The magic swordsman attacked Liam with intent to kill, Liam unconsciously strengthening magic and kicking the magic swordsman in the face.

The magic swordsman fell and lost consciousness, the bandit leader knew that Liam is not an easy one, the bandit leader thinks that he can beat liam, he is looking at Liams aura dense as the dragon that he saw when he was still a kid before.

Liam said that he is dizzy, and puked the bandit is confused know don why, he didn do anything but Liam look completely exhausted.

all of them including the bandits, adventurers even Liam companions saw Liam puking , and weakening, but Liam suddenly disappears and Liam attacked the magic swordsman again he kicked the magic swordsman flew in the bandit leader, the leader catch the magic swordsman, the bandit leader wake up his unconscious companion.

The bandit leader told the magic swordsman that they need to fight for their comrades and families, other bandits still unconscious but no one is in the critical condition, some of them have a wounds from the assasin but it was not life threatening because it was not that deep.

the magic swordsman again his CONSCIOUSNESS again and said that he will fight for his brothers safety he will fight for their community, getting money is their top priority.

Liam Laughing scary and menacingly he looks like a demon lord descending from the sky pebbles and rock are flying because of his aura magic, But they don know that Liam is drank and having his own delusions.

Liam screams and shouts super ”Saiyan 3 ”

Liam is thinking about transforming into super Saiyan 3(Gokus transformation from dragon ball super,famous anime ),

Liam is releasing his magic like a God his hair is changing into greenish blue, the surroundings cant hold the amount of magic he keeps releasing the adventurers and the bandits are now afraid of Liam.

The area now is destroyed and some of them now injured, Kaiser wayke up because of Liams. grade 8 syndrome attacked, Kaiser uses greater healing magic in Liam,

Liam fell down the floor and woke up from his delusions.

he feels very shy about what he does thinking other peoples reaction about what he does, he is thinking that they will laugh at him but it was completely opposite.

the adventurers are looking as if he is a God descend into the lands.while the bandits are looking at him like he was a demon lord hiding his true powers.

all of them are amaze and afraid at the same time,the Old chief is surprised they don know that Gab have that amount of power.he doesn look like a mage that use his own life to study magic but Gab is completely the strongest person that they saw in their life.

the adventurers are now afraid of him, they think that Liam is a very dangerous one, A giant dog is in front of them No it was a giant wolf a God beast,Fenrir ” the adventurers are kneeling in fear in front of majestic Kaisar.

they don know that Kaisar is Liams familiar.

Liams personality changes, Liam now looks like a weak person and can kill even a bug, Liam told them that he was just drunk thats why that happens.

Liam look at the soroundings,Wondering if he is really the one who made it. the land he is stepping in is, full of cracks, trees fall down and stones are scattered everywhere The surroundings are completely messed up.

Liam ordered Kaisar to heal all of the injured people adventurers and bandits.

Kaisar cast healing magic on the injured people hury up, don leave anyone and heal all of them.

Fenrir cast area heal, all of the people is completely healed instantly, the adventurers realize that the Fenrir is Gabs familiar.

they can believe what they saw but this is reality, they though that the God beast such as Fenrir,phoenix,griffon,dragon,sea cracken and unicorn doesn take master but now they are witnessing the same feat of the strongest mage in the history the great sage of the south the four season sage.

Liam and Fenrir can destroy big countries on their own if they want only the 5 great empires that can blow to blow with them.

Liam asks the adventurers if they can tie the bandits,the bandits hear Liam commands, the bandits stand and tie their own selves.before the adventurers answer approach them.they fear Liam more than Kaisar.

they are thinking that if Liam is serious and pissed or drunk again, a country will be deleted on the map.

they keep kneeling and say sorry , they said that they are doing this because of their Family, Liam asked them why they are stealing other peoples stuff.

the magic swordsman answers Liam questions He tells that they are all people who can pay for tax because it was very high.

Liam looked at them They looked like they had never eaten , their body is scrawny.liam still cuffed them and tied all of them for their own safety Liam told them that bring him in their village and told them that if they are telling the truth he will help the bandits but if they are lying brace their selves for what will happen to the,Liam told them that he is angery at oiar people.

liam asks the adventurers if they can come with them into the Bandit place first, they are all afraid of Liam so they agree without thinking.

they keep walking for 30 minutes

the bandits place is hard to find without a guide,the bandit leader told them that even if knights search for a week they can find their hideout.

Because they are all escape from the kingdom their only hope is to live in the border of the kingdom of sadam and beast glades.even if the surroundings are full of monsters the Bandit leader continuing their story they show their caves and the children Welcome the bandits they call their father, Liam and his companions saw the family of the bandits, all of them is around 200 people children added.

the bandits are not lying they are only robbing other people because of poverty,Liam and the old Man think a very good idea to take them into the sierna village,

The village chief explains that sierna village is a hidden village in the center of beast glades,Liam is the un anprocaimed lord of the village.

the bandits are confused but they think about the merits living in the place where Liam and the Fenrir are the guardian.

(they don know that they are lucky that they encounter such an opportunity to live the future empire.)

the bandits and the leader talked about the offer they also speak on their wives if they agreed with Liam to live on the center of beast glades, They all afraid because it was in the center of the village if they go without Fenrir and Liam they can survive going to the center by walking.

Liam replied that he will go first to the city to trade his product,after 10 days they will come again in this place with additional carriage they just need one guide to find this place again,the magic swordsman raised his hands he said that he was a former knight he is still a free man he removed in his position due to change of the king, he is now working as an adventurer he is a C expert adventurer,he can come with Liam in the city.

The adventurer heard that he was a former knight now it makes sense that the magic swordsman can materialize a mana sword using a magic sword.

Liam tell the adventurers that he will cooked for them,Liam gave them one chocolate bar for helping them as a pay for helping them when they get attacked, they don know what is a chocolate but they accept it.

The support mage wearing grey robe , try the chocolate, she take a small bite in case it was poisoned or taste bad. The mage reaction was priceless she is looking at the cocolate and smell it again.

The mage said to her friend that ”this so called Chocolate maybe an expensive one it was so delicious, it does have a taste of a heaven creamy and bitter complementing each other, the sweetness is good but it was the soft texture that I can explained ”

Girls taste the chocolate, and their reaction are all the same,Liam looking at them smiling, he thought that this people is hilarious but he is happy.

Liam told that they will come back again and leave the hideout.

after a day of traveling they are now seeing the city gates.

Liam reach the windvile city in 3 days because of kaiser strengthening magic on the horse.

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