891 The Deep Sea Crocodile’s Entire Body Is a Treasure, Kill It

The jaws of the Deep Sea Crocodiles were very famous even among the marine folks.
When it bit down, it could even crush a mountain.
Its bite force was extremely shocking.

At this point, the Deep Sea Crocodile expert understood that it would be too disadvantageous for him to continue fighting with Chu Yunfan.
He only stood a chance if he used his most terrifying attack to severely injure Chu Yunfan.

Just as that terrifying jaw was about to bite Chu Yunfan to death, every pore on his body spewed out a blood-red energy.
In the blink of an eye, he turned into a blood-red skeleton.
This skeleton looked very tall, at least a few hundred feet tall.


The huge crocodile bit down on the blood-red skeleton, but its bite, which was powerful enough to crush mountains, was unable to break the blood-red skeleton on Chu Yunfan’s body.

As Chu Yunfan’s strength continued to soar, the power of the Demon Descend Ilustration soared.

The illustration’s power was closely related to Chu Yunfan’s power.
The more powerful Chu Yunfan was, the more shocking the power he could unleash.

The Deep Sea Crocodiles are only so-so.” Chu Yunfan sneered.

At this time, the two blood-red skeletal hands of the skeleton suddenly stretched out and grabbed the crocodile’s upper and lower jaw.
Then, it suddenly tore up and down.


The huge crocodile suddenly screamed over and over.
Its jaws got getting bigger and bigger, but it didn’t look as terrifying as before, because it was being pushed open by two blood-red skeletal hands.
Its jaws was about to be torn apart.

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Its sharp teeth did not pose any threat to Chu Yunfan.
At this moment, they looked ridiculous.

The eyes of the Deep Sea Crocodiles flashed with shock.
Was Chu Yunfan even human? Was Chu Yunfan one of those extremely weak human in his impression?

No, Chu Yunfan was clearly a monster in human skin.

At this moment, the crocodile had come to the same conclusion as the Wei clan expert.


Finally, with a loud rip, the Chu Yunfan’s blood-red skeletal hands suddenly tore apart the jaws of the crocodile.


The crocodile was in so much pain that it trashed in midair.
Its huge body, which was over a thousand feet long, stirred up the deep sea below and set off stormy waves.

Countless monsters in the sea fled madly into the distance.
They didn’t dare to approach this place.
The terrifying battle here had frightened them.

But at this time, the crocodile couldn’t care about the pain and quickly fled into the distance.
It could feel Chu Yunfan’s terrifying killing intent.

What a joke, this was a peerless killer god.
How could he dare to stay any longer? Although he was severely injured by Chu Yunfan today, it was better than dying here.

However, Chu Yunfan would not let him escape.
With his current cultivation base, Chu Yunfan had already stepped into the peak of Innate Stage.
One more step and he would be able to reach the Divine Abilities Stage.
His cultivation speed was extremely shocking, and his foundation was extremely solid.

If he wanted to improve further within a short period, he couldn’t just rely on bitter cultivation.
With the strength of his current physical body, he could break through using bitter cultivation, but the current situation did not give him such luxury.

The only way he could do it was to make a Divinity Nourishment Pill for himself.
However, the pill refined from the inner core of a first or second tier Divine monster wouldn’t be enough to send him to the Divine Abilities Stage in one go.

But, the inner core of this Deep Sea Crocodile would serve nicely.

This was related to him taking a step further and entering the Divine Abilities Stage, so Chu Yunfan naturally wouldn’t let him go.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

The bloody skeleton that was dozens of feet tall suddenly chased after him and stomped its huge foot down.


The crocodile was directly stepped on, and its body trembled violently.
Endless thunderbolts turned into lightning chains and wrapped around it.
Under Chu Yunfan’s control, the divine power of thunder was within his command.


The extremely powerful crocodile fell into the sea, but the sea didn’t become its home ground as it had expected.
The crocodile couldn’t move as it was bound by a chain of lightning.

He roared madly, trying to break free from the lightning chains with all his strength.
But Chu Yunfan’s strength was far above his, and Chu Yunfan’s control over lightning had reached a peak.
The crocodile couldn’t break free.

The scales on his body crumbled inch by inch, and the lightning chains were like sharp knives, piercing into his scales and flesh inch by inch.
His scales shattered, and his flesh began to emit waves of charred black.


The crocodile wanted to break free and escape into the deep sea, but how could it escape from Chu Yunfan’s grasp? Chu Yunfan suddenly pulled, and this huge creature that was more than a thousand feet long was pulled out of the water.

Then, a huge asura appeared in the sky and punched the head of the crocodile.


The crocodile cried out in pain.
Its head was bleeding and its skull was shattered.
Although its skull was the hardest part of its body, it could not withstand this terrifying punch.

Immediately after, another punch came crashing down.
Like a meteor falling to the ground, the crocodile let out a huge, muffled groan that reverberated over the entire sea.

This time, the punch went through his skull and crushed his brain.
After struggling for a while, his huge body could no longer struggle and died.

There were people who could survive when their hearts were smashed into powder.
That was a divine ability.
However, no one could survive when their brains were smashed.
That was not a divine ability.
It was a myth.

The blood-red skeletal hands tore open the crocodile’s body and grabbed its palm-sized inner core.
It emitted an endless radiance of energy.
This was the core source of the monster’s magic power.

After putting away the inner core, Chu Yunfan also put away the crocodile’s carcass.
Its meat contained a powerful and mysterious energy.
If it was given to his parents to eat, it would be able to subtly improve their physical constitution.
It would not be difficult for them to enter the Innate Stage, and it could even release all the potential in their body and allow them to enter the peak of the Innate Stage.

This was much more direct than those heavenly treasures that could release the full potential of the body.
Of course, generally, no one would eat the meat of a third-tier Innate monster as a meal.
It was too extravagant.

Of course, a portion would be sent to the Federation’s Academy of Sciences to study and unravel the secrets of Divine monsters.

After packing up, Chu Yunfan rode on the back of the Thunder Winged Beast and flew in the direction of the Federation.


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