879 Executing the Fire Acolytes’ Sect Master, Causing a Sensation

The upper echelons of the major forces couldn’t accept this change.

Although though the law could control everyone in theory, ordinary people seemed to have accepted the fact that Divine experts were high up and not bound by them.

Even the Federation did not have the ability to restrain these people.

They were high and mighty, and they promoted the theory of living gods.
The descendants or disciples of Divine experts were naturally different from others.

And now that Chu Yunfan had torn off that mysterious veil, the people who were affected the most were not others, but people like them.

Therefore, after Chu Yunfan decided to put the Fire Acolyte’ sect master on trial, the higher-ups were in an uproar.

“He can’t be allowed to continue doing whatever he wants!”

“Is he trying to overturn the Federation’s rules?!”

“He’s simply lawless.
We have to find a way to stop him!”

Unlike the higher-ups of the Federation, most of the ordinary people agreed with this.
Especially when more and more information about the Fire Acolytes was disclosed, the entire Internet was in a frenzy.

According to the news, the Fire Acolytes was too numerous to be recorded.
No one was innocent.
All of their disciples were fanatical followers of the sect master.
They had been brainwashed and had killed countless people.

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The entire Internet was filled with the voices of trials and execution.
For a time, the clamor shook the sky.

While the Internet was in a frenzy, it was also a battlefield for various forces.

As the person in charge of this matter, the pressure that Chu Yunfan was facing could be imagined.
Most of the major forces had expressed to varying degrees that it was fine to execute the sect master, but he could not be executed after the trial.

This was the bottom line that they had to stick to.

However, Chu Yunfan turned a deaf ear to this.
He used the excuse of secluded cultivation to block all the people who came to persuade him.

Three days later, the sect master was sentenced to death which would be carried out the next day.

This news shocked the Federation.
Although it had long been expected, this was the first time in history that a Divine expert had been tried.
The impact of this was unparalleled.

It greatly intimidated the restless parties inside and outside the Federation.
Not only was the strength of the army re-established, but Chu Yunfan’s strength also made many people tremble.

He had not even entered the Divine Abilities Stage, but he was already so powerful.
Once he reached that level, the consequences would be unimaginable.

After that, the Fire Acolytes were executed one after another.
The sect had countless disciples.
This time, the Federation was ruthless and executed all of them.
No one was left alive.

These fanatical religions were unstable factors in society.
After being brainwashed, they were completely different from ordinary people.

This matter also pushed Chu Yunfan to the forefront of public attention.
At the same time, it also let everyone know for the first time how ruthless and daring Chu Yunfan was.

On the same day that the sect master was executed, everyone thought that Chu Yunfan was in seclusion.
However, he was actually having a discussion with Zhu Buping.

“You did very well.”

At the other end of the video, Zhu Buping was sitting on the sofa with a teacup in his hand.
He took a sip of tea and looked at Chu Yunfan with a smile.

“It was all thanks to your help, Marshal Zhu,” Chu Yunfan said.

This was what he thought.
With the power of his Special Ops alone, he was confident that he could wipe out the Fire Acolytes, but Special Ops would also suffer heavy losses.

In particular, Special Ops was to deal with experts from all sides, but if they were to fight a tough battle, it would still have to depend on the strength of the regular army.

“You have to have the ability to achieve such a feat.
I can’t act rashly.
Otherwise, those people will be frightened.
You are the most suitable person to act,” Zhu Buping said with a smile.

There was a hint of pride in his words.
With his strength, he was able to scare off so many of the rascals within the Federation.

“But you have to be careful.
Those people won’t let this go.
Some people just want to get special privileges.
You’re ripping off their masks,” Zhu Buping said, “Based on your current ability, even a second-tier Divine won’t be a match for you.”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
The Divine Abilities Stage was divided into nine tiers, and the difference in strength between each tier was huge.
Previously, the vice-sect master of the Fluttering Blooms had just entered the first tier, and the Third Crocodile Prince had barely entered this tier by relying on special means.

However, the sect master of Fire Acolytes was different.
He was a veteran Divine expert , and his cultivation had long reached the second-tier of the Divine Abilities Stage.

In terms of strength, the Fire Acolytes’ sect master was much stronger than the Fluttering Bloom’s vice-sect master.
Unfortunately, he had met Chu Yunfan.
After entering the peak of eighth-Innate Stage, ordinary second-Divine experts were simply no match for him.


Zhu Buping’s mouth wriggled, but he still spat out this one word in the end.

“I’ve never seen anyone in the Innate Stage fight against someone in the Divine Abilities Stage and win.
Even the president couldn’t do it,” Zhu Buping said, “I can see the shadow of the president in you.
You are brave in doing things and have the courage to break the rules.
If you follow all the rules from the start, you will be too lethargic.
What would be the difference between you and us old people then? I have high hopes for you.
You may even become the next president of the Federation.”

Zhu Buping’s evaluation of Chu Yunfan was naturally very high.
The president was the number one expert of the Federation, so he was saying that Chu Yunfan had the chance to become the next.

Chu Yunfan smiled.
“I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the president, but I am me.
I’m not the next,” hesaid confidently.

He had the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, so he would definitely go even further than the president in the future.

“Hahaha, well said.
Chu Yunfan, you are a good man.” Zhu Buping’s eyes were filled with admiration.

“However, you have to be careful.
Although you’re strong now, there are still many people inside and outside the Federation who can deal with you.
For example, the Jiang Great Ancestor has long been at the peak of the third-tier of the Divine Abilities Stage.
Even I can’t win easily,” Zhu Buping said.

“If he finds something in the ruins, he’ll probably break through to the fourth-tier.
You have to be careful.
Fourth-tier Divines are terrifying.
There aren’t many inside and outside the Federation who can reach this level, and that isn’t counting Infinite Demon Mountain, the marine folks, and the holy land.

“If he suddenly tries to kill you, you’ll be in a very dangerous situation.”

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