898 An Understatement

He wasn’t spouting nonsense.
He knew that with his talent, it would be very difficult for him to reach the Divine Abilities Stage without any special encounters.

“That’s not necessarily true.
The Federation is getting stronger and stronger.
It’s an undeniable fact that it’s improving all the time.
It took luck to enter the Innate Stage more than two hundred years ago, and it’s not much different from today’s breakthrough into the Divine Abilities Stage.

“Now, there are countless martial artists who enter the Innate Stage every year.
With the Federation’s current speed of development, it’s only a matter of time before it completes its path.
Sooner or later, it will breed the Divines and become the same as Innates.” Chu Yunfan, on the other hand, had a completely different opinion.

With the Federation’s development speed, sooner or later, more and more people would enter the Divine Abilities Stage.
It then wouldn’t be as difficult as it was now.

“How did you escape?” Chu Haoyue asked after a pause.

“Escape?” Chu Yunfan’s mouth twitched.
“I didn’t escape.
I left after killing them all.”

“How is that possible?” Chu Haoyue was in complete disbelief.
“I heard that even the Monster Cult’s sect master went to ambush you!”

This was the reason why Chu Haoyue thought that Chu Yunfan might not be able to return.
If he were to go up against others, Chu Yunfan would still have some chance of winning.
But against the Monster Cult’s sect master, Chu Yunfan simply had no chance of winning.

Initially, Chu Haoyue’s understanding of these things was only limited to the surface.
Before he entered the Divine Abilities Stage, he lacked knowledge of many things.
But after stepping into this field, he understood how shallow his previous thoughts were.

There were also strong and weak people in the Divine Abilities Stage, and the difference was very big.
In addition to the president, who was publicly acknowledged as the world’s number one expert, the Monster Cult sect master was also publicly acknowledged as one of the strongest experts in the world.

The Monster Cult sect master had long stepped into the fourth tier of the Divine Abilities Stage and was unrivaled throughout the world.
Even if he encountered an expert of his level, let alone Chu Yunfan who was only at the Innate Stage, his opponent would probably die.

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Divine elites were difficult to kill, but not impossible.

Especially Chu Yunfan, who had demonstrated it with his own hands.
Once one’s strength reached a certain level, it was not difficult to kill Divine experts.

“What a pity.
I wanted to attract the Jiang Great Ancestor, but instead of him, the Monster Cult sect master showed up,” Chu Yunfan said with a hint of regret in his voice.
“What’s even more unfortunate is that I only injured him and was unable to make him stay.
It won’t be easy to have such a good opportunity again.”

Chu Haoyue stared at Chu Yunfan speechlessly.
Chu Yunfan spoke so casually as if the sect master was just an unknown small character.
But everyone knew what kind of person the sect master was.
That was not something to be trifled with.

“You actually severely injured the Monster Cult’s sect master? Once this news gets out, I’m afraid everyone will be in an uproar!”


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