Chapter 96: Half a Month of Progress

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Xue Bailong brought compensation from the army.
Although he had the intention of recruiting those three, it was clear that with the old principal Hua Chengtian around, Xue Bailong’s thoughts could not truly see the light of day.

With that, this session’s actual battle was considered complete.

For many students, life went on.
For the top 20 selection that was happening in a month, many people were gearing up for it.
They did not dare to think about the top few.
Everyone knew that the first place was either Ou Yang or Zhang Teng.
Among the remaining people, both Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu were popular candidates.
However, there were a total of 20 positions.
For them, that was an aim they could strive for.
They instinctively thought that if they could not keep up with the top 20, the gap between them and these people would slowly get wider and wider.

At the same time, the top 20 selection coincided with the final exam.
It was also the final exam of their high school career.
Everyone wanted to make a name for themselves in this exam and get good grades to take home for the New Year.

Chu Yunfan’s life was also split into two parts—classes and cultivation.
For the current Chu Yunfan, the most important thing was to consolidate his cultivation.
He had just broken through to the third level of the Qi Sea Stage.
He had to consolidate it first before he could make a breakthrough to the fourth level.
Although he felt a little pressed for time, he was not in a hurry.
He still had a few months, which was enough for him to make a breakthrough.
Moreover, this kind of thing could not be rushed.

In just two to three months, he had gone from an ordinary student to being above most of the students, becoming a strong contender for the top 20 in the eyes of other students.
Chu Yunfan had enough time to complete his transformation.
In more than half a year, no matter what, against a dragon or a snake, he would certainly obtain victory!

Half a month passed by in this carefree manner.
By then, Chu Yunfan had completely consolidated his third level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Unlike back when he had first broken through, there was no need for him to be so careful anymore.
In fact, he had rushed to the peak of the third level of the Qi Sea Stage in one fell swoop!

During this half a month, other than cultivating by himself, Chu Yunfan had also sparred with Gao Hongzhi.
During this half a month, Gao Hongzhi had improved very quickly, and with Chu Yunfan’s guidance from time to time, Gao Hongzhi’s Firestorm Spear Technique had finally stepped into the Perfection Stage.

However, what frustrated Gao Hongzhi was that although he had cultivated the Firestorm Spear Technique to the Perfection Stage, and that this technique was of a higher grade than the Earth Splitting Saber Technique and the Roaring Winds Saber Technique that Chu Yunfan cultivated, during sparring, Gao Hongzhi was repeatedly defeated by Chu Yunfan.
Every time, Chu Yunfan would only need one hand to suppress him.

This made Gao Hongzhi extremely frustrated!

After being provoked by Chu Yunfan, Gao Hongzhi decided to take the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.
It was indeed worthy of being a special medicinal pill of the army.
Even within the army, not everyone could obtain the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.

Gao Hongzhi himself was already at the peak of the second level of the Qi Sea Stage.
After taking the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill, he easily stepped into the third level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Half a month later, he had already cultivated to the peak of the third level of the Qi Sea Stage, just like Chu Yunfan.

But even though his cultivation was now on par with Chu Yunfan, during sparring, Chu Yunfan was still able to defeat him single-handedly.
It was no different from before.

Chu Yunfan was at least several times stronger than those in the same realm as him!

This made Gao Hongzhi shout out that it was unfair and that God was biased.
But every time he was defeated, he would come around again soon after.
He was not stupid.
He knew very well that there were many benefits of sparring with Chu Yunfan.
According to this rate of progress, he would be able to step into the fourth level of the Qi Sea Stage before the final exam.
With this ability, he would be able to participate in the college entrance exam and would be able to enter an ordinary university.

Among those of No.
13 High, there was no need to guess where the top few would go, but there was hope for the others to enter the top ten.
This had already exceeded Gao Hongzhi’s expectations.
Although he too was an elite in his class, he was only an ordinary elite.
Now, this was equivalent to crossing over another step.

In his heart, he was clear.
And the relationship between the two had always been very good, so some words could be understood without needing to be said.

Besides Gao Hongzhi, Tang Siyu had also taken the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill, smoothly stepping from the peak of the fourth level of the Qi Sea Stage into the fifth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Now, she was reaching the peak of the fifth level of the Qi Sea Stage at a godly speed.
According to this kind of progress, she could advance to the sixth level of the Qi Sea Stage before the final exam.
This cultivation base was already on par with the strongest in the class, Ou Yang, and Zhang Teng of Class 1.
Of course, the prerequisite was that those two did not have another breakthrough this month.

But even so, Tang Siyu’s improvement speed was extremely shocking.

However, both Chu Yunfan and Gao Hongzhi were very calm.
After all, they had been classmates for more than a year.
They had long gotten used to seeing Tang Siyu’s improvement speed which made her seem as if she was riding a rocket.
When Tang Siyu had transferred to the school more than a year ago, her cultivation level was far inferior to everyone else.
However, in just over a year, she had already surpassed most of her classmates.

To Chu Yunfan though, the most important thing was not cultivation, but the refinement of the Meridians Cleansing pill.
Every single pill had to be of perfect quality.
Other than him, no one else would dare proclaim such a thing.
And other than Lu Qingxuan, no one else would believe his arrogant declaration.

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This time, for Lu Qingxuan, this was a huge gamble.
For this, she had gambled everything and had even put her company on the line in exchange for a loan.
If she failed, she would have no other choice but to close shop and declare bankruptcy.
But even then, she chose to believe Chu Yunfan’s words!

If she failed, she could only go bankrupt and would not be able to rise again.
And if she succeeded, she would break the blanket ban that had been set up by Chu Zhiguo.
From then on, the company would rise to even higher levels.
There would be no problem at all.

After half a month of planning and using all the assets of the company as collateral, the loan that she wanted was finally granted.
The ingredients that she had ordered from Kunlun Realm had also finally arrived.

The time to concoct the pills had finally arrived.

On this day, after school, Chu Yunfan did not go home.
Instead, he rushed to Lu Qingxuan’s company.
Meanwhile, Lu Qingxuan, who had long spoken to Chu Yunfan, had been waiting for him since early morning.

“Master Chu, you’re finally here.
I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” Lu Qingxuan hurriedly welcomed Chu Yunfan into the office.

Chu Yunfan smiled and said, “As you know, I still have classes.
I don’t have that much freedom when it comes to time!”

Although he could ask for leave, it would not be very good for him to keep doing so.
If it was not necessary, he did not want to keep asking for leave.

“All right, let’s cut the chit-chat..
Take me to the lab!”

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