874 If He Doesn’t Come, I’ll Exterminate His Entire Family

Chu Yunfan had established Special Ops’ prestige, and no one dared to look down on them or its ruthless leader anymore.

Chu Yunfan heartlessly exterminated all those who fell into his grasp.

It took decades or even centuries for a sect to establish itself, but Chu Yunfan had easily destroyed it.
He did it in just one short night.

After settling these matters, Chu Yunfan finally had the time to start his secluded cultivation.
To him, nothing was more important than his strength.

He was almost at the peak-Innate Stage.
What he needed to do next was unlock all the potential in his body and step into that level.

However, before he could completely rest, the Tangs sent over a Divine monster’s inner core and many medicinal herbs they had prepared.
They wanted Chu Yunfan to help them concoct the Divinity Nourishment Pill.

There were bloodstains on the inner core, and it pulsed with a potent force.
It was evident the Tangs had gathered their entire clan’s strength to kill this Divine monster.
Judging from the previous situation the Chu clan had encountered, the losses the Tangs suffered must be not small either.

Tang Siyu had not shown up to deliver the ingredients.
Her clan reported that she had been the operation’s leader.
She had entered deep into the borders of the wilderness, used many high-tech weapons, and only succeeded after encountering many dangers.

The Tangs could not do anything to a Divine expert with their current strength, and the entire clan was willing to pay any price to gain one.

This time, Chu Yunfan was serious because he was making the pill for Tang Siyu.
Though he had absolute confidence, he had to be careful.
He did not step out of his room for an entire month.
Only a month later after finishing the Divinity Nourishment Pill did he finally come out of seclusion.

After Chu Yunfan handed the Divinity Nourishment Pill to the Tang representative, he spotted Huo Ruonan approaching with a grave expression on her face.
“Chief Chu, you’ve finally come out of seclusion.”

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Chu Yunfan glanced at Huo Ruonan and asked, “What’s wrong?”

He was still feeling the surging energy within his body.
If he had more time, he could break through again.
Although he was fighting for time, he was not in a hurry.

To him, the Innate Stage’s purpose was to lay a solid foundation.
If he was too anxious and created any flaws, he would have to pay a painful price for it in the future.

“Over the past month, the pioneer groups and mercenary groups under Special Ops have been attacked hundreds of times.
Thousands died or were severely injured, and more than ten billion rare materials have been stolen,” Huo Ruonan said, “If this continues, our losses will be too great.”

Chu Yunfan recalled that Special Ops had many pioneering teams and mercenary groups under their command.
As a law enforcement branch, training talents cost a lot of money every year.
It was an impossible feat without sufficient resources.

Special Ops had shares in many companies and even controlled countless pioneer groups and mercenary groups.
These teams had been an essential source of income for Special Ops.

“Have you found out who it is?! Did they eat the heart and the guts of a leopard?!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

He had exterminated a group of clans and sects, but someone still dared to make trouble for him.

“I have, Chief.
It is the work of the Fire Acolytes from the Outskirt Territories,” Huo Ruonan said.

Information about the Fire Acolytes popped up in Chu Yunfan’s mind.
That sect was one of the superpowers of the human race.
They were not on par with the Federation’s Eight Greats in regard to high-tech weapons but were equal in terms of experts.
The Fire Acolytes had many expert members within their ranks.

The sect was a tyrannical force in the Outskirt Territories, constantly killing people and robbing them of their goods.
They did all kinds of evil.
Some even considered them overlords in the Outskirt Territories.
Their sect master was a veteran Divine expert.

Even when their sect master had barged into the Federation to do evil, and the Federation’s president had personally gone hunted him down, the sect master managed to flee.

Although the sect master had fled, it did not reduce his prestige because everyone knew the president was the Federation’s number one expert.
Most considered the sect master a phenom for escaping the president’s grasp.

The Fire Acolytes was a mighty sect.
Even Chu Yunfan had heard of this sect’s reputation, even though they were based in the Outskirt Territories.

The Blood Devourers that Chu Yunfan had dealt with previously were nothing compared to the Fire Acolytes, as they could easily crush the Blood Devourers with a single finger.
They were not on the same level at all.

Although the Fire Acolytes were rampant in the Outskirt Territories, they dared not act recklessly within the Federation’s territories.

“If I’m not mistaken, Special Ops’ information files says that the Fire Acolytes and the Monster Cult are close,” Chu Yunfan asked.

“That’s right.
The Fire Acolytes often help the Monster Cult smuggle and sell stolen goods.
The two have been in cahoots for many years, and we can consider them the Monster Cult’s right-hand man,” Huo Ruonan said.

Chu Yunfan understood that the Monster Cult was the Federation’s nemesis.
Anyone who colluded with the Monster Cult should be sentenced to death and not be pardoned.

However, the Fire Acolytes were different.
Although the sect was notorious for running amok in Outskirt Territories, they were not the Federation’s primary target.
Many people within the Federation probably have colluded with the Fire Acolytes.

There were some things the Monster Cult could not do, but the Fire Acolytes could.

“We followed your orders to crack down on the Monster Cult.
Over the past month, we’ve achieved remarkable results and destroyed many Monster Cult bases.
However, we also discovered many Fire Acolytes bases and some companies that colluded with them.
We also dealt with them,” Huo Ruonan reported.

“It looks like they’re taking revenge on me.” Chu Yunfan immediately understood the Fire Acolytes’ intentions.
The number of Fire Acolytes forces Special Ops had destroyed within the Federation would be the number of forces Special Ops would destroy outside the Federation.

Chu Yunfan’s existence had destroyed the long-standing tacit understanding between these forces.

Although the Fire Acolytes were from the Outskirt Territories and not within the Federation, it did not mean he could ignore this matter.
If they were under attack for a long time and could not solve it, Special Ops would be in a state of panic.

Chu Yunfan sneered.
“What about the Fire Acolytes’ sect master? He’s another old man who takes advantage of his seniority.
Pass on my decree and have him come meet me.
I want to know if he intends to play with me.”

“Chief, I’m afraid he won’t give in so easily,” Huo Ruonan said worriedly.

“If he doesn’t come, I’ll exterminate his entire clan.
The Fire Acolytes have many blood debts, and most wish for their deaths.
Previously, the Federation didn’t take action because they’ve had their hands full with dealing with Infinite Demon Mountain and the marine folks.
They naturally didn’t have time to deal with the Fire Acolytes’ sect master.

“However, I’m different.
I have all the time in the world.”

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