871 Thunderous Counterattack

All of them had received Chu Yunfan’s guidance, and their strength had improved by a huge amount.
in just three months, they had gained more than what they had gained in a few years or even a decade.

If it wasn’t for Chu Yunfan pointing out some of the fundamental problems, they would probably not be able to find the root of the problem even if they were to cultivate for another ten years.

Chu Yunfan pointed out their problems from a strategically advantageous point of view.
If he didn’t have a high level of understanding of these things, he wouldn’t have been able to do it.

However, no one felt that it was strange.
After all, Chu Yunfan had defeated and killed a Divine expert.
It was normal for him to have such strength.

However, they didn’t know that even a Divine expert would have difficulty achieving such a feat.
This far exceeded the level of a Divine expert.

However, they didn’t know this and thought that this was normal.

Chu Yunfan stood on the city wall and watched the thousands of middle-and high-level officers leave the special training base.
They were going to go to different places.
After all, Special Ops had branches in every city.

In these three months, everyone’s strength had soared, including Chu Yunfan’s.

Three months ago, he had just broken through to the eighth-Innate Stage.
Now, with the strong financial resources of Special Ops, and after taking many improved Innate pills, he had finally stepped into the peak of the eighth-Innate Stage and had reached the level of perfection.

Once he took one more step forward, he would be able to break through into the ninth-Innate Stage.
At that time, his strength would have great improvement.

He would reach a whole new level.

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No one knew about Chu Yunfan’s transformation.
He was accumulating his strength in secret.
When the Jiang Great Ancestor returned, he would amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

He knew that many were waiting for the Jiang Great Ancestor to come back and deal with him, but he was not afraid.
The Jiang Great Ancestor’s return would only lead to his death.

A series of slow but steady footsteps could be heard as Huo Ruonan’s figure appeared behind him.

“Chief, the financial report has just been sent to your terminal.
The training has cost us 300 billion.
The department’s funds have been depleted, and we even owe 50 billion in debt.”

Huo Ruonan looked at Chu Yunfan’s back helplessly.
Her eyes were filled with both admiration and helplessness.

In the past three months, she had seen Chu Yunfan increase the department’s strength by more than half.
Although it didn’t seem like much, it was still very shocking considering their previous strength.

With his strength, Chu Yunfan completed this feat in just three short months.
Who would believe this?

But in contrast, the financial situation of Special Ops had completely collapsed.
Now, there were not even five billion yuan in liquid funds in the books This was, of course, a huge sum for an ordinary company.

However, for a huge organization like Special Ops, it was just shy of the minimum warning line.
It was no different from a collapse.

But Chu Yunfan didn’t wasn’t perturbed.
To increase the combat power of thousands in such a short time, of course, it was impossible to do it just by talking about it.
Without sufficient resources to support this endeavor, not many would be able to persist through that level of training.

Of the four main factors when it came to cultivation, wealth was one of them.
In Chu Yunfan’s opinion, it was the first factor.
The poor were educated and the rich were martial artists.
If you had no money, why would you practice martial arts?

“It’s okay.
There will be income funneling into the account soon.” Chu Yunfan laughed.

“Income? Have you applied for financial assistance from the government?” Huo Ruonan asked.

“Of course not.
It’s time for some people to pay back their debts.
Do they really think that Special Ops is made of mud?” Chu Yunfan grinned.
“Don’t worry about the finances.
It’ll get better soon.”

Speaking of which, a part of the three hundred billion had been spent on him, allowing his cultivation to improve in these three months.

“Let’s go.
It’s time to move.”

After Chu Yunfan finished speaking, he alighted from the city wall.

As for those who had just returned from the training base, they were tortured for three whole months.
When they received their order, they were driven mad.

They had been tormented for so long, and although their strength had improved a lot, the process simply made them shudder.
The young chief was not only talented, but his management methods were also merciless.

However, no one dared to resist.
Before he was employed, everyone already knew that he was a master who could even kill Divine experts.
How many lives did they have that would dare to go against him?

If he wanted to deal with Innate Stage experts, he could kill a group of them with one move.

Although Chu Yunfan didn’t make a move in the past three months, the aura he revealed from time to time was enough to make them tremble with fear and not dare to act presumptuously.

With the return of their leaders, Special Ops in various places began to mobilize.
These people who had been holding back their anger were about to explode.

“Everyone, move! We must kill these b*stards!”

“All of you, capture those on the list.
If you let even one of them escape, I’ll kill you all.”

“I’m going to beat those b*stards to death.
Otherwise, I won’t know how to vent my anger!”

Special Ops, which had been silent for three months, began to move.
It was as if a beast that had been sleeping for a long time had suddenly awakened.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden action of Special Ops.
They had been silent for three months and had almost been forgotten by people.
However, this sudden action seemed to involve a large-scale operation within the Federation.

The Tianluo sect was a well-known large sect of the Federation.
There were tens of thousands of disciples in the sect and there had many experts.
They were tyrants within the cities where they were located in, and no one dared to provoke them.

However, on this day, hundreds of experts and hundreds of mechas suddenly descended, shocking the entire Tianluo sect.

“Is that the insignia of Special Ops?” Some of the Tianluo disciples were the first to react.

The experts surrounding Tianluo were troops from the Federation’s Special Ops.

Many recalled the official letter sent by Special Ops a few months ago.
At that time, no one took it to heart and treated it as a joke.
No one believed that Special Ops would dare to do anything to them.

At the very front of these experts were none other than Chu Yunfan and Huo Ruonan.

“Tianluo!” Chu Yunfan looked at the huge sect in front of him and thought of his cousin Chu Yunfei’s girlfriend whom the sect’s young master had killed.

In the information collected by Special Ops, Tianluo was the only large sect in the Federation that was involved.

Even Chu Yunfan couldn’t restrain his anger when he saw the profound sins involved.

“Chu Yunfan, you dare to break into my territory?!”

A loud shout came from the depths of Tianluo.

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