864 I Came to Kill You

Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief.
Since the Third Crocodile Prince appeared in people’s vision, he had been a symbol of invincibility.

Whether it was the top powerhouses of the younger generation or the old masters, none of them was a match for him.

Tang Siyu had made him retreat for the first time ever.

Compared to the Third Crocodile Prince’s reputation, Tang Siyu’s reputation was not as great.
She had only become known recently when she took over as the clan leader of the Tangs.

Many said that she had borrowed Chu Yunfan’s fame and that her strength was actually nothing.
However, this battle completely overturned everyone’s impression of her.

She had the same attitude that Chu Yunfan had when he swept away all the experts below the Divine Abilities Stage.

“You’re trash,” Tang Siyu said lightly.

Compared with the blood-soaked Third Crocodile Prince, she had not a single scar on her.

Ever since she had gained the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique, she felt that she had become even more ethereal.
This result was unbelievable to ordinary people, but she felt that it was normal.

If she couldn’t even do this, then she would have wasted Chu Yunfan’s fortune.

Tang Siyu felt that she had yet to reach her limit.
As she continued to push forward, she could faintly feel the barrier of the Divine Abilities Stage.
As long as she was given time, she would be able to break through.
Then, there wouldn’t even be a barrier any longer.

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She knew that her existence might become Chu Yunfan’s weakness, so she had to do her best to improve herself so that she wouldn’t become a burden to him and could even stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him.

“I must be hallucinating.
The Third Crocodile Prince has a strong power.
Even the veteran masters at the peak of the Innate Stage can’t match him.
His physique is also much stronger than ours.
What kind of physique does Tang Siyu have?”

“It must be some special physique.
There are records in the books of the Ancient Zenith Civilization of some special physiques among the human race that can compete with the prodigies of various races.”

“The Third Crocodile Prince is so vulnerable.
It seems that Chu Yunfan won’t make a move today because there’s no need for him to do so.”

The crowd burst into an uproar as if they had witnessed the most unbelievable miracle.

If Tang Siyu, who had been inconspicuous by Chu Yunfan’s side, was already so amazing, what did that say about Chu Yunfan? How strong was he now?

“I didn’t expect the woman by Chu Yunfan’s side to be so strong,” the Third Crocodile Prince said as he stared at Tang Siyu.
“If I hadn’t been prepared, I would have been killed today.
But it doesn’t matter.
Since he refuses to show, I’ll kill you first and then go find him.”

The Third Crocodile Prince pulled out a piece of paper from his sleeves.
It was a drawing of a vague figure.
He crushed the paper and it turned into a golden light that flew directly into his body.

In an instant, the Third Crocodile Prince, who was already very tall, suddenly grew even taller.
He was now more than ten feet tall, and Tang Siyu reached up to only his waist.


He radiated with terrifying energy.
It was as if a bomb had exploded, and it rolled out in all directions.
The barrier was this place trembled from the power.

A violent force wreaked havoc all over the mountain peak.

“This power… It’s the Divine Abilities Stage!”

Everyone was shocked and began to retreat.
No one thought that the Third Crocodile Prince had such a trump card.
Everyone could see that he had borrowed this Divine-leveled power from somewhere.

But no matter how he did it, stepping into that level was still stepping into that level.
He was not someone they could fight against.

“I’ve seen that kind of paper before.
It’s a secret technique.
A major force of the Ancient Zenith Civilization would imprint their spiritual power into such drawings.
At a critical moment, one can use the power inside.”

“This power feels great!” The Third Crocodile Prince sneered.

Although it was only a temporary borrowed power and not his own, it made no difference to him.
This surge of power within his body gave him the desire to destroy the world.

“There’s not much time left.
Let’s start this massacre with you!” The Third Crocodile Prince said as he stared at Tang Siyu icily.

His big hand reached into the void and suddenly turned into the huge claw of a crocodile.
Then, he clawed at Tang Siyu fiercely.

In the blink of an eye, the huge crocodile claw was about to capture Tang Siyu.


In the nick of time, Tang Siyu swung her sword and swept it toward the huge crocodile claw.
Although it was instantly shattered, the gap between the peak of Innate Stage and the Divine Abilities Stage was too big.

Taking advantage of that moment, Tang Siyu turned around and instantly materialized about a hundred feet away, barely avoiding the terrifying grab.

The two sides were simply not on the same level.

“Hahaha! Do you think you can escape?!” the Third Crocodile Prince shouted.

His iron tower-like figure moved again.
In a flash, he appeared in front of Tang Siyu.
He was so fast that she had no time to react.
She was swept away by his huge hand.


Tang Siyu cough up a mouthful of blood and landed on the ground with a great bang.
She could feel that many of her bones had been shattered.

This was just a mere sweep.
If she had been hit head-on, the consequences would have been unimaginable.
The difference between the two sides was too great.

“Now die!”

The Third Crocodile Prince’s eyes flashed with a fierce light.
Another huge crocodile’s claw appeared in mid air and then grabbed Tang Siyu.

She was forced toward the mountain wall and had nowhere to run.

Just when everyone thought that Tang Siyu was going to die, a shocking lightning spear suddenly appeared out of thin air.
Then, it nailed the huge crocodile’s claw to the ground and slowly shattered.


The entire ground shook violently.

Everyone looked up to the sky and saw that Chu Yunfan had arrived.
The pair of lightning wings on his back flapped continously, and the sound of wind and thunder could be heard.

He looked like a god.

“You’re finally willing to show up.
I thought you’d continue to be a coward,” the Third Crocodile Prince said with a grin as he recognized Chu Yunfan at first glance.

“I’m here to kill you,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly.


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