Chapter 91: Rescue, End of the Combat Session


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After breaking through to the third level of the Qi Sea Stage, Chu Yunfan could feel that his strength had increased by a level even though he was in this absolutely calm state.
His True Energy was constantly increasing, and he was obviously much stronger than the second level of the Qi Sea Stage.
In particular, his strength was stronger than ordinary people.
It was much more difficult for him to reach the peak of each realm than ordinary people.
However, once he broke through, his strength would also increase greatly.

However, he could not care about these things right now.
He only wanted to have a great battle to his heart’s content.
Although, he was not a match for the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger.
In the eyes of outsiders, it was a dangerous situation.

However, Chu Yunfan felt extremely good.
He slashed out over a hundred times in a row.
These were not casual slashes, but a great array of saber techniques.
The power was extremely great and was extremely taxing on his physical strength.

Normally, he would be extremely tired.
However, at this moment, a clear current flowed through his entire body, relieving his tiredness and making him invincible.
Therefore, at this moment, he did not need to think about anything else.
He only needed to fight, fight, and fight!

“He actually broke through in the middle of a battle? F*ck!”

Gao Hongzhi looked at Chu Yunfan, who seemed to have fallen into a crazed state, and could not help but be tongue-tied.
Although he could only see a part of it, he could still see that Chu Yunfan’s speed and strength had obviously improved greatly as compared to before.
The result was obvious.
At this moment, Chu Yunfan could not hear these things.
In his mind, there were only attacks, attacks, and more unrestrained attacks.
He did not know how long he had been in this state.
In this state, he had blurred the concept of time.
He only felt that a long time had passed and that he had gained a lot.


Chu Yunfan slashed at the foot of the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger, continuously slashing at the same place.
Finally, he cut through the scales of the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger and slashed out a stream of blood.

The Armored Saber-tooth Tiger was furious from the pain, and it became even more ferocious.
Then, it crazily attacked the three of them.

The three of them joined together to help each other, but they were immediately at a disadvantage.
After a series of battles, although the duration was not long, to the three of them, the stamina consumption of this battle was more than ten times that of an ordinary battle.

Even Chu Yunfan, who was in a brave state, could barely hold out any longer.
At this moment, the three of them truly understood why the body was the foundation of a martial artist.
No matter how many moves there were, no matter how powerful the moves were, if the body could not hold out, it would
be useless.

As for the other two people—especially Gao Hongzhi who used his spear to fight against the monsters—their palms were already a bloody mess.
Their flesh had been torn apart several times.
Finally, just when the three of them felt that they could not hold on any longer, a loud shout came from the sky.

It was a saber technique that fell from the sky.
A blinding light cut through the sky and directly flew toward the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger.


The Armored Saber-tooth Tiger let out a miserable cry and was cut into two halves by the strike.
Its huge body, which was as big as a small mountain, fell to two sides with a loud bang.

“You guys are all fine.
Not bad.
Look at you.
You actually managed to hold off the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger for so long!”

The three of them turned their heads and saw that the person who had struck out was none other than Xue Bailong.
At first, they thought that the person who would arrive first would be Qin Wu.
They had not expected it to be Xue Bailong, It was a long story, but in fact, it was only a short period of time.
However, it was such a short period of time that made the three of them feel as if they had just walked through the gates of Hell.
They truly understood what it meant to live as long as a year-or even as long as a second!

The three of them immediately sat down on the ground.
Previously, they did not feel threatened by the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger.
But now that the threat had been removed, they immediately felt a huge sense of exhaustion invade their bodies.

“Lieutenant Xue, why would a monster like the adult Armored Saber-tooth Tiger appear on the battlefield where the students are training? I think you have to give our school an explanation!” Qin Wu finally arrived.
There was a hint of anger on his face.
There had been a mistake and he had almost not
been able to save them in time.
If Chu Yunfan and the other two had died, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Xue Bailong’s face showed a rare hint of embarrassment.
Normally, the army would shoot powerful monsters at the outermost edge of the battlefield and only let in some weak ones.

“This is indeed our negligence.
We’ll talk to your principal about this when the time comes!” Xue Bailong immediately regained his seriousness and said, “Originally, our plan was to use sniping.
However, this adult Armored Saber-tooth Tiger is a monster in the Acquired Stage.
Ordinary sniping won’t be
able to do anything to it.
Only large-caliber sniping equipment could kill it.
However, the blast radius of the impact would be too wide, and it would be easy to accidentally injure you guys.
Therefore, in the end, I decided to take action.
Fortunately, your performance was not bad, and you were able to hold
out until I arrived!”

“Damn, if you ask me to do that again, I won’t be able to do it!” Gao Hongzhi shouted.

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His whole body was soaked in sweat as if he had been fished out of the water.
In such a short time, he was even more tired than if he had practiced martial arts for a whole day.
As he shouted, he sprayed healing mist on his wounds.
It was so painful that he was grimacing in pain.
He had not felt it during
the big battle, but now he was in pain.

“Not bad, guys.
I’ve underestimated you.
If you’re interested in joining the army, you can come to me.
I’ll recommend you!” Xue Bailong said as he looked at the three of them, especially Chu Yunfan.
He had seen Chu Yunfan’s performance before.
In front of an adult Armored Saber-tooth Tiger, Chu Yunfan was neither anxious nor impatient.
He even had the courage to fight back.
This was what Xue Bailong valued the most.

A brave person would fight even when faced with difficult odds!

Strength could be improved, skills could be honed, but without the courage to charge at a strong enemy, everything would be in vain.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Lieutenant Xue.
We’ll seriously consider it!” Chu Yunfan nodded and said.
He was still recalling the feeling he had when he had just broken through.
Under that state of godly courage, he had improved vastly.

However, that stunning slash just now had also deeply shocked him.
Although he knew that Xue Bailong was very strong, Xue Bailong had blown the three of them away.
The adult Armored Saber-tooth Tiger, who died tragically, could not even withstand a single move from Xue Bailong.
Only then did he
understand what true strength was.

However, he was not discouraged.
There would come a day in the future when he would also reach that level—or even surpass it.
Chu Yunfan and the other two were saved, which made the students who were paying attention to them feel relieved.
At this moment, they were in the mood to pay attention to their previous performance.

The three of them did not give up when facing the adult Armored Saber-tooth Tiger.
Their performance was excellent.
However, it was obvious that Chu Yunfan’s performance was the best.
The damage that the three of them had managed to deal toward the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger was caused only by
Chu Yunfan.

They were able to see that invincible state from afar.
Every time Chu Yunfan dodged the Armored Saber-tooth Tigers’ attack, it would be extremely dangerous, as though the next time would be the last.
However, that figure… they would probably remember it forever in their hearts.

And now, with the trio having been saved, the actual combat session ended a few hours earlier!

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