Chapter 94: Being Honest With the Family

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“That won’t do, Uncle Li.
Someone else has already ordered this batch of perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills!” Lu Qingxuan revealed a somewhat troubled expression.
But then she continued.
“If it was someone else, I would not have agreed.
But who asked our two families to be friends? I can give you three of this batch of perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills, but I also have conditions.
In business, I know that Chu Zhiguo is pressuring you to not accept our company’s pills, but you also know that it’s just Chu Zhiguo’s own personal wish.
It also doesn’t represent the Tengda Group.
If you’re willing to raise your hand and give our company a way out, then everything will be fine, Uncle Li!”

The middle-aged man’s expression was slightly conflicted, as if he was weighing the pros and cons.
In a short while, he made his decision.
“No problem.
You and I are family friends.
What’s the point of contemplating any further? However Qingxuan, you suddenly managed to get a batch of perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills.
Could it be that you’ve gotten acquainted with some alchemy master? I was wondering if you could introduce me to him.”

“Uncle Li, there’s nothing I can do about it.
I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement with the person and there’s nothing I can do about it.
However, I can promise you that the next time there are good pills, I’ll inform you immediately.
What do you think, Uncle Li?” Lu Qingxuan rejected him without any hesitation.

Of course, she understood what the other party was thinking.
Compared to these few perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills, the most important thing was to be able to obtain them.
As long as he could get in touch with the maker, he could have as many as he wanted.

Of course, she would not give the middle-aged man a chance to get in touch with Chu Yunfan.
That was the guarantee and opportunity for her company to rise from the dead to the next level.

“All right, I’ll come to visit you at your house soon.
That’s all for today then!” Seeing that he could not get any information from Lu Qingxuan, the middle-aged man could only give up.

Just as he hung up the phone, Lu Qingxuan’s phone rang again.
It was another dealer.
Lu Qingxuan’s beautiful eyes were filled with excitement.

‘Chu Zhiguo, you probably did not expect that your so-called blockade would be broken in such a way.

‘Just you wait.
One day, I will defeat you.
And even the Tengda Group behind you!

Chu Yunfan returned home.
Although there was still some time before he could get the money to treat his sister’s illness, Chu Yunfan felt that it was time to confess to his family.
Although it would be a while before he got the money, it would take time to find the best hospital and hire the best doctor for his sister.
He needed to make preparations in advance.

In the evening, Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun returned.
They were just ordinary office workers.
It was normal for them to go to work on time every day.
Seeing that their son had returned, the two of them finally relaxed their nervous hearts.
Although they had talked on the phone for the past few nights, they could finally breathe easy after only having seen their son return safely.

“You’ve lost a lot of weight.
You haven’t eaten well these few days, have you? What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you!” Yang Yayun said.

“It’s okay.
I will eat anything!” Chu Yunfan quickly said with a smile.

Chu Wencheng looked at Chu Yunfan with some gratification and said, “You’ve grown a lot.
You’ve seen blood.
Not bad, not bad!”

Although they both cared about Chu Yunfan, Chu Wencheng, as his father, and Yang Yayun, as his mother, cared about different things.

“Not bad.
Everything went pretty smoothly!”

Chu Yunfan said with a smile.
He did not tell them about the dangerous encounter with the adult Armored Saber-tooth Tiger today.
After all, it was all in the past.
He did not want his parents to be on tenterhooks because of the past.

“Dad, Mom, don’t be in a hurry to cook.
I have something to tell you.
Xuanxuan, you come here too!” Chu Yunfan stopped his parents and called his sister over.

The three of them were a little confused.
Chu Yunfan rarely spoke to them so seriously.

After the three of them gathered, Chu Yunfan said, “Dad, Mom, I want to talk to you about Qingxuan’s illness.
I think I have an idea!”

Chu Yunfan said this, but the first reaction from the three of them was not joy.
Especially Chu Wencheng, who suddenly became serious.
He said, “Yunfan, didn’t your mother and I tell you long ago that we will be responsible for this matter? Don’t worry about it.
The most important thing for you is to cultivate hard, study hard, and get into a good university! Who told you that you could cure Xuanxuan? You must have been deceived!”

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Chu Wencheng’s first reaction was that his son had been deceived and believed in some so-called folk prescription.
In fact, over the past ten years, he had been continuously looking for so-called folk prescriptions, but none of them had proved useful.
He had long given up, so he did not want his son to fall into the same trap.

“Dad, what are you thinking about? Who said I found a cure for Qingxuan?!” Chu Yunfan immediately figured it out and said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
“Didn’t the medical world release a cure for congenital genetic defects? That’s what I’m talking about!”

“Okay, but that requires a lot of money.
Where are you going to get the money?”

Chu Wencheng obviously knew about this.
Because of his daughter’s illness, he followed some medical forums all year round and had a deep understanding of this method.
It was indeed effective, and there were even no side effects.
But there was a flaw, which was that it was extremely expensive.

“I recently learned how to refine pills, and then got my hands on an ancient recipe.
I can refine better quality Meridians Cleansing Pills.
The treatment costs about thirty million, and I should be able to raise that amount pretty quickly!” Chu Yunfan said the answer that he had been preparing for a long time.

The three of them were silent for a moment.
After a long while, Chu Wencheng finally opened his mouth and said, “Is that how you got the money to buy the Shadow Blade?”

“Yes!” Chu Yunfan was originally worried about how to explain this matter.
With the Shadow Blade as an example, all the problems would be much easier to explain.

Chu Wencheng looked at Chu Yunfan and said, “You sure have grown up a lot recently.
I believe that you can distinguish right from wrong.
I’m not an old-fashioned person.
As long as the money comes in through legal means, I say that it’s all right!”

Hearing Chu Wencheng’s words, Chu Yunfan let out a sigh of relief.
He was afraid that his father would not accept the money because it was his son who was bringing it in.
However, he soon found it funny.
His father was willing to lower his voice for the sake of his sister’s illness—lowering his head and being obedient.
Now that he accepted his son’s help, what was the big deal?

He was indeed not a particularly capable father, but the fatherly love he gave his children was no different from other people.

That night, the Chu family was filled with laughter.
Ever since his sister was born, there was finally a chance for this huge rock that had been weighing down the family to fall to the ground.
Even after Chu Yunfan had called it a night, Chu Wencheng, who rarely drank, could not help but drink two more glasses.

It was late at night, and the sky was cold, but their hearts were warm!

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