860 Everyone Begged for Chu Yunfan to Help

“You were in the most critical moment of your alchemy We couldn’t afford to distract you with such a small matter.
Besides, it’s just a crocodile.
Even if I lose, what can it do?”

Chu Haoyue had thought things through.
Though he had lost and it was a little embarrassing, so what? Once he consumed the Divinity Nourishment Pill and his cultivation reached the Divine Abilities Stage, no one would dare to mention this again.

A temporary failure was nothing.
The main point was that he could walk ahead of countless people.
Compared to entering the Divine Abilities Stage, his failure was nothing.

Of course, Chu Haoyue didn’t know that as Chu Yunfan watched the furnace day and night and controlled every minute of it, he had been consuming pills while also trying to successfully cultivate the Garuda Portion.

On top of that, Chu Yunfan’s strength had also stepped into the eighth Innate Stage.
After all, this was beyond Chu Haoyue’s imagination.

“It’s fine.
Since he dares to come out, I’ll crush him to death,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

He guessed that the Third Crocodile Prince dared to appear after disappearing for a while because he had now had some support.
Just like Chu Yunfan, if one did not have some confidence, no one would be crazy enough to challenge a Divine expert while in the Innate Stage.

However, Chu Yunfan had absolute confidence in his own strength.
No matter what Third Crocodile Prince relied on, he would be vulnerable in the face of absolute strength.

“It’s best if you recuperate first.
After you’ve recovered, you can then try to break into the Divine Abilities Stage in your peak state.
That way, your chances of winning will be higher,” Chu Yunfan advised.

“I understand.” Chu Haoyue nodded.
“If you need anything in the future, just let my butler know.”

“All right.”

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After Chu Yunfan sent Chu Haoyue away, he opened his terminal and checked what had happened in the past two months.

Although the news of him killing a Divine expert wasn’t the most popular news in the past two months, the impact was still brewing.
The higher-ups of the Federation understood what this meant.

Chu Yunfan’s strength had broken through that line, which was undoubtedly a huge shock to many forces.

In particular, Chu Yunfan’s outburst and Tang Siyu’s promotion made many people sigh with emotion that they were old.
The world now belonged to young people.

All kinds of invitations filled Chu Yunfan’s mailbox.
Forces from all levels had sent him invitations, especially those who had not been on good terms with him.

These forces weren’t like the Jiangs and the Huangs who had a deep-seated hatred for Chu Yunfan that couldn’t be resolved.
They were intimidated by Chu Yunfan’s powerful influence and wanted to reconcile with him.

Not to mention other things, with Chu Yunfan’s age, in the next hundred years, or even a few hundred, the world would be his and no one would be able to compare to him.

Chu Yunfan’s personal social media account also exceeded hundreds of millions of followers in just two months.
There, people came every day to ask Chu Yunfan to stop the Third Crocodile Prince.

For the past month, the Third Crocodile Prince had been invincible.
No one could defeat him.
Even the old masters of peak Innate Stage were no match for him, let alone a new master like Chu Haoyue.

The Third Crocodile Prince was still young, which made the young masters of the Federation very depressed.
They were all arrogant and geniuses and their talent were no worse than the Third Crocodile Prince’s.

But one’s aptitude was one thing, and the physical body was another.

Humans did not have an advantage in this aspect, which made it difficult for them to gain any real advantage in a battle of the same level.
If they were not gifted, it would not be easy to remain undefeated.

It seemed that only the elders of the clans could suppress the Third Crocodile Prince, but why would these people personally take action for such a child’s play?

They couldn’t afford to lose that face.
Moreover, behind the Third Crocodile Prince, there was a Divine expert.
Even the Federation had some scruples and didn’t dare to make a move.

This resulted in the Third Crocodile Prince’s almost invincible power.
Under those circumstances, the only person people could think of was Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan was even younger than Third Crocodile Prince.
Although his cultivation level was not in the Divine Abilities Stage, he had killed experts of this level.
Only he could suppress the Third Crocodile Prince.
Thus, every day, many people would come to Chu Yunfan’s social media account to ask for help.

However, not long after Chu Yunfan came out of seclusion, his grandpa, Yang Feiyang, suddenly called.

“Yunfan, if you have time, come to my place.
I have something important to tell you.”

Although Chu Yunfan found it a little strange, he went over immediately.
After seeing Yang Feiyang, he realized that it was not his grandpa who wanted to see him.

“Yunfan, to be honest, it’s not me who wanted to see you.
It is my chief who wants to see you,” Yang Feiyang said.

Chu Yunfan was stunned.
In terms of status, Yang Feiyang was one of the top figures in the Federation Army.
Who would his chief be?

At this moment, the projector turned on and a figure appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.

The figure within the projection was dressed in a well-ironed, sun-bleached white military uniform.
The man was burl and stood at least six and a half feet tall.
He stood like a pine tree, and just his demeanor was extremely powerful.

He was in his sixties to seventies, with a head of white hair and a ruddy face—a typical soldier’s image.

The moment Chu Yunfan saw him, he immediately recalled who this person was.
He was the first marshal of the Federation, Zhu Buping.

He was a legendary figure who had led the Federation to conquer the north and south a hundred years ago.
He was like a stabilizing force within the Federation Army.
Even the current marshals in the Federation’s active military forces were considered juniors to him.

From time to time, the Federation would produce a film based on him, which was very popular.
It was easy to imagine how shocked Chu Yunfan was.

“Chief, this is my grandson, Chu Yunfan.”

When Yang Feiyang introduced Chu Yunfan to Zhu Buping, he could not hide his pride.

“Not bad, not bad.
Your cultivation is good for your young age.” Zhu Buping looked at Chu Yunfan and nodded in satisfaction.

“Greetings, Marshal Zhu!”

Chu Yunfan was willing to bow to such an important figure who had worked hard for the Federation all his life.
However, he had some doubts.

He had never had any interactions with Marshal Zhu Buping, but the marshal had specifically called him over through his grandfather.
What exactly was the reason?

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