880 Upgrade of the Mountain River Diagram, the Federation Treasury

“Previously, the Jiang Great Ancestor was still apprehensive of the president’s existence and did not dare to make a move.
However, now that the president has disappeared, he has nothing to fear,” Zhu Buping said.

“I understand,” Chu Yunfan said.

During the previous battle between Jeang Yuanbin and the Jiang Great Ancestor, Jeang Yuanbin had held back from killing the Jiang Great Ancestor.
However, after confirming that the president had indeed disappeared, the Jiang Great Ancestor immediately surrounded Jeang Yuanbin and tried to kill him.
Even now, Chu Yunfan still didn’t know if Jeang Yuanbin was dead.

Without the threat of the president over his head, the Jiang Great Ancestor become more and more outrageous and lawless.
It was impossible for him to be as restrained as before.

“Judging from his situation and style, the Jiang Great Ancestor may not be able to wait until he returns from the ruins,” Zhu Buping said.
“How about this? You’ve done a great service to the Federation.
The Fire Acolytes’ sect master is the most wanted criminal on our wanted list.
As a marshal of the Federation, I now grant you the right to enter the Federation Treasury and choose a magical weapon to protect yourself with.”

“The Federation Treasury?”

Chu Yunfan’s eyes lit up.
He had heard of the Federation’s great treasure vault when he was young.
There were countless rumors about this great treasure vault among the people.
It was rumored that there were countless magical treasures found in the ruins of Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Any one of them was a priceless treasure.

“That’s right.
You can only enter the Federation Treasury with the president’s authorization.
But now that the president is gone, you have to go to capital city.
Someone will take you there,” Zhu Buping said, “This is all we old men can do for you.”

“It is more than enough, ” Chu Yunfan said, “Thank you, Marshal Zhu.”

A sharp light flickered through Chu Yunfan’s eyes.
The Jiang Great Ancestor could strike at any time, and Chu Yunfan wasn’t the kind of person who would sit still and wait for death.
Since both sides were only going to fight to the death, he would get rid of the Jiang Great Ancestor.

After ending the call with Zhu Buping, Chu Yunfan immediately headed to capital city in secret.
At this time, the outside world was still in an uproar because of Special Ops’ execution of the Fire Acolytes’ sect master.
Everyone’s attention was attracted to it, so no one noticed Chu Yunfan’s arrival.

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After arriving at the capital, someone quickly led Chu Yunfan into the core area of the city which was heavily guarded.
The rumored Federation Treasury was not built on the ground, but more than three hundred feet underground.

Chu Yunfan took the elevator all the way down and soon arrived at the bottom floor.
Two huge metal doors slowly opened in front of him.

Suddenly, a burst of treasure light shot out in all directions, and a burst of treasure energy hit his face.

At this time, the Mountain River Diagram suddenly flew out of Chu Yunfan’s body.
It swallowed up the treasure light emitted by these treasures which had been condensed for many years and had filled the vault.

Chu Yunfan suddenly felt that in the space of the Mountain River Diagram that hadn’t been expanded for a long time suddenly grew bigger.
A mountain appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.
This mountain was vast and boundless, but most of it was locked in the fog, and only a small part of the mountain peak was exposed.
This small part was majestic and magnificent and could make people gasp in amazement.

At the foot of the mountain, there was a surging river that came from an unknown void and poured directly into the depths of the unknown void.
Chu Yunfan could only see a small part of it.

The entire mountain seemed to be full of life, painting the Mountain River Diagram in a wash of color.

Chu Yunfan found out from the Alchemy Emperor’s memories that this mountain and river were actually the core of the Mountain River Diagram.

The diagram was a magic weapon that the Alchemy Emperor carried with him.
Its main function was not for combat, but for alchemy.
This mountain was called the Precious Herb Mountain.
When the Alchemy Emperor was at his peak, he had planted countless precious herbs on the mountain.
Each of them was extremely precious and difficult to find in the outside world.

The precious herbs he planted on the mountain were watered by vast amounts of Spirit Energy, and their growth rate was ten times or even faster than normal.

This was a treasure that was hard to find.
In theory, as long as enough Spirit Energy was provided, it could even ripen a herb overnight.

In addition, many medicinal herbs had various harsh requirements for growing in different environments.
Some only grew in a worlds of ice and snow.
Some grew in extremely hot volcanic lava.
And there were many other harsh requirements.

However, on Precious Herb Mountain, they could grow freely.
The mountain would automatically transform into all kinds of environments needed for the growth of herbs.

To an alchemist, this was simply a divine weapon.
Even if one wasn’t an alchemist, once this ability was revealed, it would probably cause a huge commotion.

The more expensive the herbs were, the rarer they were.
Now, many pioneer groups and mercenary groups had to go deep into the depths of the Kunlun Realm to find all kinds of herbs.
They had to go through all kinds of dangers, and it was very common for them to suffer heavy casualties or even be completely wiped out.

However, Chu Yunfan, who controlled Precious Herb Mountain, was different.
As long as he had seeds, he could accelerate their growth.

The river at the foot of the mountain was also extraordinary.
The higher the grade of the pill, the more water one needed.
There were different kinds of water, such as rootless water and pure water, which produced different effects.

However, he knew from the memories of the Alchemy Emperor that this river was called the Origin River.
The Alchemy Emperor had obtained this river after going through many hardships and entering the depths of the endless void.
It was then fused into the diagram.

No matter what kind of water was needed for alchemy, the water in the Origin River could solve it.
Moreover, it could not only be used for alchemy, but it could also be used to practice water-type martial skills.
It produce results for half the effort, and the progress would be rapid.

The mountain of the Mountain River Diagram was the Precious Herb Mountain, and the river was the Origin River.

The true face of the diagram had finally been revealed.

An ecstatic expression appeared on Chu Yunfan’s face.
Although he had only revealed a corner of Precious Herb Mountain and the Origin River, their effects were already unimaginable.

The changes in the diagram gave the Thunder Winges Beast a fright, and Chu Yunfan had to comfort it for a long time before it finally calmed down.

After calming down, Chu Yunfan finally took a good look around the Federation Treasury.
Originally, it was full of treasure light and treasure aura, but the diagram had completely absorbed all of it.

Now, he could finally see the vault’s true form.

At a glance, there were thousands of magical artifacts, all of which were refined by Divine expertsand even those stronger than them.
They were sealed in barriers one after another, and one could tell at a glance that these treasures were extraordinary.

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