867 Appointed as the Head of the Special Ops

“Hahaha! The plan has succeeded.
Chu Yunfan killed the Third Crocodile Prince.
The Deep Sea Crocodiles will definitely not let this go!”

Jiang Hongyu’s hearty laughter came from inside the Jiang ancestral home.

In the past, Chu Yunfan could be said to be an insignificant person that could be easily killed, but now he had grown into a towering tree.
Other than the Jiang Great Ancestor, who would dare to say that they could defeat and kill Chu Yunfan?

It was already good enough that Chu Yunfan didn’t come looking for trouble with them.

No one had thought that a junior who they didn’t take seriously could actually cause them such a great loss.
If they had known earlier, they would have killed Chu Yunfan at all costs.

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world, so they didn’t have the chance.

At this time, the Jiangs had already been beaten to a pulp by Chu Yunfan.
If this continued, the Jiangs’ upper echelon would really be completely wiped out by Chu Yunfan.
And the results of using nuclear bombs twice also told them that the nuclear bombs were probably not very threatening to Chu Yunfan.

No matter how he did it, Chu Yunfan must have had some special means to deal with the nuclear bomb.

There was no other choice but to wait for the Jiang Great Ancestor to return.

However, this didn’t mean that they wouldn’t do anything.
In their eyes, Chu Yunfan had offended the deep sea vicious crocodile clan, and they would definitely not let this matter rest.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the deep sea vicious crocodile clan to make a statement, asking Chu Yunfan to bring his head to meet them.
Otherwise, they would definitely make Chu Yunfan die without a burial ground.

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Facing the threat of the deep sea fierce crocodiles, Chu Yunfan was disdainful.
The main body of the Federation was on land, not in the endless deep sea.
If they had the ability, then let them kill their way into the Federation.

Chu Yunfan didn’t even bother to speak to the provocation of the deep sea fierce crocodile clan.
He directly hung a photo, which was a photo of the third Crocodile Prince being nailed to the mountain wall.

In an instant, the Federation was boiling with excitement.
In the face of the provocation of the deep sea fierce crocodile clan, Chu Yunfan’s response was already very obvious.
He was not afraid of trouble and wanted to slap them in the face.

He was just short of directly saying, ” here you come, trash!

Chu Yunfan didn’t have the slightest intention of compromising with the Deep Sea Crocodiles.
They were the ones who took the initiative to provoke him and wanted to become famous.
In the end, they stepped on him and now they deserved to die in his hands.

Facing these Sea Race members, he could only fight!

Furthermore, what was his identity? although he had yet to step into the realm of breeding magical powers, in reality, his identity and status were no different from that of an expert in the realm of breeding magical powers.
Did the deep sea vicious crocodile clan still think that they were in the endless deep sea?

To let an expert at the level of breeding magical powers present his head?

That was impossible!

The Deep Sea Crocodiles were also instantly enraged.
They directly said that a patriarch-level expert of the deep sea ferocious crocodile clan would come out of seclusion and personally come to the Federation to take Chu Yunfan’s head.

For a time, the entire virtual network was talking about Chu Yunfan’s battle, especially Chu Yunfan’s lightning-fast rise, which made many people see the hope of the rise of mankind.

Regarding this matter, Chu Yunfan had also received a message from Marshal Zhu Buping.
It contained only six simple words, “Don’t be afraid.
Just do it.”

These six words were filled with the style of the Federation’s soldiers, and Chu Yunfan couldn’t help but laugh.
This was the Zhu Buping he was familiar with.

Chu Yunfan stayed at the Tang ancestral home for a day.
Tang Siyu recovered after treatment.
The recovery ability of her Arcane Sky Spirit Physique was far beyond ordinary physiques.
Coupled with her current cultivation, it was extremely easy for her to recover.

After this battle, her cultivation had improved a little.
At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before she had the chance to start breaking through to the Divine Abilities Stage.

Chu Yunfan had also told Tang Siyu that as long as she was able to obtain a Divine monster’s inner core, he would be able to make the Divinity Nourishment Pill and help her enter the Divine Abilities Stage.

Although it couldn’t be made public, the Tangs’ higher-ups, including Tang Bailu, were overjoyed when they heard the news.
Without experiencing it, no one would understand how much the Tang clan desired an expert who could hold their ground.

And Chu Yunfan was not against training a master for the Tangs.
Besides, he had a special relationship with Tang Siyu, so it was only natural for him to do so.

The Tang higher-ups immediately made a decision.
They did not doubt Chu Yunfan’s offer because Jeang Yuanbin’s sudden breakthrough into the Divine Abilities Stage was the best example.

The Tangs’ hidden forces were quickly mobilized.
In terms of strength, the Tangs were not inferior to the Chus.
What the Chus could do, the Tangs naturally had no reason not to do it.

A day later, Chu Yunfan left the Tang ancestral home.
He had officially started his career as the head of the Special Operations Department.

The headquarters of Special Ops was not located in the capital city, but in the second largest city of the Federation, Kunlun City.

Chu Yunfan’s arrival undoubtedly caused a stir among many people in Kunlun City.
Everyone knew that he had come to take over the Special Operations Department, and Kunlun City was the department’s base.

After Chu Yunfan arrived in Kunlun City, he turned down the invitations to banquets from the local bigwigs of Kunlun City.
The first thing he did was to summon his subordinates in the department.

In Kunlun City, in a wide office deep in Special Ops’ headquarters, Chu Yunfan was sitting on an office chair.
In front of him was a projection of various data, which constantly changed as his arms moved.

These were all information on the general situation of the department over the years, so Chu Yunfan had a rough idea of what was going on.

After a while, the door of the office opened, and a tall and upright woman strode in.
She was dressed in a martial arts robe and had neat short hair.
Although her face was not very delicate, she looked experienced and had a heroic spirit.
It was a unique style.

“Huo Ruonan reporting for duty, Chief Chu!” the woman saluted.

Although Special Ops wasn’t directly related to the army, it was a subdivision and had a strong military style.

“According to the information, there should be three deputy chiefs.
Why are you the only one here?” Chu Yunfan said as he glanced at the woman.

The woman was one of the deputy chiefs of the department, Huo Ruonan.
She was also the right hand of the former chief, Jeang Yuanbin.

“They’re all dead.
They followed Chief Jeang on a mission and died out on the Infinite Sea.
Not even their bones are left,” Huo Ruonan said.

Although she tried her best to control herself, a hint of sorrow still flashed through her eyes.

Chu Yunfan was silent for a moment.
That conversation was definitely not as difficult as he had expected it to be.

“Then let’s start over.
I hope we can work together happily.”

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