Fairy and Demon.

For temporary, I who perhaps currently have the strongest defensive ability in the world, and Leila-chan who has the strongest infection ability in the world, there’s a spark of a different atmosphere that are clashed between us, one side wants to hold the other, where the other side wants to escape from the other one.

To be honest, right now, it could be said that we have a great affinity, but it also could be said that we have a bad affinity.

That’s because, all of her attacks couldn’t hurt me at all, and all of my attacks couldn’t reach her at all.
Since right now all of our attacks couldn’t be considered as a threat for both of us, this battle reaches a deadlock state where I can’t see where the end point is.

Even so, she wants my every things, and I want to stay away from her.

With such reversed intention, as expected I have to find a compromise for it by all means.
Right now, at a state where we have an equal strength, the only weapon we can use to win is… ‘word’.


“Ufufu, what’s it?”

“Let’s have a chat.”

“Again? Ufufu, but I don’t mind♪.
Since right now my attack couldn’t hurt you, so there’s nothing we can do but it, right? ♡”

At my suggestion, she obediently accepts it.
Seems like different from before, she loves me so much, she still has that lustful expression, but she’s still able to think logically.
She has become a splendidly bothersome person.
Her mental state is gradually growth into one of an S rank, moreover at a rapid pace.
I’m sure that my very existence has become a great influence for her mental growth, right? For me that is a bad influence, though.

Manipulating the misty and swaying jet-black miasma around her, she skillfully produces a black bench using it.
Seems like that miasma can be transformed into various objects.
Even I’m sure that she imitates shiori-chan’s face by putting that miasma at her face, doesn’t she? That means, its color could also be changed, huh.
So she can transform into anything, huh, how envious.

“Come on, Kitsune-kun, hurry up and sit here♪.”

“…then, excuse me.”

Leila-chan who sits at the middle of the bench is patting the space next to her.
Previously she came and sat next to me so I’m sure no matter where I sit she would come and cling to me again, right? That’s why I just give up and obediently sit next to her.

In doing so, she clings at me with a very happy expression.
And just as I expected, she rubs her face against my arm and also sniffs my smell, and then, she takes and starts licking my arm.
Didn’t just now we said to have a chat?

“Please stop it.”


When I take my hand away and told her to stop licking it, she let out a very disappointed voice with her eyebrows makes a ha ( / ) character.
We don’t sit here to do such a thing, you know? Please go and check what ‘chat’ means.

“Say, Leila-chan, I want to go home soon, you see.”

“Ah, then, are we going to continue it at your room?”

“You’re intending to follow me, huh.”

“You were the one that said that I can be together with you, after all.”

Dammit, the thing I said back then, when I almost collapsed, is backfiring me now.
Come to think of it, I think I said something along ‘you can lick me as much as you want’, didn’t I?….
isn’t that bad? The conditions completely put me at disadvantage.
I need to do something about those promises.
Seems like it’s a great thing that I proposed to have a chat, at this rate she might keep following me anywhere using these promises as premises.
How troublesome.

“…come to think of it, Leila-chan.
I’ll say it once again, but, could you please stop trying to eat me?”

“Hmm~… if you let me lick you anytime and as much as I pleased then, I’m fine with it.”

“Eh, really?”

How unexpected! She accept my request, she said!?

But, wait, what the hell is licking anytime and as much as she pleased? But, if I don’t take it here, I feel like she would keep pestering me using my own words as premise.
Or rather, isn’t that means she’d be always together with me, right? I’m a bit reluctant of it, moreover she is a demon, after all.

Beside, we’re talking about this lustful girl, you know? I’m pretty sure she’d keep on licking me day and night.
Anytime means that there would be a time when there is someone around, since I also have Finia-chan and the other so I can’t keep on only looking after her, after all.
Moreover, how should I explain it to people around us? A man who let his body got licked and a woman who got in ecstasy upon licking it, what kind of thing, is that?

But, unless I accept her request, I doubt she’d ever back off.

That means, haa… it’d be very troublesome to explain it.

“Got it… but please let the anytime off.
I have my own life, after all, so I can’t keep on accompanying you anytime.”

“Eh~, no way.
You must keep on looking at me only, since I really love you so that’s okay, right?”

“You sure are very self-centered, aren’t you? In a sense I respect you.”

“Ehehe~, yay.”

“I’m not praising you, don’t you even know sarcasm(皮肉)?”

“What is that? It sounds very tasty!”

Skin(皮) and meat(肉), huh, that’s indeed sounds tasty— that’s not it!

“Hmm… if you stop when I ask you to, then the rest is up to you, how about it?”

“Hmm~… okay.
Then give me a kiss once a day.
If you take it then we get a deal here.”

“You sure are a shameless person, aren’t you?”

Kiss, huh, come to think of it, she took away my first kiss, didn’t she? She forcefully did it, though, just remembering it makes me irritated.

But, wait, I heard there were people who passed their lifetime without ever had a kiss even once, so, perhaps I’m quite lucky here, aren’t I? But, wait, even though she’s a cutie, she’s still a monster, after all, someone akin to the source of a biohazard, you know? With the possibility that I might accidentally inhale her virus, as I thought it is a loss.

Yup… Leila-chan’s face that is looking up at me with such lustful expression sure is erotic, to the point of fascinating, nonetheless she’s a demon, and I’m a human.

Also, she has a desire to literally eat me, where I don’t want to be eaten by her, that’s the scariest part.
No matter how fascinating the expression she has.

However, if this is the only means I have to survive before 『Red Night』,

“…got it, with this the negotiation is completed.”


Fine then, just bring it on.
I can’t afford to die here, so if it’s a mean on surviving then I’ll thread on it no matter what.

Even if that route is dyed in red by ‘death’, even if that route is eternally accompanied by danger.

“But, Leila-chan, if you by any chance hurt Finia-chan and the other, I won’t ever forgive you.
I’ll definitely kill you by any means necessary.”

“Ahaha, how beautiful… that eyes of yours, it makes me thrilled… you sure are the best, Kitsune-kun…! I really, really, really, really love you… ehehe, come on, kiss me, kiss me.”

“No, we’ve done it once at our match today, didn’t we? Please be patient.”

“Eh~… I’m already at my limit, you know… somewhere around below my stomach feels itchy so it can’t be helped… kiss me, please? Or else, I’ll eat you, you know…”

This girl, she’s the type of person who won’t ever keep their promise.
She thinks nothing but her own lust, she’s at the point where greatly apart from like nor love.

But, since I don’t want to get eaten, disregarding our kiss at this afternoon, I kiss her again.
At her cheek.
I never said to kiss lips to lips, if only she’d die in agony as it is then that would be a very pleasing thing for me.

“Well then, I’m going home now.”

“Aahn… please wait… my body won’t move… ufufu… I love you, Kitsune-kun…! You sure are the best….”

“In many way, this girl sure is creepy.”

I decide to ignore Leila-chan and immediately go home.
Thanks god it ended without I have to die.
Seems like I’d be able to fulfill my promise with Finia-chan.

Leila-chan is still trying to stand at my rear with a flirtatious voice, but, what should I do from now on? Perhaps it’d be recorded at my track record, as an adventurer who take along an S rank demon.
Perhaps 『Red Night』 is a special one, though.



Just because you can’t stand on your feet, you shouldn’t just sit atop your flying miasma, that is unfair, you know? This girl sure is gradually increasing her unfairness.

Ah, really… it sure is hard just to keep on living…in this world.

While thinking about such a thing, I keep on walking toward the inn.

◇ ◇ ◇

Not too long after Kitsune-san left, he staggeringly returned with a somewhat exhausted expression.

I immediately fled and approached him but Kitsune-san immediately went to the bed, while carefully not to wake Lulu-chan up, without saying any single word and immediately went asleep as if a dead man.

I was somewhat surprised, but I was really happy that Kitsune-san safely retuned.
I was always wanted to jump out from this room to where Kitsune-san was but, since Kitsune-san said that he’d return so I put my trust in him and waiting here.

That was why, the instant Kitsune-san returned, my body lost its strength.


The moment that red eyed monster entered the room from the opened door, along with the dark miasma, my body was moving at an unbelievable speed.

I covered my whole body with my prided magical energy, and light the room.
The red eyed monster was, having similarly red cheeks, eerily laughing.

“—『Fairy’s sacred chant (Fairy torch) 』!!!”

Without concerning that I might wake Kitsune-san up, I shouted my magic’s chant.
The magical energy that gathered at my palm transformed into a little white fire.
Not just one, there were several dozens of it, and then those fire clashed with the dark miasma around the monster before me, and counterbalancing each other.

White and dark light were diffusing inside the room, and the space inside the room was disordered.

“Ahaha, for a bug, you sure are amazing.
Could it be, you’re an idea type?!”

Bug, she called me as such.
My eyes were opened wide in surprise at such surprising word.

Could it be, while thinking so I looked at her, and I could see her face through the crack between the black miasma and the white fire.

White hair, flushing face, red eyes that contained an eerie light, but there was no doubt about it.
That face was, she was, Leila Vermilion.
The lustful cat that was always looking at Kitsune-san with her filthy eyes! So she was 『Red Night』!

“Kitsune-kun sure is interesting! To even have the rare idea type… just how much he would excite me till he pleased… ufufu, ufufufu.”

The collision between the dark miasma and the white fire was over, the room returned into just a mere dim room.
A dangerous enemy, the one that took Kitsune-san’s left eye away because of my lack of power.
Kitsune-san’s enemy that I have to avenge no matter what.

I was sure that Kitsune-san was running away from her.
And then, barely escaping from her alive till this room, he immediately went asleep.
If that was the case, I had to protect him.
That was the very reason I pursued after power, after all!

“But, I can’t.
Kitsune-kun said that I must not hurt you, after all… so I won’t fight you.”

“!? Kitsune-san said so….?”

“Yes, actually I called him to eat him, but… I fell in love with him.
That’s why, after we had discussed it, in exchange for me to don’t eat him, he let me to be together with him.”

Putting both of her hand at her cheeks, this monster acted as if in shame.
This monster said such humanism word, but as far as I was concerned, I thought it as creepy.

Did Kitsune-san really accept this monster to live together with him as per she just said? After all, this monster was the very one that snatched away Kitsune-san’s left eye, you know? But, he accepted it?

“It can’t be helped if you don’t believe me, but it’s true.
Because, I really love Kitsune-kun, after all.”

“Shut up! I love Kitsune-san more!”

“Ahaha, no matter what a bug like you say, it’s useless, do you know the taste of Kitsune-kun’s eyeball? Do you know the taste of Kitsune-kun’s blood? Do you know the pleasure from kissing Kitsune-kun? You must be don’t know, right? Only I who know it! The degree of our love for Kitsune-kun are greatly different.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about.
In exchange for knowing the taste of his eyeball, did she not aware about how bad Kitsune-san’s impression toward her? Even the kiss, it was a forceful one.

She sure was insane.
I was sure Kitsune-san also thought so.

“…I got it, so just go away quickly, this room is just for Kitsune-san, me and Lulu-chan, there’s no room for you!”

As a demon you should just quietly returned to the forest just as what usually demon did.

Just looking at your lustful face made me disgusted.

And then, floating a triumphant smile, unexpectedly she obediently left the room.
What was up with this feeling, it was really irritating.
I really wanted to hit that triumphant face of hers.
Perhaps Kitsune-san also had the same feeling.
I was sure of it.

Closing the door, the one remained inside the room was me, Kitsune-san, and Lulu-chan.
Suddenly, I was attacked by a great tired feeling, so I unsteadily went toward the bed.
Looking at Lulu-chan’s face who was lying beside Kitsune-san, I made a great exhale.

And then, I lied down next to Lulu-chan and covered my body with the sheet.

“…I don’t understand what happened at all.”

Muttering so, I closed my eyes.
As a fairy, I didn’t need to sleep, but somehow I got sleepy.
The sense of security of having Kitsune-san returned, and the exhaustion for chasing away 『Red Night』, I was pretty sure those were the source of my drowsiness.

Taking a deep breath, my consciousness started sinking deeply.
And then, just a bit more and I’d arrive at dreamland—

And that instant,

Next to me, something happened.


Opened my eyes wide, and the one that appeared at my field of vision was— a white light.

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