893 Tang Siyu Enters the Divine Abilities Stage

The Tang clan united under the threat of the three Divine experts.
It was because they had suffered too much pressure in this short period.

As one of the Eight Greats, their Great Ancestor was killed and made into a puppet, and then the Jiangs forced them into forming an alliance.
And now, there were three Divine experts who came out of nowhere and were forcing their way through their door, treating them as soft persimmons.

Everyone felt that could ignore the Tangs and step on them now that they had fallen into such a state.

Such a feeling was really depressing.
After being forced to the extreme, the entire Tang clan determined that the worse outcome for them was death.
In any case, it was not a loss to drag three Divine experts to die with them.

“You’re so stubborn.” Wei Hai’s expression showed some disgust.
“We’re only here to kill those who are related to Chu Yunfan.
Are you going to make us your enemies for him?”

“Hmph, that’s nice.
In that case, why don’t you go to the Chu clan? Aren’t you just bullying us because we don’t have a Divine expert to hold the fort? Let’s go!” Tang Bailu said loudly.

The Tangs’ faces showed a hint of indignation.
Their clan leader was related to Chu Yunfan, but the ones who were closer to him were, of course, his own parents.

Chu Yunfan’s parents were at the Chu ancestral home, but these Divine experts had not chosen to go to the Chus’ house.
Instead, they came to the Tangs’ house first.
Wasn’t it because they thought the Tangs were weaker?

Although this was the truth, it still made them feel extremely aggrieved no matter how they thought about it.

As for the Chus, there had been a sudden change in their situation over the past few days.
The Chus originally had a clan leader who was powerful only in certain areas.
But a few days ago, to no one’s expectations, the junior leader of the Chus, who could only be regarded as a junior, had gotten one step ahead of the clan leader and broke through to the Divine Abilities Stage.

When this news came out, the Federation was shocked.
They felt that the situation within the Federation had changed drastically in the past few years, and there were many experts emerging.

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Especially the Chu clan, who first had Chu Yunfan, then had Chu Haoyue, who shocked the world.
Chu Haoyue had broken through to the Divine Abilities Stage at the age of thirty.

If it wasn’t for the miracle created by Chu Yunfan the monster, Chu Haoyue would probably have set many records in the Federation.

With the addition of Chu Yunfan, the Chus now had three Divine experts.
It was no doubt that they had become the leader of the Eight Greats overnight.
Their strength was far beyond the other families.

In the past few days, the Chus had been holding a huge banquet for guests from all over.
Many forces within the Federation had sent their representatives to pay their respects to the new Divine expert, Chu Haoyue.
Many people wanted to befriend the Chus.
After all, the Chus’ rise was unstoppable.

Under such circumstances, Wei Hai and the other two didn’t go to the Chu clan to look for trouble but came to the Tang clan instead.
This was clearly bullying the weak.
It was simply too much.

“Aren’t you afraid that Chu Yunfan will come back and kill you?!” Tang Bailu roared.

Chu Yunfan won’t be coming back.
He’s dead,” Wei Hai said with a cold smile.
“I’m afraid his corpse has been cold for a long time now.”

Tang Bailu immediately realized that it was not a coincidence that they dared to come to the Tangs today.
It was probably a huge conspiracy, and it was aimed directly at Chu Yunfan.

They weren’t the only ones being attacked.
Chu Yunfan should also be surrounded and killed at this moment.

Thinking that this might be the joint attack of many Divine experts to besiege Chu Yunfan, Tang Bailu shuddered a little.

A Divine expert was an existence that she couldn’t fight against.
They could crush her to death with just one finger.
She could not imagine how Chu Yunfan would survive after offending so many people.

And once Chu Yunfan died, the situation would undoubtedly become even worse for her clan.

How many people had Chu Yunfan offended? Even if she had not seen them with her own eyes, she had heard about them.

The sect master of Fire Acolytes was forcefully executed after a trial.
This had offended most of the Divine experts of the world.
It had dragged them down from their high and mighty altar.

It was impossible to count how many people harbored evil intentions toward Chu Yunfan.
If all of these people wanted to deal with him, then he would not be able to withstand them even if he had three heads and six arms.

The Chus were powerful and might not fall, but the Tangs might not survive.

However, Tang Bailu didn’t have much time to think about it.
She could only protect Tang Siyu with her life.
Tang Siyu was in seclusion, and once she broke through to the Divine Abilities Stage, the Tangs would have a pillar to rely on and this dilemma would be solved.

At the thought of this, Tang Bailu immediately roared, “Use the tactical nukes and force them to retreat!”

The entire sky instantly trembled violently as tactical nuclear missiles were fired one after another, setting off shocking airwaves.
Although the range of the tactical nuclear missiles was not very wide, it was only relative to general nuclear bombs.

The aftershock of the explosion swept out, causing the Tangs’ defensive barrier to shake violently.
It was as if the sky was falling and the earth was cracking.

This wave of tactical nuclear missiles forced the three Divines to retreat thousands of feet.

Kill them all!” Wei Hai shouted.

However, at this moment, countless Spirit Energy of Heaven and Earth seemed to be guided by something and crazily swept toward the depths of the Tang ancestral home, turning into a shocking phenomenon and forming a canopy above them.

“This is …” Tang Bailu finally noticed the strange phenomenon.
She immediately realized that Tang Siyu had broken into the Divine Abilities Stage.
Her face immediately revealed an ecstatic expression.

Immediately after, a figure flew out, radiating with thousands of light rays.
The figure hovered above the Tang ancestral home.

It was none other than Tang Siyu.
She was emitting a faint light and looked like a god.

However, she didn’t rush out blindly because she knew that these three were all experienced Divine experts.
All of them were stronger than her.

But under her control, the Tangs’ defensive barrier which was on the verge of collapse instantly became strong again.
Now that they had a Divine to guard their door, everything was completely different now.

“I can’t believe she’s reached the Divine Abilities Stage,” Wei Hai said with a serious expression.

“But she’s still going to die.
How long can she last alone?” Qingyan slowly said.

“That’s right, she’s going to die today!” Ghost Granny looked at the beautiful Tang Siyu, and her eyes flashed with strong envy, jealousy, and hatred.


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