Chapter 95: Compensation From the Army

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Early the next morning, Chu Yunfan rushed to No.
13 High School.
As he carried the Shadowless Saber on his back, many of the students looked at him as he made his way through the school.

“That’s Senior Chu Yunfan from the third grade!”

“So he’s Chu Yunfan.
I didn’t expect him to be so powerful!”

“Theard that he and Gao Hongzhi from Class 2, as well as Tang Siyu, fought against an Armored Saber-tooth Tiger and defeated it!”

Chu Yunfan listened to the discussions around him and knew that the news of yesterday had spread.
He could not help but roll his eyes.
Could this rumor be any more exaggerated?

Did they really think the three of them could defeat an adult Armored Saber-tooth Tiger just by working together?

However, this rumor had spread really quickly!

Along the way, and even after entering the class, many people were still paying attention to him.
Not long after, Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi also arrived.

After the big battle yesterday, the three of them seemed to have some sort of estrangement that broke down on the spot.
Although their relationship did not progress by leaps and bounds, at least when Chu Yunfan saw Tang Siyu, she smiled and nodded at him.
This was a very big breakthrough.

In the past, when Tang Siyu was in Class 11, Chu Yunfan rarely saw her smile even after a year.
She had kept her distance from everyone.
It was not a cold and aloof aura.
It was purely a feeling that told them that this girl was not easy to get close to.

Everything went on as usual.
Time passed.

After literature class, Chu Yunfan stretched and was about to take a rest when suddenly, Qin Wu walked in and swept his gaze across the class.
Then, he said, “Chu Yunfan, Gao Hongzhi, Tang Siyu.
Please step outside for a moment.”

Everyone’s gaze fell on the three of them.
They did not know why the homeroom teacher was looking for them, but some people guessed that it might be related to yesterday’s incident.
Otherwise, why was he not looking for anyone besides these three?

The three of them looked at each other before standing up and following Qin Wu out of the classroom.
They walked all the way to the principal’s office.
Upon entering, they realized that there were two people waiting inside.
One of them was the mysterious military officer, Xue Bailong, whom they had
met before.
The other person was a man who looked to be in his fifties or sixties.
However, he had taken good care of himself.
He had a head full of black hair and a straight figure.
There was a powerful aura hidden within his body.
He was a powerful expert.

This person was none other than the principal of No.
13 High School, Hua Chengtian.
“Principal, Lieutenant Xue!” Chu Yunfan stepped forward and greeted them.
“May I know why you’re looking for us?”

‘When he saw Chu Yunfan come forward, Xue Bailong’s eyes lit up.
He had not noticed that Chu Yunfan was the leader of the three.
Although it was obvious that the three people had not been divided.
However, Chu Yunfan had come forward to speak on their behalf, and the other two people acted as if it

was normal for this to happen.
This was enough to explain everything.

He had originally thought that the one who could truly make the decision was that little girl.
That little girl was obviously different from ordinary students.
“Bailong, you tell them!” At this moment, Hua Chengtian opened his mouth to speak.

A light flashed through Chu Yunfan’s eyes.
It was obvious that the principal and Xue Bailong had a deep relationship.
They called each other by their given names.
He suddenly understood why Xue Bailong, the commander of the elite troops, had come to take care of these rookies.
Under normal circumstances, a company commander would have been enough.
It seemed like it had been because of the principal’s personal relationship with the lieutenant.

“It’s like this.
Due to our negligence in our work, you were put in danger.
On behalf of the army, I apologize.
I’ve also brought some compensation.” Xue Bailong said slowly.

Chu Yunfan and the other two clearly had shocked expressions on their faces.
They had never expected that the army would actually compensate them.
He had heard that a few seniors from the previous years had died on the battlefield, and that was the only way they would be compensated.
However, it
was only the federation government who came to compensate them.
The army had never heard of anyone coming to personally compensate them.

After all, the students of the academy already owed the army a favor after the army had taken them to the battlefield to train.
The death of a person was a big matter, but now, it was just a small matter that had not caused any casualties.

Chu Yunfan then glanced at Hua Chengtian, thinking that it was probably because of Hua Chengtian again.
As he spoke, Xue Bailong pointed at the three boxes on the table and said, “Each of these three boxes has a Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.
Consider it as compensation from the Army!”

“Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill? Officer Xue, I’ve only heard of a type of Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill!” Chu Yunfan suddenly opened his mouth and asked because he suddenly remembered from the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, there was indeed a type of pill called Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.
This type of pill was an extremely high-grade pill.

It was a type of pill that increases one’s cultivation strength, and its effects were extremely good.
It was no problem for the person who took this pill to increase the speed of their cultivation by even three times the normal rate.
It was just that the ingredients used in it were extremely precious.
Even the
Alchemy Emperor had not made it many times.

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“You actually know about the Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill? That’s right.
Actually, this Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill was created after the simplification of the Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill formula.
Back then, from the items of the Ancient Zenith Civilization that we dug up, there was a pill formula for
the Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.
It was a pity that the pill formula was badly damaged.
In the end, after many years of improvement, the Alchemy King developed the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.
Although its effects are far from being comparable to the Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill, it’s still very
You guys won’t be able to buy it on the market!” Xue Bailong said.
“It’s a medicinal pill specially provided to members of the Army!”

The three of them were stunned for a moment.
Xue Bailong actually brought a special medicinal pill specially provided for the members of the Army as compensation.
“Thank you, Lieutenant Xue!”

Chu Yunfan and the other two took the box but did not open it.
However, they knew that the medicinal pills specially provided by the army should be good stuff.

“It’s nothing.
There are many good things in our army.
This is just a small thing.
Now, studying in university is not the only way forward.
If you join the army, you can also grow into indomitable figures.
In the future, when you become a general, you’ll all be the pillars of society!” Xue Bailong said again.
Chu Yunfan finally knew what his real intentions were.
After talking for so long, he wanted to rope them into the army.

“Ahem, enough.
It’s not good for you to openly poach people in front of me!” Hua Chengtian said.

“Uncle Hua, they’re your students in your school, but they have to graduate, right? When they graduate from high school, whether they want to go to university or join the army is their own business.
Are you really going to mind this?!” Xue Bailong could not help but say helplessly.

“That is a matter for the future.
Don’t poach people from me!” Hua Chengtian said rudely.

“All right.
The three of you can go back to class.
Perform well and try to get good results in the final exam!” Hua Chengtian said to the three of them.

The three of them finally let out a sigh of relief, took their things, and left..

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