Liam is sleeping and he wakes up because he feels someone is sprinkled water on his face,he wakes up and looks above him He sees a giant wolf drooling on his face.

Liam screams in fear, the village chief and the carriage owner wake up when they see Fenrir, They immediately kneel in front of the wolf and pay respect.

Liam is screaming while asking them what they are doing just run its a giant wolf, they are dead if the wolf decides to kill all of them.

The wolf look at Liam, Liam is terrified about the wolf.

after 30 minutes the wolf still doesn do anything, even roaring at him. Liam seems to be calm down,Liam ask why the wolf doesn attack them?.

The village chief is smiling, it was a Fenrir a race equal with spirits a higher being, white Fenrir is not hostile to humans.

Liam calmed down after hearing that from the old man, Liam looked at Fenrir he saw in the eyes of Fenrir that it says some thing, The Fenrir look at jhon and smell his back pack.

Liam unzip his back pack and found that the Fenrir smell the armotic flavor of beef jerky and canned meet.

Liam open a can and give it to the Fenrir, The Fenrir looks happy and accept his offerings, The Fenrir looking at him again,Liam give some jerky to the Fenrir, the Fenrir look again and Liam give him a can of food, the Fenrir finished 5 cans of meat.

The Fenrir look at Liam And down its head, The old man and the carriage owner looking at spectacle view, a person is contracting with Fenrir, John don know what to do he touch the head of the Fenrir, the Fenrir look very happy, magical patterns appears and print in liams arms like it was a tattoo.

both of village chief and carriage owner is amaze, Because the only person tamed a Fenrir in history is the great sage thousand years ago,but now they saw it from a naive young man, they can believe what they saw.

Liam now understand the Fenrir,that Fenrir is a species of high being even though it can still speak a human language because if that happen , Fenrir will become omnipotent being comparable to those deities.

Liam feels that the Fenrir is happy about the food that Liam gave him, the Fenrir come near Liam again and asked to pet his fur,now Liam knew what Fenrir exactly want to do, Fenrir wants to be a pet by Liam,Liam is very happy that he tame a wolf, but he don know the part that the dog he tamed is a Godlike being.

the village chief suggests give a name to the Fenrir to complete the contract,liam think a great name beffiting name for a wolf he look at the wife wolf it looks like a majestic dog, he named the Fenrir Kaisar name of strongest warrior from his own world,Liam body is glowing.

The old man and the carriage owner say that the naming completes the contract between Fenrir is done, now the Fenrir have a human as a master.

Liam is Playing with Fenrir until the dawn comes he forgot to sleep , before entering the carriage Liam asked Fenrir if he can help to pull the carriage, the Fenrir cast magic on the horses,the horses is 20 x stronger now,they are strong enough to run for whole saw while the Fenrir is lazing inside the carriage.

if your are wondering how the Fenrir fits into the carriage , the Fenrir just change it size into a regular dog.liam is amazed by Kaisar abilities,Kaisar look at Liam and saw him feeling sick because Liam not sleep until down because they kept playing the whole night.

Kaisar cast healing and vitality magic in Liam,Liam suddenly feel his body is full of energy,he feels like he can run a whole maratin in few hours, Liam laugh and says that Fenrir is the most amazing wolf in the world.

after few hours it was already noon time,they feel the carriage forcefully stop they hear, many people voice,the old man peak at the window he saw bandits.bandits tell them to come out if they not the will shot arrows in the carriage.

(Liam is afraid he grab the bottle in the closet and chug it he didn feel the taste because of fear but is was Gin ginebra(famous Pinoy clear alcohol)

Liam and the old man decided to go out leaving Kaisar(Fenrir)sleeping inside. They saw more than 50 bandits outside.

the bandits made them kneel.

Liam,old man and the carriage owner is kneeling, Liam told them spare their lives they don have anything.

they don believe in liams words, because Liam is wearing some fine clothes only available for dukes and Princes of the continent.

The bandit leader command his lackey to look around the carriage,

from the distance some adventurers saw the bandits, the adventurers are F ranked (f ranked is second to the lowest rank of adventurers)the party consist of 4 women and 5 men, they decided to help the people in the carriage.

they charged at the bandits the bandits saw that there were adventurers, charging at them they decided to fight because they are completely having more people than the party,it adds more that the 4 women are all gorgeous looks like a goddess.

The bandit fight back intense fight starts.The great sword holder attacked them with eart slashed. a bandit much bigger than them paired his attack. the great sword holder is surprised, because it was his special move, next is the sexy tall witch cast magic ( ”charm magic bind) the some bandits are charmed the female bandit punch the male to displed the charm.

next the female archer wearing a yellow out fit used her special move magic arrow,the big guy in the bandit side try to deflect it but the great sword holder attacked again. the Giant guy in the bandit can hold it enough he gets by the earth slashed.

the woman wearing grey cast supports magic regenerates,iron skin,strong will, strength the warrior, thief ,and the berserker charged at the bandits, the berserker use his berserk moved to attacked the bandits the bandits flew away .

the Bandit looks like gorillas charged at the warrior, their swords clashed they are both the same at strength but the warrior completely out matched him because the warrior uses personal magic (celeritas magicae) it was a speed magic.

the warrior show his sport manship by not cutting his head, he spared the gorilla guy,

the theif use his attacks to lure his enemies, the thief adventurer is very agile, he show that he is stronger than them by laughing while fighting, the bandits are pissed about the situation,they charged at them recklessly,they don know that there is assasin waiting for them to attacked,the assasin dash and slice them up like a butter.

Liam looks at chaotic situations very amazingly because the adventurers are strong, but Liam is wondering why the bandit leader and the wizard bandit doesn do anything even though their men is loosing,

the adventurers finish the small pry bandits, now they looked at the 2 of them, the bandit leader is smiling at them while clapping it says.

”very interesting all of you have a very good techniques, but unfortunately all of you are weak, does the adventurers this time really this weak, maybe you guys are from wind vilee, Only wind vile andventurers are this weak.

the adventurers are very pissed at them,the 4 hot blooded men adventurers charged, while the assasin use sneaked attacked the woman wearing gray cast some support magic strengthening,greater endurance,iron skin, the other female use their ultimate move the dance of the swan. combination of ( ” magical arrow,fire and ice magic ”)

the bandit wearing a magic robe charged at them, the adventurers think that it was a foolish move they think that mages are weak against physical attacked, they continue their attacked the man with the robe raised his hand the sword appear in teen air, all of them were shocked, while Liam is laughing because the scenario looks cliche, it was exactly what happen in his last anime that he watch.

The adventurers looked at Liam they are thinking that this guy lost his head , why this guy still laughing, Liam stoped laughing and says continue your fight while smiling, he looks entertained while watching,The old man look at Liam,Liam seems changed after a night he looks bigger and manlier now.

Liam think about it why so suddenly he become brave, The female archer yell at Liam and says ”we are fighting here to help you, and now you are mocking us, do you know what is in the situation, that man wearing robe is Stronger that our squad , only knight people can do that mana sword ”)

the adventurers unconsciously lowered their guard the magic swordsman attacked them by magic spell (brutal wind) strong wind burst in the adventurers area, instantly 8 of them defeated, the assasin saw what happened, he decided to finish the bandit leader it smiled at him and laugh ,the bandit leader grab the assasin hand and smashed him in the tree.

The magic swordsman is pissed at Liam because it doesn stop smirking he think it was making fun of him.

the old man is wondering why Liam still doesn stop laughing? Liam stops kneeling and looks at them and bursts in laughing again, Liam face is read and can stand clearly.

The magic swordsman charged at Liam with intent to kill.

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