I Just Trade In Another WorldBut I Became a King



Liam looked at the carriage it looks like the carriage will give him back pain, carriage in this world doesn have suspension or spring to lessen the impact and bump while traveling

Liam put his back into the lower cupboard he is looking at the carriage window,the scene in this place is continuous forest thats why he is Wondering why not move the village near the river.


”We cant move monsters everywhere outside the village, thats why we are still living in that barren land,we can build walls because we don have the money to build one.

Liam ”why not get financial support from the leader of your place? the government likes that the one who manages your village ”

Village chief ”we don have a noble or lord that managing us, we are in the forsaken land a place near the forest of arsan where place is full of mountains, Kingdoms in this continent only want to get flat lands in their hands they don have any use for those mountain and hills ”

Liam ”They are dumb they don really know how precious mountain is , if Im just a noble Im gonna manage this land hahaha ” Liam is joking while saying those lines but the old mans ears heard that.

village chief ” Do you want our village? ”

Liam replied ” Ah yes I like that village ”(Liam and the old man keep mis understanding each other) old man looks at him the old man thinks that Liam is rich, because of his good cloothing (Liam is wearing white long sleeve tuck in pants and black shoes with a very high precision of sewing, Even other nobles can wear a black leather shoes and Liam use it on the country side)

The village chief thinks that Liam has a lot of resources to help their village, and is knowledgeable enough to keep the village working,)

the village chief asked liam if he is studying in a school and if he is what path he goes.

Liam is confused why the old man asked those questions.

Liam ”ah yes Im still studying this is my 2 year in civil engineering ”Liam is speaking in their language ”. The Tagalog words translated into this worlds language .

The old man confirmed that Liam is illegible to operate and manage the village.old man tell Liam that he is good enough.

Village chief ”why don you become our lord this is my suggestion as a chief ”

Liam thought he misheard the old man so he replied ” come again I think I misheard ”

village chief ” I said sir why not become our lord I think you are the age to become a lord, you are an educated person, become our lord we need you sir Liam ”

Liam doesn know what to reply to the old man because, the things we
e just so fast for him Liam replied ”I will think about it, why so suddenly I don have any experience in that matter so I can give my answer for now.

Old man replied ”we are finding a leader for 7 years but we can find a good educated person to rule our place, if you want sir you can turn our village into a country, the sierna village is big enough to become a kingdom even if we don add the mountain ranges ” you can be a king.

Liams thoughts move He thought about being a king If he becomes a king he will become rich enough for the treatment of her mother,he can save his mother at the same time he can also help the people from the village ”


Liam breathes inhale exhale ,he answers the old mans offer,he said that if he think he was good enough hes gonna be their ruler, he will do everything to make the village into the best country

This is the birth of KALZA country.

the greatest empire of the north is the place of no hunger because of the great king Liam Aoki the founder of the empire.but this story is for the later.

The village chief look at Liam he saw a very bright hope from a young man he only met from 2 days ago,he know,he feel that Liam will gonna be a great king someday.

Liam ask the old man about the village about the population the work and livelihood of the people.

Old man answer all of his questions.

the village of Sierna has an entire population around 500 people.

having around 400 adult and 100 children.

the village people consist of mix races because they are the people who escape the other kingdoms because of the high tax that they can pay, people who can pay tax in this world becomes serd if they have knowledge in farming and slaves if they don know anything. slaves treated horribly like animal by their owners, sexual abuse, Exploitation, torture,and killing.thats why if the time comes that they can pay their taxes, the commoners escape from the country and live in the forest or the beast glades near the village.

Poor people in this world receive all the mockery the nobles and rich people treat them like animals,the village chief is crying he shows his back he has a tattoo of claws ,he said he was a slave before escaping,he become a slave of the Rebon wolf family, every day he received beating and he only eat 1 times a day the food is for pigs not for humas.

After hearing the village chief story Liam is enraged it was the same in his own world when he heard about the story of the old man he recall his father, he remember that his father exploit people, to become rich ,his dad do bad things to trample other people livelihood to rise to the top, his feelings that day fuel his desired to become a leader and change the system that people is facing, now that he have a power and have a source of income he will help this world to have a proper education and values.

the old man reassured because of the reaction of Liam, he knew that Liam is not a bad person ,he knew that he is not wrong for choosing this kid.

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