868 The Special Ops’ Reputation Is Going Down the Drain?

Huo Ruonan looked at Chu Yunfan with a curious expression.

She had looked into him, and it was no secret he was a veteran despite his young age.
Those he had defeated had come from strong backgrounds.

One could say he had single-handedly turned the Jiangs’ external expansion into a defensive one.
After all, the Jiangs no longer had enough workforce to expand everywhere.

Without top experts, snatching food from the tiger’s mouth was impossible.

Chu Yunfan had crippled both the Jiangs’ new generation and their backbone.
They now had no choice but to invite the previous generation’s master to support the scene.
Many people said behind their backs that the Jiangs were only left with the old, weak, sick, and disabled.

And the cause of all this was, without a doubt, the new department chief.

However, Chu Yunfan’s gaze quickly restrained Huo Ruonan’s curiosity.

“I just read the information.
The most important thing now is to expand the department’s strength,” Chu Yunfan said after sorting his thoughts.

He was much more attentive to the department than the Chu clan.
The Chu clan was his backing, but he could not become a direct descendant because the Chu clan itself was a self-contained system.
There could only be one core—the Chu clan’s ancestors.

However, the department was different since it was a brand new place.
To Chu Yunfan, it was like a piece of white paper he could paint on as much as he wanted.

“In the battle where Chief Jeang went missing, the department lost dozens of seventh-Innate experts and suffered heavy losses.
Various vicious cases have frequently happened, and we are short of the workforce.
Would you like to borrow some people?”

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Huo Ruonan quickly switched back to work mode.

“There’s no need.
The military’s style is different from ours.
Even if we borrow the workforce, we might not be able to get used to them.
It’s better to promote them within our own department.”

Chu Yunfan immediately rejected the idea of borrowing a workforce from the military.

“Chief, it’s easy to get promoted, but it’s not easy to improve one’s strength,” Huo Ruonan said.

“I have an idea.
I’ll send you the list of medicinal herbs later.
Help me collect them.
Since we can’t improve quickly, let’s rely on medicinal pills to improve,” Chu Yunfan said.

Huo Ruonan looked at Chu Yunfan in surprise.
From the information she gathered, she knew he was a capable alchemist.
However, the department had many experts, and they would need many pills.
Huo Ruonan wondered if Chu Yunfan planned to make them all by himself.

“Chief Chu, do you want to mobilize the department’s alchemists to make the pills together?” Huo Ruonan said.

“Of course,” Chu Yunfan said while looking at Huo Ruonan.
“You didn’t think I’d take full responsibility, did you?”

Chu Yunfan smiled slightly.
With his ability, it was not a problem to take charge of everything alone.
However, the problem was that he was not just an alchemist.

He could make the pills but had very little time.
If his strength improved further and reached the Divine Abilities Stage, he would be able to make pills in large quantities.

At that time, the department’s alchemists could quickly whip up a unique alchemic fire and refine low-quality pills.
However, now was not the time unless he put his cultivation on hold and focused on making pills.

“I will provide a new and improved formula for the Innate Pill.
It can help Innate experts break through their current level and advance further.
However, we need the best medicinal herbs and it isn’t possible to mass-produce them quickly.
Therefore, we will prioritize the supply for the peak-Innate experts from the department and replenish our high-end forces first,” Chu Yunfan said.

Although the Innate pills’ current efficiency was commendable, it was still insufficient to meet Chu Yunfan’s needs.
The Innate Pills he could provide were undoubtedly the best but simultaneously required firm financial support, which wasn’t something ordinary forces could afford.

And Special Ops was obviously not an ordinary force.

“There’s such a pill?” Huo Ruonan’s eyes lit up.
“In that case, we can use all our resources to buy medicinal herbs.
Our strength will increase a lot in a shorter time.”

Chu Yunfan shook his head and responded, “This isn’t the only thing the department needs money for.
We can’t mass-produce them for the time being.
Let’s replenish out high-end combat forces first.

“As for the mid-range and low-end combat forces, we can borrow intermediate and low-leveled mechas from the army.
It shouldn’t be a big problem for the time being.

“Besides supplementing experts of various levels, help me arrange for an appointment with leaders from various clans, sects, and forces on this list.”

The projector in front of CHu Yunfan showed a list of names as he spoke.

“I’ve looked it up.
A lot of things have been related to these people recently.
Many challenging cases are directly or indirectly related to these forces.”

Chu Yunfan looked at the virtual projection in front of him.
If he had not read this information, he would have thought that everything was peaceful within the Federation.

However, after reading through the information only the higher-ups could see, he realized that the impact of the president’s disappearance was even more significant than they had imagined.
Furthermore, it was still fermenting.

“Chief, I’m afraid they won’t entertain you,” Huo Ruonan said.

“Then I’ll beat them up until they do.
I’m different from my instructor.
If they don’t give me what I want, I’ll show them how powerful I am,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Besides, we have to see who’s going to give us face and who’s not.
We have to find out who’s our friend and who’s our enemy.
That’s our priority,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

The news of the newly appointed head of Special Ops, Chu Yunfan, wanting to meet the leaders of the various clans quickly spread.
However, the embarrassing thing was that no one came in person.
At most, they sent an elder, and some even sent their disciples.
They did not take Chu Yunfan seriously.

“Chu Yunfan? Who is he? Even if we agreed to a meeting with the Federation’s president, we’d be on equal footing.
What right does he have to ask all of us to meet him together?!” one of the sect leaders said furiously.

“You’re right.
Even if the president wanted to meet us, we’d meet him individually.
Who is he to want us to go and meet him simultaneously?” another clan leader spoke up.

“This is the first thing Chu Yunfan wants to do after becoming the Special Ops’ chief? Does he intend to pour the department’s reputation down the drain?”

Everyone was waiting to see how Chu Yunfan would respond.

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