897 All the Invading Enemies Are Annihilated

“Another one has died!”

The leaders of the various forces saw this scene through the satellites, and their breath froze in their lungs.
They saw Chu Yunfan kill two Divine experts as if he was cutting melons and vegetables, and these Divines were veterans.

The three Divines were extremely powerful, especially Ghost Granny, who had a notorious reputation.
Countless people within the Federation were terrified of her.
But in the end, she had died a tragic death.

Chu Yunfan was even stronger than before.
Almost every time Chu Yunfan appeared again after a period of time, he would always become stronger.
If this continued, it would be difficult for anyone to contend against him when he reached the Divine Abilities Stage.
And from his attitude toward the various forces, his growth might not be a good thing for them.

In their eyes, Chu Yunfan, who had received a civilian education since he was a child, was undoubtedly biased toward the Federation Government and the common people.

Their attitude toward these aristocratic families was naturally icy.
As for protecting the basic interests of the various aristocratic families and sects, they did not even consider it.

Just a while ago, dozens of forces were uprooted.
These forces that had developed over hundreds of years were destroyed overnight.

The Fire Acolytes’ sect master, who was the overlord of the Outskirt Territories, had been captured and put on trial.
All of these incidents clearly showed that Chu Yunfan was unlikely to stand on their side.

Chu Yunfan was on the verge of becoming the next president of the Federation, and no one could stop him from advancing.

The more he fought, the stronger and more terrifying he became.
Many had this thought in their minds.
Could this kid really be the will of the Heavens?

Seeing Qingyan’s tragic death, Wei Hai no longer had any intention of continuing to fight with Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan had already displayed his dominant combat power in this battle.

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However, the current battlefield was not a place Wei Hai could leave as he pleased.
Tang Siyu and Chu Haoyue obviously knew that he was trying to escape.
They were trying their best to stop Wei Hai from moving forward.

Although their skills were much weaker than Wei Hai’s, it was not a problem for them to hold him back.
Chu Haoyue and Tang Siyu were not without any roots.

The Chus and the Tangs each had a Great Ancestor who had entered the Divine Abilities Stage, so there was no lack of Divine-level skills within the two clans.

Now, their power burst out, and in the sky, they exploded with shocking strength.

Wei Hai couldn’t ignore Chu Haoyue and Tang Siyu’s attacks, so he did his best to resist.

And in this short period, Chu Yunfan arrived in front of Wei Hai.
The Thunder Winged Beast under him flapped its wings, and the wind and thunder roared.
It allowed Chu Yunfan to move at extreme speeds.

He caught up with Wei Hai and stopped right in front of him.

There was an interception in front and pursuers behind Wei Hai.
Four beings at the level Divine Abilities Stage had him surrounded.

Wei Hai’s number suddenly dropped from the majority to the absolute minority.

“Chu Yunfan, you won’t have a good ending if you keep going against everyone.
Do you think you’re invincible?!” Wei Hai shouted, trying to force Chu Yunfan to retreat.

“You don’t have to worry about that.
I’ll kill all the demons and monsters who come forth.
I’ll kill one if one comes.
I’ll kill two if two come,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

Ever since he had embarked on this path, Chu Yunfan had already prepared himself for this.
As long as he lived, he would fight.

As soon as Chu Yunfan spoke, Wei Hai made his move.
The long saber in his hand slashed toward Chu Yunfan without any hesitation.

Wei Hai had no choice.
It was clear that Chu Yunfan was the strongest one here.
Only by killing Chu Yunfan could he have a chance to leave alive.
Otherwise, with Chu Yunfan’s speed, it was impossible for him to escape.

All the divine power in Wei Hai’s body burst out.
His energy and blood flowed like a great river, and there was a loud roar.
The saber light split the sky and slashed down toward Chu Yunfan like a cold bolt of lightning.

This set of saber techniques was extremely brilliant.
When one cultivated it to this level, this technique would display divine power.

The world trembled violently.
The saber light seemed to have turned into a mountain, capable of crushing everything.
The mountain emitted waves of astonishing light, killing countless powerful enemies.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan alighted from the Thunder Winged Beast’s back, clenched his fist, and punched out.

The fist force turned into a golden roc which hung in mid-air.
The roc flew across the sky, and its huge wings swept through the mountain image and shattering it into pieces.

Then, it blasted toward the astonishing saber light.

Bam, bam, bam!

The saber light shattered and the entire sky darkened.
It was as if it had instantly exploded.

The golden roc became the only source of light in the world.


After everything was crushed, Wei Hai was revealed.
His entire arm exploded with a bang and turned into an extremely terrifying rain of blood.

He had suffered a great loss in the battle with Chu Yunfan.

Thud, thud, thud!

Wei Hai hastily retreated.
The severe pain made his whole body tremble, and his eyes were filled with unimaginable fear.
Although he had already expected it, Chu Yunfan’s physical cultivation was even more amazing than he had thought.

The long saber flew into the distance like a meteor shooting through the sky, and then stabbed into a mountain range outside of Mount Tang City, causing a violent explosion.

After just one blow, Wei Hai looked extremely miserable.

“Go to hell!” Wei Hai roared.

He had been forced to a dead end and suddenly went berserk.
He concentrated all his power on his other arm.
This arm grew bigger and bigger like a huge millstone and then smashed down.

Chu Yunfan didn’t even try to dodge.
He also threw out a punch and instantly shattered Wei Hai’s second arm.
The difference in physical cultivation between the two was too big.
It was like the gap between Heaven and Earth.

After breaking through Wei Hai’s attack, Chu Yunfan’s counterattack followed like a shadow.
He kicked out and stomped on Wei Hai’s chest.


A big hole was blasted into Wei Hai’s chest.
He flew away and then fell heavily to the ground.
Half of his body was shattered.
He struggled to get up, but he failed and died.

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