about it.
In the end, it would surely be about nothing but trifling and foolish thing, after all, I wouldn’t die even if I didn’t know about it.

Rather than such trivial thing, I wanted to meet Kitsune-kun.

“Please don’t say that, here, drink this.”

The one that man presented at me was, a cup of milk, I think.
It seemed like had been warmed up using the bonfire, but there was a strange smell from that milk.
Perhaps, he had put a kind of drugs there.
It was a very faint smell that perhaps wouldn’t be noticed by human, but perhaps since I was someone who could manipulate disease, I somehow noticed it.

When I looked at that man, I felt a strong intention akin to licking my whole body at that man’s gaze.
But I wasn’t disgusted by it, you know? Because that was the same feeling I had toward Kitsune-kun, after all.

But, sorry, I couldn’t answer your feeling.
Because, I loved Kitsune-kun so much, after all.

“I don’t need it, bye~.”

That was why I said so and left that place.


“Tch… I tell you so, so just come here already!”


Then man grabbed my hand and then pulled me.
It was so sudden; being pulled; my body lost its balance and fallen to the ground.
And then, then man immediately went atop me in a flash.
A similar posture like how I did Kitsune-kun.

“…what do you want?”

“*sigh*, well, whatever.
No matter even if you’re a C rank adventurer, in the end, woman is still a woman… let’s do something fun together.
There is this kind of business, when you’re alive, you’d prefer to do anything as you pleased, right?”

Fun thing? What was he intending to do, I wonder? Was he going to lick and eat me similarly like how I wanted to do Kitsune-kun? Eh~, I really didn’t want that.

“Ooh, it’s bigger that it looks.”

And then, the man said so while seizing my boobs.
Come to think of it, Kitsune-kun also said that he liked boobs, didn’t he? Honestly speaking, it was heavy and nothing but a hindrance, though… why did they like it, I wonder? I really didn’t understand human’s thought.

But, well, it didn’t particularly feel good.
My body was my own, and the only person I’d let to do anything he pleased with it was none other than Kitsune-kun, after all.

“You’re in my way, go away.”

“Making such strong face, you have no experience at this kind of thing, right?”


And then, then man thrust his fingers inside my mouth.
He moved his fingers as if playing with my tongue.
I didn’t know what was so fun about it, but feeling the sensation of his fingers that were touching my tongue, just as I thought, or so I thought.

As I thought, you were,



I bit off the fingers he thrust at me.

Yup, even the blood was disgusting.

And then, the screaming man was rolling and went away from me.
While chewing his index and middle fingers, I sat straight up.
Gulping down the minced fingers, it felt good as usual when it slid pass my throat.

But, not enough.
This wasn’t enough at all.
It had the usual pleasant feeling I felt thus far, but the feeling when I ate Kitsune-kun was way more intense.
Too intense that even made my body couldn’t move, and just a bit more it even almost broke my soul apart.

That was why, you wouldn’t be able to satisfy me.

“Aaaa…!! Wh, what are you doing?!”

“Ufufu, ufufufu… disgusting, very disgusting… it doesn’t appetizing at all… my body already couldn’t be satisfied by other than Kitsune-kun’s….”


“But if I go and meet Kitsune-kun as it is, I may break my promise… that’s why, don’t worry, you sure taste disgusting but I’ll make sure to don’t leave even a shred of you.
You must be happy, right? Because you love me, after all, right? Fine then, let’s do it, many interesting things.”

Saying so, I grabbed the; suffering in agony; man’s arm, and tore it off from its shoulder.
The blood was sprouting out and soaked my body, but I didn’t mind it.
I bit the torn off arm, chewed the meat, crunched the bone, and then gulped it down altogether.
It gave some chills to my body, but not enough, not enough at all….

“Gi..aa, aaaaaa!!”


And then, woman A appeared there.
The one who glared at me before.
The other one was guarding at the flank side so she wasn’t here, and when the woman looked at the bloodstained man, she drawn out her sword and pointed it at me with an angry expression.

Aha, so you also wanted to join us, right? Fine, come on, let’s do something good together.
Let’s do something fun together.
Don’t worry, I was sure you’d also taste disgusting, but I’d properly eat you without leaving anything.

And then, after killing and tearing off the screaming woman and man’s necks, I properly ate them without leaving anything behind.
Fun time sure passed quickly, before I noticed it I’d eaten them all.

It didn’t satisfy me at all.
But, at least my desire had calmed down enough to meet Kitsune-kun.

Ahaha, good for you, the male adventurer, you were any use for your beloved me, you know? You must be happy about it, right? You loved me, after all, right? Good for you, good for you.

“Ufufu, ufufufu… well then, let’s go and meet Kitsune-kun.”

Using my miasma, I cleaned the blood that was sticking at my body, and after I made sure that my body was clean, I went toward the rear side; where Kitsune-kun was; while skipping.


◇ ◇ ◇


After that, I hugged, licked, and kissed Kitsune-kun, but I didn’t do anything further.
I thought that the time I together with Kitsune-kun was a short one.

That was a very surprising act even for me, but since I’d found something interesting that could make me endured myself from meeting Kitsune-kun, so I thought it was a good thing.

The idea type fairy, Finia.

At first I only thought her as nothing but bug that was always flying around Kitsune-kun, but unexpectedly she was quite an interesting person.

Just for being an idea type wouldn’t take my interest.
But Finia was different, she loved Kitsune-kun.
She loved Kitsune-kun equally like how I loved him.
Also, she cherished Kitsune-kun more than I did him.

That was why, not just I was jealous of her, I was also interested in her.
There were many interesting things around Kitsune-kun.
It sure was very fun.

“Ufufu, ufufufu….”

I felt like there would be many more interesting thing happened in the future! As I thought, I loved, really really loved Kitsune-kun… we were going to be always together from now on, after all.

That was why, Kitsune-kun, from now on… let’s do many fun things together.

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