863 Sword Strike on the Third Crocodile Prince

Experts from all over the world occupied the seats where they could watch the duel.
The reason why this battle was so attractive was not only because of Tang Siyu’s identity as the master of the Tang clan but also because of the mystery of whether Chu Yunfan would show up for Tang Siyu.

Chu Yunfan hadn’t shown up when the Third Crocodile Prince attacked the Chu clan.
It was Chu Haoyue who came out to fight, and his strength had not been enough.
In the eyes of many, he seemed to be insufficient.

There were some bad rumors floating around that claimed Chu Yunfan must have paid a great price to kill a Divine expert when he was only at the Innate Stage.
It was impossible for such a miracle to happen again.

Some even said that Chu Yunfan was currently recuperating from his injuries.
This opinion was very popular.
There was no way to explain why Chu Yunfan had not appeared.

And today’s battle would be the key to whether Chu Yunfan would appear or not.

After a while, a pretty figure flew over from the bottom of the mountain.
She ascended to the sky with one leap, and it didn’t take long for her to reach the top of the mountain.

Everyone could see that it was a woman who was about twenty years old.
She was dressed in a snow-white robe which was tied at the waist with a yellow belt.
Her skin was as white as snow, and her facial features were exquisite.
There was a hint of heroic spirit in her beauty.

It was the new clan leader of the Tangs, Tang Siyu.

An ordinary person might have been attracted by her appearance, but everyone present was a top-notch master and was instead more interested in the movement technique that she had used.

“What a splendid movement technique! Amazing!”

“This Tang Siyu sure isn’t simple.
It’s clearly not as others claim that she only rose to the top by relying on Chu Yunfan.”

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“She wouldn’t dare to appear if she didn’t think she stood a chance.
If she didn’t have a certain degree of confidence, she wouldn’t dare to come and meet the Third Crocodile Prince.”

After Tang Siyu appeared, she stood there quietly.
Her hair fluttered in the wind and her expression was calm.

Her aura alone suppressed the entire audience.
At this time, even those who had not been optimistic about her had to adjust their views.
Perhaps Tang Siyu was not as simple as they had imagined.

“Since you’re here, why don’t you come out?” Tang Siyu suddenly boomed out.
Her voice verberated throughout the mountain.

A blue light pillar suddenly burst out, and a figure appeared on the mountain like a gust of wind.

Unlike Tang Siyu’s nonchalant attitude, this figure gave off a powerful.
He gave a strong sense of oppression even to the people at the foot of the mountain.

It only took a moment for the figure to appear in front of everyone.
He was a man in his thirties.
He had long, messy hair and a strong body that was more than six and a half feet tall.
He wore dark chain armor and held a trident in his hand.
He looked like a general who was going to war.

Everyone knew that today’s other main character, the Third Crocodile Prince, had appeared.

“I just wanted to see if that coward Chu Yunfan would dare to show up,” the Third Crocodile Prince said with a sneer.

“He’s not a coward.
If he wanted to kill you, it’d be as easy as flipping a hand for him.” Tang Siyu seemed to have seen through the Third Crocodile Prince’s intention to anger her and was not affected in the slightest.

“I came here all alone.
In the words of you humans, I came to this meeting solo.
Under such circumstances, he doesn’t even dare to appear.
Tsk, tsk.
Why do you follow that coward, little beauty? I’m a hundred times better than him,” the Third Crocodile Prince said with a strange laugh.

Tang Siyu barely glanced at him and said, “Aren’t you here to fight me? You talk too much.”

“Since he isn’t willing to come out, then I’ll beat you until he comes out!”

The Third Crocodile Prince laughed hideously.
The world was suddenly filled with a murderous aura.
His body radiated with strong energy and his blood boiled, rolling up in the air.


At this moment, the Third Crocodile Prince stabbed the trident in his hand into the ground.
He had little regard for Tang Siyu and thought he could easily defeat Chu Yunfan.

The Third Crocodile Prince made his move and pounced at Tang Siyu.

He was extremely fast.
Although he was very tall, his speed was astonishing.
He was moved at the speed of light right before everyone’s eyes.

He clenched his huge hand into a fist and punched out like a heavy cannonball.


In an instant, a sword light emerged out of the void and slashed at the fist.


With a sound like the collision of gold and iron, everyone saw the sword light stop the Third Crocodile Prince’s attack.
When the Third Crocodile Prince stopped, they found that there was a bloody mark on his fist.

Tang Siyu’s sword had cut his fist.

Blood dripped down drop by drop.
Although it wasn’t a serious wound, many still felt the air in their lungs freeze over.

They remembered when the Third Crocodile Prince had defeated other experts with his bare hands.
Some people couldn’t even break his skin, and some were even blown away by a single punch.

Tang Siyu had managed to block the Third Crocodile Prince with a simple sword.
This was a testament to her extraordinary skills.

“How is she so strong?”

Many wondered how she managed to gather such amazing martial power when she was only in her twenties.

What they didn’t know was that Tang Siyu possessed the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique, and her cultivation speed was far beyond imagination.
In just a few months, Tang Siyu had undergone a tremendous change compared to when she had first broken through to the peak of the Innate Stage.

She had far surpassed the other peak Innate experts of the world.

“If this is all you’re capable of, you will die.”

A murderous look flashed through Tang Siyu’s eyes.
She flicked the tip of her sword, and a beam of sword light swept out.
It was like a tornado sweeping away the clouds, and the whole world shook violently.

The sword light swept directly toward the Third Crocodile Prince with amazing power.

The audience saw it and their expressions paled.
If they were in his place, they would not be able to resist at all.

The Third Crocodile Prince’s expression also paled slightly.
He had never met such an opponent since he came out.
He waved his big hand, and the trident suddenly flew out of his hand and rushed toward the sword light.




The collision between the two sides was like a muffled thunderclap.
Many could not even keep up with the movements of both sides clearly.
They could only see that both of them were emitting a kind of light from their bodies.

The blood and energy of both sides were boiling.
It was difficult to determine who was stronger.

Many were in complete shock.
With the Third Crocodile Prince’s physique, Tang Siyu could actually fight equally with him.
This was simply unscientific.

However, what was even more unscientific was that they clearly saw that after a series of fierce blows, the Third Crocodile Prince was the first to be thrown down and was covered in blood.

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