888 The Thunder Winged Beast Becomes a Divine and the Counterattack Begins

The more he accumulated, the more terrifying the final breakthrough would be.

Chu Yunfan could feel that his body was several times stronger than before.
Once he broke through to the Divine Abilities Stage, he would be able to sweep away fourth-tier Divines.
The thunder energy here on the Thunderstorm Sea was simply abundant, and for his cultivation, it was like a sacred land.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t take away the thunder power here with him.

However, Chu Yunfan’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw the endless amount of lightning liquid in the sea.
He couldn’t take away the thunder power, but he could take the lightning liquid with him.
Although it was very difficult for him to absorb the energy in the lightning liquid with his current strength, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t do it in the future.

It was impossible for an ordinary person to take this liquid with them.
Even the most sophisticated modern vehicle couldn’t do it.
It would be destroyed instantly.
However, it was a different story to Chu Yunfan who had the Mountain River Diagram.

Chu Yunfan flew down and opened up the diagram, which swallowed a large amount of lightning liquid into its space.

In the original space, there was nothing but a mountain and a river.
It was gray and dusky.
Now, there was a large pool of lightning liquid which was comparable to a giant swimming pool.

With Chu Yunfan’s current mastery of the diagram, he could only do this much.
After all, he was not an Alchemy Emperor, so he did not have the shocking skill to transform the diagram into a world.

However, to him, this amount of lightning liquid was enough for his cultivation.
He wouldn’t need to make a trip to the Thunderstorm Sea for some time.

Suddenly, at this moment, a deafening roar of a beast was heard.
Immediately after, Chu Yunfan felt a wave of spiritual pressure being emitted.
In the sky above the Thunderstorm Sea, a huge cloud appeared.
Great burst of thunder power burst out from within the cloud.
It was like a canopy, threatening to cover the whole world.

‘This feeling.
There’s no mistaking it.
That fool has broken through the Divine Abilities Stage,’ Chu Yunfan instantly thought.
This sudden feeling was that the Thunder Winged Beast had broken through to the Divine Abilties Stage.

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This was the phenomenon of breaking through to the Divine Abilities Stage.
When one broke through to that level, Heaven and Earth would sense it and form a phenomenon.
This phenomenon would form a canopy, which was the natal phenomenon of the Divine Abilities Stage.

This was the acknowledgment of Heaven and Earth.
In a sense, breaking through to the Divine Abilities Stage was the first step to becoming divine, the beginning of transcending mortality.

No matter how powerful the Innate Stage was, in essence, it was still a mortal body.
There was no change in the level of life.
However, once one broke through to the Divine Abilities Stage, it would be a leap in the level of life.
It was a completely different domain.

Sure enough, after a while, the canopy formed by the strange phenomenon disappeared, and a figure pounced toward Chu Yunfan at lightning speed.

It stopped thirty feet in front of him.
At this moment, he finally saw it clearly.
This was indeed the Thunder Winged Beast.
It had completed its transformation.

In the bloodline of this race, there was the ability to break through to the Divine Abilities Stage.
And now, it had been activated.

Originally, it would have taken hundreds of years for the Thunder Winged Beast to reach this stage if it had grown naturally, but now that it had followed Chu Yunfan, it had encountered many fortuitous encounters.
In just a few years, it had already broken through from the growing stage of the Divine Abilities Stage.

Compared to before the breakthrough, there was not much difference.
On the contrary, its body was smaller, about six and half feet tall.
However, the power within the beast’s body was more terrifying than before.

Even though it was just standing there, it had the might of a king among monsters.
Its eyes were even colder than before, and the bone armor on its body emitted a thunderous light.

The wings on its back had doubled in size.
Chu Yunfan knew that the Thunder Winged Beast had become even faster—at least several times faster than before it had broken through.

The Thunder Winged Beast that had mastered the power of wind and thunder could easily break through the sound barrier.
In the monster record that humans had listed, the Thunder Winged Beasts that have reached the Divine Abilities Stage were ranked in the top ten of the most difficult monsters to deal with due to its unpredictable speed and its control of over wind and thunder.

The Thunder Winged Beast came up to Chu Yunfan and affectionately rubbed its head against his chest.
It was obviously very happy.

“Hahaha! This is great!” Chu Yunfan looked at the Thunder Winged Beast and smiled.

After entering this place, both he and the Thunder Winged Beast had made great progress.
This place had also become the training ground for the Thunder Winged Beast.
To the it, training here was simply a sacred land, and its progress was godly.

Originally, Chu Yunfan was planning to make the Divinity Nourishment Pill for the Thunder Winged Beast to break through.
But now, it had broken through on its own.

This saved Chu Yunfan a lot of trouble.

After breaking through to the Divine Abilities Stage, the Thunder Winged Beast had become extremely powerful.
It was no weaker than Chu Yunfan back then.
In reality, even a newly ascended Divine like the vice-sect master of the Fluttering Blooms would not be able to last long against the Thunder Winged Beast.

For Chu Yunfan, the best had now naturally become another good helper.

“All right, it’s time for us to get out here.

Chu Yunfan sneered.
If those two were still here, he would let them see who would kill who.

Chu Yunfan and the Thunder Winged Beast spread their wings and quickly flew out of the Thunderstorm Sea.
They had not went out too deep into the Thunderstorm Sea, so they managed to get out in just a short while.

After coming out, he realized that it was like two different worlds.
The thunder energy in the Thunderstorm Sea seemed to be bound by some kind of rule, preventing the energy from flowing out and affecting the outside world.

After exiting the Thunderstorm Sea, there was a blue sky and a deep blue sea that extended into the endless void and overlapped.

Chu Yunfan looked around and didn’t see anyone.
It seemed that the two thought he was dead and had left.

“They’re lucky!”

Just as Chu Yunfan was feeling a little regretful, a huge wave swept up rushed up from the bottom of the sea and rushed toward Chu Yunfan and the Thunder Winged Beast who were in midair.

It devoured everything in an instant.


Chu Yunfan didn’t even glance at it.
He stomped his foot, and the whole air began to tremble.
Countless layers of air collapsed layer by layer, and the huge wave disintegrated under the impact of the layers of collapsing air.

“You haven’t left? Come out then,” Chu Yunfan said coldly.

“Hard work pays off.
I knew you wouldn’t die so easily.
Now, let me send you to heaven,” a vigorous voice sounded.

A figure split the waves from the bottom of the sea and came over.
That person was no one else the Deep Sea Crocodile expert.


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