I duke( ******)will become a vasal of our lord I announce that today is the birth of KALZA kingdom I proclaim that as a first noble of this country Im gonna make everything to prepare this country into the best place for living.

I Liam haru Aoki king of KALZA kingdom promising that I will protect this country until the end of my life for the prosperity of our kingdom.

Liam now is a king a lot of people wear expensive clothes but it looks like the place is from the medieval age. Someone slapped him and now he wake up, it was his seatmate The teacher is calling him.

Liam saliva is dripping. Everybody is laughing he also laughs at it.he was embarrassed about what he does.he look to the window and look to the sun.

”what a weird dream ”



Liams phone rang while he was in the middle of his class, He looked at his phone it was an unknown number He felt something off about the call,so he excused himself that he needed to answer the phone call.

”hello good afternoon ”, hello Mr Liam this is Doctor mark, I have bad news for you sir Liam, you really need to come to Makati General Hospital right now it was an emergency, your mother is here.You really need to know about the condition of your mother.

”Liams heart started to beat fast when he came back to his room, he said to his teacher that he needed to go to the hospital something bad happened to his mom, after getting the teachers permission,he get his backpack and ran towards the bus stop,

while he is going to the hospital he recalled, that his mother is always getting dizzy, now he think that maybe his mother lie about it and she have illness, because his mother always tend to keep bad things from him,since his father leave them,he ask about it before but her mother always keep saying that shes okay so he don tried to pry on it.

He Feels something bad really happened to her mother, he saw the hospital building far away, but his heart was continuously beating fast ,hes sweating coldly He feels like his chest will burst in tension He said to driver that he is going down,after going down from the bus he run straight into the hospital.

He asks the information center what number is the room of patient Mylenenia Aoki ,The nurse in the information says that Patient Aoki is in the emergency room,

*he rushed into the emergency room,

while running in the hall he saw his mother with life support,he don know what happen to his mother,but he knows that his mother is in a critical condition,he can stop his emotion until someone tap his shoulder,he saw a Doctor and look at the name tag it says Doctor mark.

”Sir are you the doctor of my mom? ”what happen to my mom? will she be ok?doctor make him calm by patting his head.

”Young man you need to brace your self,your mother needs a lot of money to get cured for her illnes ,she have a heart disease and on top of that she have rare disease hemophilia B ,the operation cost and over all treatment for heart Double Valve Repair and hemophilia B gene therapy, (a rare disorder in which the blood doesn clot in the typical way because it doesn have enough blood-clotting proteins (clotting factors).

is 10 million dollars because of her condition and rare blood type, ”

Doctor Mark added that his mother needs to get her treatment immediately if the treatment delay in 4 months his mother will die.

Liam look miserable after hearing the words of the doctor,he don know how can he find money for the treatment of his mother, even though its hopeless all he can do is to ask how much is that in Philippine peso.

doctor calculate using a calculator and said that it was 560 million pesos.

Doctor Mark says that if he is the doctor, that will give a surgery to his mother he wouldn charge him for doctors fee even a penny. Liam is very thankful to the doctor that the surgery and treatment for her mother, will be done by a kind and reliable doctor.

but Liam was in despair how can an 18-year-old boy find 560 million pesos in 3 months, He looked at her mother laying in the bed and shout . ”Mom wait for me Im gonna make a way to save you just be strong promise Im gonna make a way to save you ”then he leaves while crying.

He goes back home and sells all of his stuff and puts their house in the auction,now he rents a small room ,he posts on social media for help and tries to solicit a money, from church and school.after a week of working his self.

And now he have almost 3 million pesos,he look at the money, and think about it that in the reality he can have 500 million.

He goes back again to the hospital to look for her mother He thinks of only one person that can help her that was his irresponsible father.

even though it was really bad for himself,he swallowed his pride and asked for help from his father in Japan.

His father is Haruto Aoki a famous billionaire and business man in Japan,but his father left his mom when he was still a little boy for a Russian woman thats why he was very angry at his father,but this time he doesn have any choice,

”Dad this is Liam Aoki your son can you hear me ” while crying,his father replies ”oh yeah what is it tell me what you need Im in a hurry ” Liam was hurt by his dads tone of speaking on him,but he still continues speaking he has no choice, ”Dad I need money for my mom,the doctor says we need 10 million dollar for heart surgery and hemophilia treatment so I hope you can help me. ”

Haruto reply ”ahh son Bad timing Im facing a bankruptcy so I can help you sorry ”.Liam accidentally dropped his phone because his last hope was shattered,

After a few minutes of being devastated,he picked up the phone and looked at the cracked screen A notification popped up on his phone and it came from his favorite international news website,he click notification and he look at the screen he was very surprised.

it says the top ”100 richest man in Asia ” and the cover page is his dads picture,Liam look at the list and he saw that his father is in the top 8 with the net worth of 19 billion dollars.and the article says that Haruto Aoki Donate 50 million dollars to a charity that will help to stop the climate change.

there was a link he clicked the link to confirm if the article was true because his father said that he is facing brankcruptcy,the link works and directed to YouTube app, the video automatically played and it was interview of his father,his father wearing fancy clothes explaining why he donate 50 million dollars and 10 million to save the dogs and build a shelter.

(confirmed his father is bull sh*tting Liam)

Liam was in rage, because of the fact that, this is the first time that he will ask for favor from his irresponsible father , he only need 10 million dollar to save the life of his mother, and his father still decline,he was the last hope to save his mother. and his bastard father choose a dog than his mother, he was pissed,he is very angry he want to kill his father.

*Liam is Angry

Liam call again his father,His father answer the call, ”Oh son you again? what do you need ”

Liams emotions skyrocketed he replied.

”you don know what you did?do you know that I saw your interview, you choose to save dogs lives to brag and you don help for the sake of you son,you left us and now you are bullsh*tting us. ”

”You stupid irresponsible father you never care for us,don call me as your son, you big fat liar,from now on you are not my father ,don come here Again the moment you step foot into our door Im gonna beat you up until you die,you keep bragging about your riches,you give 50 million dollar to a charity but you can give to your first son.because of your bitch new wife,I hope all you die even my ugly bitches half sibling go to hell!!

His father became angry also and replied

”you should be happy that you are born to this world you ungrateful piece of shit,did you know? I never love your mom even once Im just lewd at that time when I accidentally make you,you are just a mistake.if I know that you will grow up like this I will never raised you, you said you will cut ties with me, thank god now Im gonna cut the alimony you will never get anything from me ever again, from now on you are not my son. ”

Liam is heart broken from his father words,

now he knows why his father never cares for them.

he punch the wall ,his fist bleeding his fist injure but he still doesn stop punching the wall,the doctors and nurses stop him,after few minutes he calmed down and his hands get treated.

The doctor and nurses helped Liam He was very devastated because of his pile up misfortune in life, He says to the doctor if my mother died I will end my life too shes my only ally in this world, that look down on me.

doctor Mark says that God is always with us just pray for him,Liam replied ” if he is real why did he make my life like this? ” then sleep again.

after getting treatment Liam goes back to his new rental apartment and sleeps.

3 am in the morning he wake up and feels hungry,Liam decided to go out and buy some food,He go to HEAVEN 11 convenience store(24 hours store in the PH).


while going back home,he saw a very bright light,a meteor is falling down in his direction,Liam decided to run far away from the meteor,the meteor crashed and it almost hit Liam.

Liam saw a very big crater in the center of the crater he saw a stone, It looked like a very expensive crystal, Liam thought that God was seeing his suffering and decided to help him, So he immediately picked up the crystal and brought it back home.

(Liam thinks that the crystal can be sold at a high price if he put it on the auction)

Liam walked fast to go homes for immediately, he was walking upstairs but he was still examining the crystal, Liam tripped and fell down, the crystal also fell,so he pick it up

the crystal tip was sharp and he got scratched by the crystal, the blood drop at the crystal and suddenly a very bright blue light appears from the crystal,the crystal flew and go straight at his heart and banished into thin air.liam was afraid and supprised at the same time.

Liam ran into his room,He removed his shirt,and look into the mirror he saw a cricular blue tattoo on hist chest,and five marks at his fore arm,Liam try to remove it but he can ,after an hour he still can remove the mark,Liam was depressed again,he don know what happened but his potential money lost,he decided to stop scratching his chest and eat the food,

While he was eating he felt the room was hot,even though it was night ”he think that after eating he will open the door,he feels like his heart aches a little bit ”but suddenly a circular crack in the air appeared in front of him,

”wow what is that,was the air got cracked before? ”did I just created it what is that, it looks like a portal in the rpg games,out of curiosity he decided to touch it .

his hands feel the sun in other side,

so he theorize that this is a portal he is thinking that maybe. like in the games there are treasure in the other side of the portal there is something that can be sell as a money.

Liam shoved his head into the portal, he saw the other side, the place look like a forest and from far away he saw a village.

Liam decided to bet his life to enter the other side,he get his back pack and pack some food,clothes,chocolate,lighter,combat knife,medical kit and bolo(Pilifino sword) to protect himself , he also bring some msg and pepper,

after 30 minutes of preparing,he heads into the portal He feels his body like falling in a deep hole,he thinks how he can close the portal.

he shout some stupid magic word like in the games.

” close,Abra Kadabra,Mahō no pōtaru o tojite kudasai, ”

but still it doesn work,he is pissed about it he grab the portal but to his surprised the portal closed.

he tried to think of making it again and he succeeded,so he closed the portal again.

He head into the village,the village looks poor and people looks like poor also

(some villager is coming )

He hid himself and saw people speaking foreign language,but strangely he understood them, so he became more confused How can he understand a language that first time he heard ,

He decided to approach them.because there is no language barrier.

the people of the village saw him wearing fancy clothes for them,they think that it was a noble man searching for deserters,the People of the village were all-armed because of Liam,they pointed their sword at Liam but they decided not to attack because he looks like a noble person wearing fancy clothes, if they attacked and killed a noble, kingdoms and the pope will search and kill all of them.Liam looking at the villager wearing rags and animal fur ”thinking if it was really a good choice it looks like people here are poor and can afford to help him

*Liam looking at the srawny body of the people in the village.

the village elder comes holding a sword the old man speak to to Liam are you a noble who hunt deserters.

Liam replies ”no Im not Im just asking for directions Im from a very far away place I am a merchant (he inherits his father bullshiting talent) but now I lost in the woods.

the old Village chief dropped his sword

”Sorry for our people I am the village chief sir they thought that you are a bandit,we have no Ill intentions when they point their sword on you sir I hope you spare my people , ”

Liam answer the chief ” its ok its my fault , I come to your village without permissions,but can I ask you something chief.

village chief: Yes off course,we will help you however we are poor so it was hard if you asked about money related problems but if you want we can talk into my house I will serve you some tea.

Liam agree to the old man,and go with the elder.



He goes inside the old mans house ,the old man gives him tea,he sees the old man cooking a food he saw that the ingredients is only cabbage and carrots theres no spices or meat ,so he decided to ask old man if he can help him,The old man agrees and says ok if you want sir,

Liam searched his bag and got the pack of salt,msg,pepper,and some canned meat the old man was shocked and said it was ok sir, you don need to use some expensive ingredients for us,Liam was confused theres nothing expensive about the ingredients he bring out,so he asked what is the expensive thing he brought out.

The old man reply while lowering the tone of his voice he pointed the pepper and salt and says ” the salt can be sold around 1 silver coin per cup and this spice the black gold (pepper ) cost up to,50 gold per cup only nobles,knight, scholar,merchant can afford to eat meals with pepper. ”


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