876 Using a Big Killing Weapon

At this point, all the mocking words from before turned into nothing.
No one had expected Chu Yunfan to actually be serious.

Previously, when Chu Yunfan exterminated a group of sects and clans, many thought that he was already being quite fierce.

Who would have thought that this wave would be even fiercer?

Chu Yunfan had hired the army.
A battalion of this scale was not something that Special Ops could muster.

Among the thousands of mechas, Chu Yunfan’s thunder wings flapped continuously.
He looked at the Fire Acolytes’ headquarters in the distance with a cold expression as if he was facing a great enemy.

Everyone thought that Special Ops was overestimating themselves.
No one thought that Chu Yunfan would actually be able to hire the garrison.
Usually, the garrison would not be dispatched unless it was an extremely important matter.
Every time the garrison was dispatched, it would be a major event.

There was no doubt that destroying a force that boosted a Divine expert was a major event.

“How dare he…”

When the leaders of many forces heard that Chu Yunfan had hired a garrison to annihilate the Fire Acolytes, they were all dumbfounded.
It had been a long time since such a situation had occurred.

With the Federation’s strength, it was too easy to destroy a clan’s heritage.
However, the power of the various clans combined was no small matter.
This had always made the Federation wary.
Both sides had formed a balance, and it wouldn’t be easy to break this balance.

Asking the garrison to help had undoubtedly broken the bottom line that many forces could accept.

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“Chu Yunfan is crazy.
Is he going to become the target of public criticism?”

“He’s gone mad.
He’s gone nuts.
Why is the army going along with his craziness as well?”

All kinds of news began to spread rapidly among the Federation’s higher-ups.
It was like a stone that had been thrown into a calm lake, and all of a sudden, the lake exploded.

“No, they can’t be allowed to continue to mess around like this!”

“The army is the nation’s public weapon.
How can it be used for private matters?!”

The leaders of many forces realized that this couldn’t go on.
Although they were the ones who added fuel to the Fire Acolytes’ conflict with Special Ops, no one expected Chu Yunfan to be so brutal and not follow the script.

Nobody imagined that Special Ops and the Fire Acolytes would fight to the death and cause both sides to suffer.

All their plans were in vain.

“How dare you, Chu Yunfan!”

A terrifying Divine might was released, much more terrifying than that of any Innate master.
The release of this terrifying power caused the battle-hardened mechas of the army to begin to waver.
The aura alone had affected the advance of the army.

There was no one else with such great power other than a Divine expert.

As expected, a middle-aged man flew out and hovered above the Fire Acolytes’s headquarters.

“Chu Yunfan, you actually dared to mobilize the army? Do you know what this means?”

The Fire Acolytes’ sect master stared at Chu Yunfan in shock and anger.
The finger he pointed at Chu Yunfan was trembling slightly.

He thought that everything was under his control and that Chu Yunfan wouldn’t do anything to him.
His sect was based in the vast Outskirt Territories, which was enough to make Chu Yunfan suffer a great loss.
Who knew that Chu Yunfan wouldn’t follow his plan and pulled out a killing weapon?

It was like playing cards.
Who played their four kings at the start of the game?

If there was a word to describe the sect master’s current mood, it would be “are you crazy?!”

“Of course I do.
A malignant tumor like you should’ve been eradicated a long time ago.
You know very well how many evil deeds you have helped the Monster Cult do over the years.
It’s not that nobody wanted to take revenge, but the time was not right yet,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
Of course, he understood the sect master’s anger.

“If I say I’ll exterminate your entire sect, I’ll exterminate your entire sect!”

Chu Yunfan had been planning this for a long time.
He had borrowed these soldiers from Zhu Buping.
It was impossible to mobilize such a large number of troops without the signature of high-ranked personnel.

Of course, he knew that this kind of thing was taboo.
Even the government was not willing to cross the line easily.
The reason why they agreed to cooperate with Chu Yunfan was that the Fire Acolytes had become more and more arrogant in recent years.
The Fire Acolytes’ cooperation with the Monster Cult had become deeper and deeper and were now a huge threat to the Federation.

The other was that the chickens they killed before had failed to suppress the monkeys, so they intended to kill an even bigger one to see if they still had the guts to make any other moves.

This was the reason why the Fire Acolytes were caught off guard.

Looking at Chu Yunfan’s calm expression, the sect master immediately understood that he had been fooled from the beginning.
Chu Yunfan’s edict had seemed like a joke, but it was just a smokescreen.

Chu Yunfan had never intended to hold a discussion.
On the contrary, he had long wanted to catch the Fire Acolytes in one fell swoop.
The reason he issued that edict was nothing more than to numb them and make them unprepared.
They would think that Chu Yunfan was just talking nonsense.

Who would’ve thought that Chu Yunfan would take advantage of this time to bring over a great killing weapon?

Chu Yunfan had played all the self-righteous top figures of the major forces who were adding fuel to the fire.

Chu Yunfan asked, “Who the hell wants to play according to your rules? Your sect will not escape today.
Are you going to surrender or do you want me to deal with you personally?”

“You b*stard!”

The sect master understood Chu Yunfan’s plan.
The Fire Acolytes’ headquarters wouldn’t be able to stop the army that was approaching.
At that time, the Fire Acolytes would be turned into ashes and all of his efforts would go up in smoke.

There was only one way, and that was to capture the leader.
Only by capturing Chu Yunfan would there be anything else to say.

“This is all your own fault.
Now, it’s time to pay with your life.”

“You’re courting death!” the sect master exploded.
His terrifying aura instantly enveloped the entire base.

When the followers of the Fire Acolytes saw their sect master, they knelt as if they were looking at a god.
After endless brainwashing, they had long come to believe that their sect master was a living god.

“To capture the bandits, you must first capture their leader.
It just so happens that I have the same plan.” Chu Yunfan stared at the sect master.

In terms of strength, the Fire Acolytes’ sect master and the Fluttering Blooms’ vice-sect master were not on the same level.
The Third Crocodile Prince was not even worth mentioning.

However, in front of Chu Yunfan, they were all useless.
He could suppress them all.


The sect master made the first move.
He activated his divine ability which filled the sky.
Countless flames instantly gathered in the sky as if countless Suns had appeared.

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