Liam thinks about selling his stuff for gold,

Liam asked the old man to taste the canned meat,

The old man held the metal spoon that Liam gave him, The old man looked at canned meat It looked very expensive. He told Liam that he would only taste a little.

old man take his first bite and cried, Liam asked old man why he is crying,Old man said that this is the very first time he taste such a very delicious food,Liam told to old man to eat the canned meat ,the old man want to refuse but Liam insist the he should finish it,he have. alot more of it.

Liam take over cooking, he said to old man that he will show his cooking talent,he chopped some garlic,add water to the vegetable,he opened a can of corned beef add some ground pepper,he open his msg pack, old man ask what is this white crystal powder,Liam replied that it was much more expensive stuff than pepper(liar alert),old man told Liam that don put those expensive things because he can eat such a luxurious food.

(Liam feels the old mans suffering even though Liam is shrewd/twisted sometimes but he is still kind unlike his father)

Liam smiles and says just stay still old man its ok,talk about how Liam lost his carriage (made up lie)while Liam and the village chief is talking old mans grandson came,His name is Nico 13 years old, Nico is a smart and sharp kid,Nico ask his grandpa who is the man cooking, Old chief replied that Liam was a noble merchant lost in the woods.

(The old man and Liam continue to chat)

Kid knows noble People are shameless, Thats why he is wondering, why a nobleman is cooking in their house even though he has a lot of questions the little boy just remains silent he knows that if you pissed a Nobel your head will be cut off.

Liam looked at the kid and said, ”Don be afraid Im not a bad person, are you hungry come lets eat.

Nico looked at Liams smile and it was not a fake now he felt that Liam was a kind person,

replied ”just a little sir Im not that shameless to eat with a noble man ”

Liam replied that this is my order to eat with me, The kid panicked and went to Liams direction Liam gave him a bowl of rice and soup.

the kid still tense can lift his spoon because he is afraid, because he has a phobia In noble people even though he knows Liam is a kind one, Liam laugh and said ”little kid that food doesn have any poison just taste it ” Nico saw his grandpa eating passionately he saw his grandpas face happy while eating.

Nico lifted his spoon and shoved it on his mouth, He couldn express the taste of the food his tears fell from his eyes, he said to Liam that hes a very goodchef,this is the best tasting food that he ever eat,old mans agree with Nico.

The old man and his grandson keep praising Liam,

Liam asks the old man if he can help him to sell his stuff.

The old man says that he can help him go to the nearest city, and the old man explains about the city.

it was called west wind vile city

this city is one of the biggest cities in the continent, this city is famous for their trading, the authority in this city consists of merchants, knights and novels If they want to go in that city,they need to ride in a carriage for 5 days.

Ask the old man if he can lend him money for a carriage fee and come with him to sell his stuff, he told the old man that hes horses caught by a monster(white lies).

The old man agrees with that condition but they need to bring Nico also Because Nico doesn have parents anymore, Liam agrees with the old man.

Liam is curious about this world currency He asked the old man about the currency, Liam said that he comes from a very far away country thats why he doesn know The old man answers kindly.

30 small copper coins = 1 big copper coin

50 copper coins = 1 silver coin

40 silver coins = 1 gold coin

100 gold coins = platinum coins(currency only available for the nobles)

liam asked what is the normal wage in the city

The old man replied that the normal salary for a male is 1 big copper coin per Day and for a female it is 25 small copper coins, The job is 10 hours a day 1 hour break, a family can eat enough for 1 copper coin, a loaf bread price is 10 small copper coin,bucket of water is 2 small cp(copper coin),sack of wheat is 2 big copper coin.

Liam is surprised by the monetary system in this world.

Liam is still curious about this world He asks the old man about the village what country it is part of,and what is the social status that they always say.

The old man cheerfully answer him

this continent is called GREAT ONEAN it was named from God ONEAN God of life and death,

There are several countries and empires but their village is not affiliated with anyone , because this village is near the disastrous forest of SYNAGONE many demonic beast and mana beast live from this forest and sometimes they are rampaging.and cause monster flood.

but his place is safe because the great dragon skyburn buried underground in this village,but it was very far away from a city.

theres no city lord for the people of this village they don have any taxes because they don have any official leader.

people are poor because daily necessities are not available the land is barren, because the water source is far away, people have no choice but to suffer because they get thrown from cities because they can pay taxes.

Liam computes how much he can earn, The old man asks Liam if he wants to sleep with them Liam agrees with the old man

The old mans eye is teary, thats why Liam stopped asking.outside is dark now the old man asks Liam if he can stay in their place,Liam agrees with the old woman and sleeps on the floor like Nico and the old man.

in the middle of the night,Liam decided to open a portal to get. some pepper and msg and other items.liam tried to imagine the portal again and it appeared in front of him again.He tested the portal if it still works.

Liam enters the portal once again ,he gets transported to his house and he looks at the time it moves only for an hour, even though he knows he is still on the other side for at least 9 hours.

He buys some supplies in the grocery store, and goes back again to the old mans house,be now has a lot of products to trade in the wind vile city

The next morning after waking up they rent a carriage and go to the west city.

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