Chapter 97: Dazzling Alchemy Techniques

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Chu Yunfan did not waste any more time with Lu Qingxuan and went straight to the alchemy lab.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was already considering whether he should also build a lab of his own.
However, although his home was not considered small and it was more than enough for four people to live in, to build an alchemy room, that would simply be impossible.

Hence, the idea of buying another house surfaced in Chu Yunfan’s mind.
He wanted to buy a house in a high-end residential area—maybe even a villa.
The conditions inside such a place would be even better than his current house.
After his sister was cured of her congenital genetic disease, that kind of
location would also be more conducive for her recovery.
Improving her physique and practicing martial arts would benefit her greatly.
However, the price would definitely be quite high.
He would need to plan this out carefully.

At this moment, the lab was brimming with ingredients.
Lu Qingxuan had gotten someone to sort it out early in the morning.
All of the medicinal ingredients were in their own pile.
“Master Chu, I’ve already prepared all the ingredients for you.
I could very well go bankrupt at any moment!” Lu Qingxuan said as she looked at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan smiled slightly.
“Don’t worry, I won’t really let you go bankrupt!”

Seeing that Chu Yunfan was still full of confidence, Lu Qingxuan felt even more confident.
She thought to herself, perhaps it was his confidence in having everything under control that could affect everyone.

Chu Yunfan walked to the alchemical furnace and tured on the fire.
He brought over the ingredients.

“Ican produce three Meridians Cleansing Pill in one sitting.
I plan to complete those thirty perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pill in ten days!” Chu Yunfan said.

He still had to attend classes and cultivate.
He did not have much time left outside of this.
Three perfect-grade Meridians Cleansing Pill a day was more or less enough.
He had the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, so he could concoct as many pills as he pleased.
It was just like how he knew so many
profound martial skills, but he could not use them because those techniques were all very profound and the burden on his body would prove too great.
And now he was concocting pills at the same time.
To concoct such high-grade pills, not only did one need to have a pill formula.
But it would be useless
if one just gathered all the ingredients.
The higher the grade of the pill, the higher the requirements of the alchemist himself.

Currently, when an ordinary alchemist was to concoct pills, they would use an ordinary furnace fire.
If they took it a step up, they would need a special furnace fire that far exceeded the temperature of an ordinary furnace flame.
If they wanted to take another step further and reach the level of a great
alchemist, they would need to learn a special method and cultivate the alchemic fire.
Only by cultivating this unique alchemic fire would it be possible for them to reach that level.
At that level, pill concoction would no longer rely on fire spewed out by a machine.
Instead, it would be done using the
alchemist’s own alchemic fire.
This placed an extremely high requirement on the alchemist’s strength.
Every minute and every second of this alchemic fire would consume the alchemist’s True Energy.
This was a big burden on the alchemist.

Moreover, some perfect-quality pills needed more than ten days, up to half a month, to produce.
This was also a great test for the Alchemist’s physical fitness.

Therefore, a martial arts expert might not necessarily be an alchemist master, but an alchemist master must be a martial arts expert.
For example, the Alchemy Emperor.
Although he had attained cultivation through alchemy, his combat strength had also reached the Sovereign Stage.
Otherwise, how
would he have dared participate in the battle of the emperors?

Although the Alchemy Emperor’s combat strength was amongst the lowest of the emperors, and his martial arts were mostly accumulated through the concoction of medicinal pills, he had crossed a certain threshold.
Unless the other party was also one of the emperors, they would be easily suppressed by
the Alchemy Emperor.

Therefore, even though Chun Yunfan knew many pill formulas in his mind, he had to take them step-by-step.
His cultivation had to be able to keep up with it.
If it was the Alchemy Emperor, concocting hundreds of perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pill in one go was a piece of cake.
concocting three at the same time was Chu Yunfan’s limit.
This was because he still had to ensure the quality of the pills.
To Chu Yunfan, this was still far from enough.

However, to Lu Qingxuan, it was already a miracle.
Concocting three Meridians Cleansing Pill in one sitting, and also ensuring that the Meridians Cleansing Pill were of quality, was an almost impossible feat.
Even an Alchemy Master could not do such a thing.
Otherwise, perfect-quality Meridians

Cleansing Pill would not be in such high demand.
She was still a little worried though.
The ingredients for just three Meridians Cleansing Pill was already worth millions.
If they failed, where would she go to cry?

However, after a moment, she grew confident.
Chu Yunfan, who was immersed in the concoction process, seemed to have changed into a different person.
If Chu Yunfan normally looked like an ordinary little boy next door, the aura of Chu Yunfan who was immersed in pill concoction was simply
He was just like a god in this field.
He was clearly just concocting pills, but she felt like she was watching a performance of a martial arts master.
That aura of being able to do everything so easily was simply indescribable.

In short, it was amazing.

The alchemists she had invited before were clearly inferior to Chu Yunfan.
When they were concocting Body Refining Pills, which was a relatively basic pill, they had to be very careful.
From time to time, they would check the furnace fire and calculate the time, trying to control every step of the process.
On the other hand, Chu Yunfan seemed to have integrated these steps into his bloodstream.
Everything came naturally to him.
Anyone with eyes could easily tell the difference between the two sides.

Lu Qingxuan was stunned, and she became even more curious about Chu Yunfan’s background.
Was this really a person from an ordinary family?

For Chu Yunfan, concocting three perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pill at the same time was also a test of his current strength.
In the process of concocting pills, his physical strength and energy would be consumed at a rapid rate.

Although Lu Qingxuan had confidence in Chu Yunfan, after a few hours, when the three Meridians Cleansing Pill were ready, she immediately jumped up and took the pills out of the furnace and put them into the pill assessment machine.
Soon, the test results were out.

It was 100% perfect-quality!

It was the same for all three of the pills!

“It really worked!” Lu Qingxuan could not help but exclaim.

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Although she was confident, she was still extremely shocked when she saw the three perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills coming out of the furnace at the same time.
It took Chu Yunfan quite a while to catch his breath.
During the process, he looked calm.
On the contrary, he had been extremely
focused and had to keep his eyes and ears open at all times.
This had consumed a lot of his energy.

“Tl leave these three Meridians Cleansing Pills to you first.
I’ll be heading back now.
I’l do the same thing tomorrow.
I’l come here and continue concocting!” Chu Yunfan said.
At this moment, the sky was already dark, and he had to go home.
“No problem!”

Lu Qingxuan’s face revealed an extremely elated expression.
She could already see the scene of her breaking the ban that the Tengda Group had placed on her.
The dark clouds that had shrouded her heart for months were finally about to disperse.

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